Latin Billboard Awards + The Red Carpet

I intended to share my trip chronologically but it wouldn’t be nice to make you wait more for the part you really want to hear about – la alfombra roja (red carpet), and the actual Latin Billboard Awards show.

Cuban sandwiches and other randomness, while worthy of sharing with you, are not as exciting as the main event, so here we go. (I’ll tell you about the sandwich más tarde.)

My ticket!

The Red Carpet

We arrived at the red carpet and first we were seated in the bleachers with the fans. After a little while, we were given the option to move to the press area where it would be possible to actually speak with celebrities who chose to stop, with the caveat that we would have to stand for over 2 hours. I didn’t think twice – I wanted to be with the press.

Press area near the red carpet.

(Thanks to for the dress!)

When I got to the press area my hands started to shake. I caught a glimpse of a white cowboy hat and my heart fluttered, thinking it was Espinoza Paz. One of the blogueras who has a lot more experience with these kinds of events, kindly gave me some advice, reminding me that to gain respect I couldn’t freak out.

I think I did pretty well, despite an unintentional gasp here and there – like when Prince Royce gave me a shout-out.

Many celebrities stopped to talk, even shaking hands and giving hugs or a kiss on the cheek. One handsome telenovela actor was so close to me that I could smell the cologne on his skin and it wasn’t like he had put too much on or anything, (can’t remember which actor it was pero qué rico se huele!) I chatted up the cast of the new mun2 show, RPM Miami for a minute or two – but you know my heart was set on finding Espinoza Paz and Pitbull.

Pitbull did walk by, but didn’t stop to chat.

Ay Pitbull! So close, and yet so far away!

And it was cool to meet El Trono de Mexico.

El Trono de Mexico
El Trono de Mexico - botas picudas

I told one of the guys from El Trono, “Me gustan tus botas picudas!” and he smiled.

More photos! (From Gloria Estefan to Marc Anthony and actors from telenovelas like Reina del Sur…

Here are some photos of the celebrities that came into the press area of the red carpet. Some stopped to talk, others just posed for photos. How many musicians and actors do you recognize?

My Flickr Slideshow of Latin Billboard Awards 2011


Espinoza Paz never did pass by the press area – I’m not even sure he walked the red carpet. I felt a little heartbroken. I tried to spot him in the audience but wasn’t sure. At one point, I saw someone in a black cowboy hat come in late. I wonder if it was him?

I spotted Pitbull in his seat.

Pitbull seated at the Latin Billboard Awards 2011 (white jacket)

The stage set-up was super awesome. There were three stages and the one in the middle extended further into the audience. The stage had areas cut out that looked like little pools, where some very lucky fans got to stand. Stages left and right were cube shaped with walls that moved up and down. I loved the colorful lights and the feeling of the bass.

I video taped some of my favorite performances between tweeting:

One song I absolutely love that I neglected to video tape: Me Duele by Roberto Tapia. I loved the couples dancing quebradita during this performance.

The last performance of the evening – Pitbull. I don’t understand how he didn’t win anything. He brought the house down, (the shaky video is evidence of this. I was dancing.)

The last award of the night, “Artist of the Year” – went to Enrique Iglesias. To thank his fans he ran out into the audience. He ran by my section, maybe 20 feet away but I didn’t try to touch his hand. A lot of people were out of their seats and trying to do just that. I like Enrique but not enough to risk falling down stairs or getting crushed. Had it been Espinoza, that’s another story.

Disclosure: I went to the Latin Billboard Awards in Miami at the invitation of Telemundo. All opinions are my own.


  1. Aaaaayyy Traaaayyyysiiiii!!!! QUE BARBARA!!! You rocked that red carpet mamacita!!!! Guapa, guapísima!
    ¿Qué dijo Carlos cuando te vio? ;D
    It´s so great that you got to enjoy this event, you truly are a Latina at heart and soul. Felicidades!
    Too bad you didn´t get to see your Espinosito Paz, but hey, maybe next year? Can´t wait to keep reading more about your trip (and that sandwich sounds rico!). Un abrazote amiga!

    • jajaja – you are too much fun. Thanks, amiga :) … Carlos estaba todo asi —-> 0_0

      He liked it… mucho. LOL.

      As for “maybe next year” for Espinoza – <3 ojalá!

      About the sandwich … wait until you see it. Yum.

    • LOL – We’ve all got our favorites :) Believe me, some of the blogueras with me REALLY wanted to touch Enrique too, (and not just his hand!) ;)

    • Ay no, MJ, don’t encourage me! LOL. You just totally made my heart palpitate imagining the possibility. {heart sick sigh} :)

  2. Ok, So I guess Pitbull had to go last, as everybody elses performances would have been dull in comparison, right? It had me dancing in my seat in my jammies, loved it. And yes, you looked great, where was a pic of the happy couple? I want the scoop of how the trip was REALLY! Hahaha! ‘Cause I KNOW it wasn’t all dancing in your chairs. Feel free to email a sista! Anyway, looked awesome, still super jealous, can’t wait to hear how the boys faired while Abuelita was in charge. :)

    • LOL, as a fellow gringa married to a Latino – ya sabes, hermana.

      The first day Carlos and I had a fantastic time together. After that, my schedule was very busy – so Carlos was neglected a lot, left at the hotel and not very good at entertaining himself he felt lonely, celoso wondering what I’m up to — I’m sure you can imagine!

      The day I had planned to take photos of us as a couple, we were arguing and the last day I didn’t get back to the hotel until after midnight. (We both had very early flights the next morning.) — So, we went to Miami and came back without a single photo of us together. Qué lastima, no?

      I have some photos of myself and of Carlos – but not together. (And he didn’t go to the Awards show – I only had one ticket.) — I will be sharing more about the trip this week so stay tuned.

  3. Que bella!! I want to see more pictures of you

    And my favorite here is Juanes. Although it’s hard to decide. All the shows look pretty cool, there was a lot of talent there. How cool that you got to go Tracy!

  4. Tracy! Thank you for sharing all the chisme from the red carpet and the awards… and of course for the personal picture you posted on my wall. At first, como te dije, I was a little jealous of your good fortune, pero siempre fue en broma. I don’t think I could have done as great a job as you have in reporting how the awards and everything else went :-) Que lastima que no conociste a tu Espinoza… pero yo creo que estoy de acuerdo contigo que el del sombrero era el, lol!!

    Gracias hermana!!

    • Juan – Thanks for those sweet words. I had a lot of fun tweeting with you guys during the event. I felt almost like you were there with me!

      I’m almost certain that was Espinoza in the video, too. Ayyyyy, so close, so close. LOL.

  5. What a fantastic experience! You look absolutely gorgeous! That dress was made for you! I’m so glad that you were able to be there and share it with us!


  6. Sorry you didn’t get to meet Espinoza, but you looked fantastica! Wow! Love the dress. It sounds (and looks) like it was so much fun. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!
    Hopefully you and Carlos had a great trip together. :-)

  7. Wow. I totally would have! Especially during Don Omar y Banda el Recodo. I’m proud of you for staying so calm!

  8. AWESOME, Tracy! I’m smiling reading your post. Love the dress, you look great. I would’ve been the first one there to tackle Enrique Iglesias. Estoy enamoradisma de el!

  9. You look beautiful, Tracy! I won’t get tired of saying it, I’m soooo happy you were invited to do this!!! Can’t think of anybody else more deserving and who would appreciate it the way you obviously did!!

  10. Tracy,
    You looked absolutely gorgeous woman! What a wonderful experience. I would LOVE to experience this once in my life! How exciting! Loved the videos too. This looks like an awesome trip!
    So excited for you!

  11. i tried to refrain from commenting since I knew you had so many pero hijooollleeeesss esas botas me gusta musho… y tu te vez super guapisima… ke celos me trais… pero super sad… no Espinoza… prob better for ur marriage bahahahahah y carlos gusto me imagino??

  12. Tracy, you look ESPECTACULAR!!! WOW! Yo tambien creo que el del sombrero era Espinoza Paz and he was too overtaken by your beauty that he couldn’t even bring himself to talk to you. :)

    • LOL! … You figured it out. That is exactly what happened but I was too modest to say so. jajaja ;)

  13. […] Latin Billboard Awards + The Red Carpet by @Latinaish I love seeing fellow bloggers have great experiences. Make sure to read Tracy’s coverage of the Latin Billboard Awards Red Carpet. Not only did she look absolutely beautiful she met some great Latin singers. I love reading her recap and her enthusiasm of being there really shines through in her words. […]

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