El Trompo

Una tía de El Salvador está visitando. Nos trajo trompos y fuimos al parque para que Carlos pueda enseñarnos (yo, y los cipotes), cómo hacerlo.

An aunt from El Salvador is visiting. She brought us toy tops and we went to the park so Carlos could show us (myself, and the kids), how to do it.

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  1. Ahorita estan de moda los trompos aqui en Mexico. Es una de las cosas que me gusta de Mexico, que todavia se acostumbra jugar con los juguetes de antaño. Hace poquito, mi marido le enseño a los niños a usar el trompo. Ahora mi hijo Nick es todo un experto. La unica que no podia hacer bailar el trompo era yo. PERO como no me gusta darme por vencida, estuve practicando por casi una hora y ya por fin me enseñe. I’m so proud of myself. :)

    I thought hearing your little boy calling it a chompo was the cutest thing. :)

    • Están de moda en México?! Qué padre! LOL. The gringo kids will think our boys are weird and nerdy if they take the “CHompos” (lol!) to school but they can say, “If we were in Mexico, I’d be very cool right now.” jajaja… Ojalá the boys will keep practicing and learn all the neat tricks this summer.

      Glad you finally got it. As I said in another comment, I got it the very first time, but haven’t gotten it again since. LOL.

  2. Qué bonitos son los trompos, con sus colores tán vibrantes … ahora para encontrarle uno a mi niño. Aprender a jugar con ellos parece una arte. I never saw tops such as these when I was a child, only the Americanized versions. Thanks for sharing your video, Tracy. Como siempre, aprendí algo nuevo. : )

    Participo otra vez, gracias por la inspiración. http://ezzylanguzzi.blogspot.com/2011/05/veros-mangos-y-veros-elotes-los-dulces.html

    • I only played with a metal American version as a child, too – where you pump the handle and it spins – very easy. LOL… And little plastic or wooden ones that you just spin with your fingers… This string business is much more complicated!

  3. Carlos is the Trompo King!!! Yo nunca pude hacerlo girar! No es fácil pero la práctica hace al maestro no? Asi que si los cipotes practican unas 4 horas diarias, a lo mejor en un par de semanas ya le han agarrado la onda! jajajajaaja

    • No te vas a creer – pero la primera vez – I did it! The very first time and it was beautiful … and that was the last and only time I got it. ROFL. I got attitude and thought I was awesome but it was beginner’s luck. I’m awful at it.

  4. aw i ma so Glad you loved them!! :)

    How cool!! i was born in El Salvador!
    I jsut read your about me section and you put me to shame! :(
    I cant really read or write spanish lol
    I thought it was hilarious cuz here you are anglo and you love the hispanic culture and married Senor lopez and Here i am Latin and i married a grino and want and dont really like my culture lol Except for PuPusas!
    Please.. dont take my pupusas away from me!


    • Wow – Now that is an amazing coincidence! I just randomly stumbled upon your blog looking for papel picado – had no idea you were Latina – and especially wouldn’t have guessed Salvadoran! Fantastic! This is very cool :)

      There will be no taking of pupusas – don’t worry… if you want to share though, I’ll take two revueltas :)

  5. OH!

    What memories you’ve brought back.

    I ALMOST forgot about these tops that my grandmother brought back from Colombia.

    The real tops. I would tell my friends at school.

  6. Simple toys are always timeless. Mi papá le enseñó a mi sobrino a usar el trompo pero aquí no ha llegado la moda que mencionan arriba de México. Ojalá llegue. Lo que sí llegó muy fuerte fue el yo-yo. I almost got a concussion with that one…

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