Día de las Madres with the Tíos

My Día de las Madres was … not normal.

I will let my tweets tell the story.

11:59 am – Salvadoran relatives just showed up without calling & I’m not wearing a bra. Fantastic.

1:31 pm – now we’re off to the National Mall for the day. Love these last minute plans inlaws come up with.

2:50 pm – Suegra took us to Roy Rogers for lunch & complained it’s too $. Tio is taking fotos of the Fixins Bar ROFL

3:12 pm – OMG Carlos esta pidiendo permission por los tios to take a foto in front of the portrait of Roy Rogers #muriendo

4:42 pm – Just saw a guy taking a photo in front of Washington Monument holding it as if it’s his penis #creativetourist

Unfortunately, I stopped tweeting after that because I was too busy rushing the Tíos through the museums. (Most of them close around 5:30, but of course, since this trip was last minute, nobody thought about that.) … Since I’ve been to the museums a million times I would be like, “Este es el gorro de Presidente Abraham Lincoln,” – then I would rush to the next interesting thing while they took photos, call Carlos on his cell phone and tell him where to meet me next.

My method would have worked better if the Tíos were more obedient, but they kept wandering off. Nine times out of ten we’d find them admiring some type of taxidermy animal.

In case you don’t believe me:

Faces alterted to protect the somewhat innocent.

Thankfully I did have time to take a few more artistic shots that didn’t involve large Arctic animals. I’ve taken a million photos of the Washington Monument, (though I don’t have one where I’m pretending it’s a penis) – so I always try to get a new angle on it… This is my favorite from yesterday.

And my older son took this photo of me and Carlos.

Tracy and Carlos, Washington D.C. 2011

I also filmed inside the METRO station as a souvenir for the Tíos. Surprisingly, the video does not end with me throwing myself in front of the train, but only because it was Mother’s Day and the kids were there.

18 thoughts on “Día de las Madres with the Tíos

  1. HAHAHA! That’s hilarious. I can totally picture them dawdling over every random thing, mientras la Guera anda coriendo con un fake smile, hoping they’d move their asses. LOL! So funny.

  2. So funny. At least it wasn’t hot to go along with it…nothing like walking to all those monuments in the blazing sun.
    Love your angle on the washington monument picture.

    It’ll be a mother’s day you can look back on and laugh…one day.

    • I was laughing while it was happening. I laugh so I don’t cry. LOL. Seriously, thank God I have a sense of humor or I wouldn’t have lasted in this family.

  3. Gurrrl, you know how ADD us Latinos can be and our massive fascination for dead, stuffed animals and not dead people’s hats. LOL jk… Sounds like a fun Mom’s Day ♥

  4. Do they let themselves in the house too? My almost-in-laws will cruise right into our apartamento mientras aun estamos en cama. Sin aviso ningun. I mean *in bed* in bed. que apuro!

  5. You are such a good sport! My parents HATE unannounced guests so if we are chillin at home and the bell rings and we are all home…we don’t answer it! Too bad, so sad, you should have called. The plus of living in an apartment building. :)

    I’m not even kidding you! It’s rare that we have had unannounced guests. I guess they learned to call ahead.

    In my apt building I never activated by doorbell because it requires a landline phone and I don’t have one. Why spend $70 a month for basically a doorbell because everyone calls me on my cell. So nope, no uninvited guest for me either. Ring all you want I’ll never hear it! :)

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