Herederos del Monte: A Special Guest Appearance

Natalie Morales of the TODAY show, made a special guest appearance on Herederos del Monte! (Lucky her!)

The plot – (My English translation of what is given in Spanish on the Telemundo website):

A multi-millionaire from Texas arrives with his wife, Caroline, at La Arboleda while the hermanos del Monte are working.

Caroline takes a liking to José even though Sophia tries to warn her about him. When Caroline and José end up alone together in the barn, things start to get physical. Caroline fights him off, declaring that she’s a married woman. Her shouts are heard by her husband who rushes to the barn armed with a rifle, the other hermanos follow …

See more photos and read the storyline en español here!

For more fun:

Enter your name here and it might appear in the credits of Herederos del Monte.

• Remember the “Somos Muchos” stickers from Toyota? There’s a special Herederos del Monte one available now for free. Go get one!

• And this is kind of random, but how cute was Lucas with his birthday perrito?

I’m also loving the developing relationship between Berta and Modesto. What is your favorite storyline or subplot right now?

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9 thoughts on “Herederos del Monte: A Special Guest Appearance

  1. omg me tienes pero BIEN obsessada… but lots of stuff im behind on… so spent an hour of segun hw time watching the first chapter, and some promos… still a little lost but i dont care… im addicted to juan and paola,and excited to see if emilio’s “death” to all come out!

    • Don’t worry, amiga – I get behind too when life gets busy and I miss an episode or two – but sometimes I just jump back in without trying to catch up on the episodes I missed.

      Watching the promos is an excellent way to get a mini summary! Qué lista eres!

      …Juan and Paula, (and the actors who play them), have AMAZING chemistry! It gets so hot! lol…

      As for the father, Emilio del Monte, still being alive – I’m sure the truth will come out. I’m wondering if maybe the reason Emilio is there in disguise (having had plastic surgery), is to see which son is most deserving of the inheritance – like legally maybe he would remove it from the brothers who aren’t acting right and give it to only one or two of them?

      I loved how he took José’s ego down a few notches! OMG – WTH was up with Juan in those scenes? His gritos are hilarious. Whenever the hermanos del Monte start up with that, it sounds more like drunk frat boys to me than real hombres del campo…jajaja…

      And this scene – Juan had me ROFLMAO… Was he making fun of José or what? He doesn’t usually talk like that! POR DIOS SAAAANTOOO!! … jajajaja

  2. Where do they find these guys?! Lucky Natalie :) Thanks for sharing the clips. I finally saw it listed OnDemand last night when my mom flipped through to find the one she watches at seven. You’ve further piqued my interest, amiga. ;)

  3. The episodes she appeared in have already aired…it was either last week, or the end of the week before. It was funny because she only spoke English, and they put subtitles in Spanish, but I had subtitles for English (for me) and it cluttered up by screen. :) I am a HUGE fan of Herederos del Monte and don’t miss a day!! I really, really love the budding relationship between Berta and Modesto also.

    • LOL! … Here I was waiting for them. You’re right – I must have been in Miami, (and I barely had time to sleep, let alone watch TV!)

      … Now I need to go find the episodes! Thanks, for the information, amiga. I will have to change the wording of the post a little. LOL.

  4. This looks good! Really really good!!!!!! I’ll have to finish Teresa 1st. My hubby will kill me if I start a watching another novela. From 8-10 i’m glued to our couch!
    I wonder if i can catch a rerun or buy it.

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