Aviones de Papel

[English translation below]

Un día nuestro hijito pidio que Carlos y yo hicieramos aviones de papel. Yo me fijé que Carlos hizo su avión bien diferente que el mio. Me puse a pensar si la diferencia entre nuestros aviones fue porque los salvadoreños aprenden a hacerlo de una manera y los gringos aprenden de otra.

¿Qué piensan ustedes? ¿Cómo doblas un avión de papel – como yo? Como Carlos?… o un estilo diferente?

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English translation:

One day our son asked Carlos and I to make paper airplanes. I noticed that Carlos makes his paper airplanes really different from mine – It made me wonder if the difference between our airplanes was because Salvadorans learn to do it one way, and gringos learn to do it another way.

What do you guys think? How do you fold your paper airplane? Like me? Like Carlos?… or a different way?

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  1. Ahora entiendo por que mis aviones de papel nunca han volado! No los he doblado de la manera correcta. I haven’t folded them yours or Carlos’ way. o_O I wondered, watching your clip if the way we fold then might be influenced by gender or if we’re more right vs. left brain people? Quién sabe? Le voy enseñar este video a mi niño para que aprenda bien. Gracias por la lección! Y Happy Friday! : D

    Will be back to post mine as soon as I get home from work (blasted Blogger being down!)

    • Left brain vs. Right brain or male vs. female! Interesting question! … Carlos’s airplane did seem more technical than mine. (But mine flies better. LOL.)

      Hope Blogger is working again soon. Love when you participate in Spanish Friday!

  2. Carlos y yo fuimos a la misma Paper Plane Making School!!!!
    Tu hiciste un Concord, Carlos un Jet a propulsión!!!!

  3. I was thinking it was a male vs. female thing too because my husband and I make our planes different as well! (I make mine like yours!)

  4. I don’t have a drop of Latino blood in me and I’m a female and I fold it exactly like Carlos. Too funny! I bet there are other versions out there as well. :-)

  5. Hey, I never knew how to make paper planes until now!!! lol
    btw, I have my Spanish Friday post ready since yesterday pero blogger no esta funcionando!!!!!! hopefully it’s back up soon so I share it!

  6. You answered my question…whose flew better. We have a book to make all kinds of paper airplanes…very fun to see which fly better and which do tricks.

    I caught the “hicieramos”…I never use that tense right. You’re teachin’ me!!

    • How tempting to pretend my Spanish is that perfect! LOL… I actually had written “hicimos” in my original draft. Carlos told me I should change it to “hicieramos” when he checked my grammar. I’ve never used “hicieramos” in my life and I gave him a hard time about it, totally convinced that the way I had it was correct. (It looks and sounds funny to me – “hicieramos” – looks like it has extra vowels??) … I’m not a good student. He should give me detention. LOL.

      As for the airplanes – mine is faster and flies further. Carlos’s tends to do loopty-loops.

      • I was gonna comment on the same thing!! Great use of the imperfecto subjuntivo Tracy!! I’m teaching it to one of my students right now and can’t help to notice lol

  7. I fold mine different from either of yours (my dad taught me), but mine LOOKS more like Tracy’s…
    My brother in law folds them as a square-shape with up turned wings and they fly amazing, so my kids have adopted his folding technique leaving my loopy planes behind.

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