Cellphone Fotos

Well, I’ve been loving the cellphone photos mi amiga over at La Cabrona shares each Tuesday, and I take a lot of miscellaneous cellphone photos myself which aren’t exactly worthy of a blog post on their own – so this seemed like a good way to share some of the randomness.

I buy a lot of canned foods, but I draw the line at canned rice.

I don’t really like Doritos because they remind me of the boys in high school – they always had Dorito breath and sometimes even an orange-tint to their upper lip… but I thought the design of the new “taco flavor” bag was cute.

A WalMart Cinco de Mayo display. My younger son said, “Look! Sombreros! Take a picture and blog about it!” Oh yeah, he knows his Mama well.

We went to one of our favorite Mexican places for tortas and decided to walk around the shopping center while we waited for our order. We happened upon this store front. Not sure what “Solo pa’ la Raza” sells or used to sell. Looks like it may be closed down. It would have been funny on multiple levels to have my photo taken in front of the sign but Carlos refused to take it. (Él es un aguafiestas sometimes.)

Speaking of Carlos, for those who don’t know, he’s blogging. It takes forever to write even one blog post because he’s not much of a writer and his English is a work in progress but he’s learning. If you want to visit him: A Salvadoran In Gringolandia

What photos are on your cellphone?

Link: What’s On My Phone

22 thoughts on “Cellphone Fotos

  1. First of all, loved this post. The way you made something coherent out of a bunch of random cell phone pictures is pure poetry! I am totally going to use this for my blog.
    And also, I clicked on Carlos’ blog and guess what? Our husbands chose the exact same WordPress theme for their blogs. (Jorge’s is futbolpasionyplacer.com, in case Carlos likes a good football discussion). Just thought it was funny.
    Again, this is one of my favorite posts so far.

    • I will tell Carlos to give your husband a visit. Yeah – that theme is really cool, isn’t it?

      As for the cellphone pics post – it wasn’t originally my idea. My friend over at La Cabrona does this each week, and she got the idea from another blog, (linked at the bottom of this post.) — Anyway, can’t wait to see yours!

  2. Rice in a can? That’s just weird! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that!

    Love this type of post. Will definitely schedule one for this weekend while I am at FitBloggin and link back to you!

    Read Carlos’ blog…he’s doing a nice job!

    • Oh good! I love seeing people’s cellphone pics! lol… Tweet me and remind me to come by!

      The “FitBloggin” thing you’re doing is great. I’m trying to get healthier too.

      Carlos is doing a good job – learning a lot and having fun!

  3. Very funny, what does that sign at the mall mean (sorry, even with reading your blog faithfully my spanish still stinks)

    • LOL, sorry about that. “Solo pa’ la raza” means “Only for ‘the race'” — ‘the race’ is slang for Latinos, though more specifically, is used by Chicanos (Mexican-Americans)…

      I hope that made sense. lol

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  5. Tracy,
    Loved the post and pics from your cell. Canned rice? I’ve never seen canned rice! Had no idea they made it. Too funny.
    I can’t wait to visit your hubby’s blog! I love the name. The other day “the Mexican” was making fun of me wanting to blog and I said, “you should try it! you could call yours “Yo y la gringa” and blog en espanol.” HAHA (i know it will never happen)
    I’m exciting to hear what your hubby has to say!

    • LOL – I’m just lucky my husband is blogging in English and needs my help. I’ve spent all these years dishing on him that he may feel the need to get friendly revenge! ;)

  6. Canned rice? That’s about as wrong as canned tamales! :P I wonder if that place “Solo pa la raza” is one of those billares where decent married women aren’t allowed to play pool?

    How cool that your Hubby started a blog! I clicked over there earlier and it all looks pretty good. I look forward to reading more.

    I once tried to convince my Hubby to start a blog, but it didn’t work out. He prefers to pretend to be Lance Armstrong a couple of days a week! :)

    • If it’s billiards only for men, then they need to call it “Solo pa’ los machos” or I’m going in next time! ;)

  7. Taco Flavor Bag cute? They are more than cute. They are FREAKIN AWESOME!!! I have my own personal stash in the healthy food cabinet. (The kids NEVER go in the healthy food cabinet. Ha, suckers.) Since, I believe, I am a healthy few years ahead of you in age… I will say this is the Doritos Taco bag of my youth. Munching away on them takes me back to the days of watching Knots Landing and Love Boat with my parents.

    Oh, I love those Taco Flavor Doritos!

    • LOL! I had no idea the bag design was a throwback. It looked “vintage” – I liked the muted colors.

      Now when I see them I will think of your comment and the theme song from Love Boat.

  8. I have a picture of my youngest daughter with her finger jammed in her nostril, bugging out her eyes. It’s my background picture. If you knew this kid and how rarely she is zany, you’d know how funny it is that she scoffed my cell and took this picture of herself. =)

  9. Bueno como sabes… i suck at cooking but I NEVER buy canned rice… lol however maybe i wont lie that its possible i didnt cuz i didnt know it existed…funny photos amiga i will have to share mine soon i was lazy last wweek!

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