El Más Chingón!

Via a press release yesterday, mun2, (Telemundo’s bilingual cable broadcast network aimed at young Latinos) – announced several awesome things – among them, an upcoming show that I’m really excited about. Chécalo!

From the press release:

“El Más Ching*n” [is] a competition reality series set to discover the next big Regional Mexican artist. It’s a talent search with a twist. Selecting contestants through an interactive online campaign, the road to regional stardom is filled with lifestyle challenges that include writing and performing, as well as horseback riding, media pressure tests and other identifiers of regional respect. Judged by celebrity personalities, the contestants will also be documented through behind-the-scenes rehearsals, back-story segments and confessionals, and tensions between the contestants, competing for one prize. Quién es el más chign*n?

I’m envisioning cute chicos vaqueros, some good Regional Mexican music, (and probably some bad Regional Mexican music from those who are NOT el más chingón), maybe some botas picudas… and… espera un momento! … They said “judged by celebrity personalities” … I wonder who? My fingers are crossed for a guest appearance by Espinoza Paz! Vamos a ver!

More about mun2, (because I like them and I identify with the term “culture connectors” that they use):

“…mun2 (moon-dos) is the lifestyle cable network for today’s culture connectors (C2s) – bicultural Latinos 18-34. As the bilingual network that amplifies the Latinos experience, mun2 is culturally-grounded and reflects the best of both worlds – mun2 is uniquely American. From reality to music, on-air to digital, mun2 creates original content across a multi-screen platform. As the only nationally measured bilingual cable network by Nielsen NTI, mun2 has an increased distribution to over 36 million households, and is a part of the Telemundo Communications Group, a division of NBCUniversal.”

8 thoughts on “El Más Chingón!

    • Very welcome! When I hear anything more about the show, (especially if they put out a teaser video!) – I’ll be sure to “report” on it again ;)

    • I know him a little as a telenovela actor, right? … I just looked him up to make sure – didn’t know he was a musician too.

      It should be really interesting to see who they pick. The judges and their chemistry (or lack of!) seems to really affect how entertaining these types of shows can be. I wonder if there will be a “mean” guy like Simon Cowell on American Idol, who tells people clearly when they suck.

      • As much as I hate that for the contestants, it does make it more interesting, (and if you want to be famous, I guess you need to learn to take criticism.)

  1. Sounds like it’s going to be a big hit! And I love the name.

    Speaking of your Espinoza Paz…I saw an interview this morning with Paulina Rubio and she said that they (her and Espinoza) will be doing a song together. :) Every I hear Espinoza’s name on TV now, I automatically think of you.

    • OMG – The way you phrased that sentence, made me think Paulina and Espinoza were an item until I got to the very end. LOL. (I don’t think Paulina’s his type anyway. I saw an interview where he was asked to describe his ideal woman and one of the attributes was “pancita” … jajaja.)

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