Flores Olvidadas

[English Translation below]

Hay un arbusto en nuestra yarda – mi mamá me lo dio unos años atras. El arbusto, por la mayoría del año, no es nada especial – lo ignoramos… hasta que esta época del año cuando salen los capullos bien redonditos. Ahora lo observamos con anticipación porque sabemos que unas flores bien grandes y lindas con un olor fuerte y dulce van a salir muy pronto.

Recientemente, yo estaba tan ocupada, tan apresurada y distraída, que olvidé completamente de mi arbustito y los capullos que estaban abriendo poco a poco.

Ayer por la tarde, cuando yo estaba lavando los platos de la cena, mi mente ya corría con millones de cosas que tengo que hacer, mi hijito entraba la cocina con una flor en la mano.

Mi primer pensamiento fue: ¿Y qué es esto? ¿Cómo floricían tan rapido? ¿Estaba yo realmente tan ocupada que se me había olvidado de tomar un momentito por chequearlas?

Mi segundo pensamiento fue: ¡Ay! Y mira este niño travieso ya ha arruinado el arbusto! Ni la cortó bien! Casi no hay nada de tronco en esta flor!

Mi hijo me dio la flor a mí. “La corté para tí”, dijo, mirándome con sus grandes ojos cafes y una sonrisa nerviosa.

Tomé una respiración profunda, le dí un abrazo y pusé la flor en un vaso pequeño. Estoy agradecida que no lo castigue. Después de todo, me hubiera perdido de ver las flores en absoluto si él no me hubiera recordado de ellas.

Supone que debo ser la que debo criar y enseñar a mis hijos, pero a veces son ellos los que me enseñan a mí.

English Translation:

Forgotten Flowers

There’s a bush in our yard – my mother gave it to me years ago. The bush, for most of the year – is nothing special – we ignore it… until this time of year when perfect little round buds emerge. Now we observe the bush with anticipation because we know the bush will soon give forth big, beautiful flowers with a sweet perfume.

Recently, I’ve been so busy, so hurried and distracted, that I forgot completely about my little bush and the buds that have been opening little by little.

Yesterday evening, while I was washing the dinner plates, my mind already running with a million things I need to do, my youngest son came into the kitchen with a flower in his hand.

My first thought was: And what is this? How did they bloom so quickly? Was I really that busy that I forgot to take even a small moment to check on them?

My second thought was: Oh! Look at this naughty child – he’s already ruined the bush! He didn’t even cut it well! There’s almost no stem on this flower!

My son handed me the flower. “I picked it for you,” he said, looking at me with his big brown eyes and a nervous smile.

I took a deep breath, gave him a hug and put the flower in a small vase. I’m thankful I didn’t chastise him. In the end, I would have completely lost my chance to see the flowers if he hadn’t reminded me of them.

It’s supposed to be me who is raising and teaching my children, but sometimes it is they who teach me.


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17 thoughts on “Flores Olvidadas

    • A totally bilingual comment! LOL. Love it.

      Te voy a visitar! Gracias por participar en Spanish Friday and glad you had fun.

      And yes, it’s a peony! When I wrote the post, I couldn’t even remember the name. LOL. Thank you.

  1. I have three of those peony plants in my yard…I won’t see the flowers for probably another month. They are beautiful and they smell so nice! It’s a shame they don’t last longer.

    Kids are amazing.

    • It’s my favorite. They smell so amazing – almost like roses but much prettier in my opinion… I wish they lasted longer too.

    • Sí, mi hijito tiene 9 años pero todavia está muy dulce conmigo. He loves to cuddle and gives me drawings that say “I love you,” etc… I wonder every single time, as he gets older, which flower and which “I love you” drawing will be the last one. When we read together each night and he crawls into my lap, (even though he doesn’t fit very well since his legs are getting so long!), I wonder when he will stop wanting to cuddle.

      It’s so difficult but I try to value each moment with my boys knowing how fast they grow up.

  2. Tracy, what a beautiful account. You know kids always have so much to say and so much to offer in lessons about life. Que bueno que te esperaste para ver lo que te iba decir antes de castigarlo, jajaja! Me encanto el post :-)

  3. Your son is awesome! My daughter tells me all the time that she loves and I´m the best… but I know it won’t last forever. I often wonder when that will change and how that’s going to make me feel…

    Oops, I guess I should’ve written that in Spanish, pero me salió en inglés, qué te puedo decir, part of being bilingual, I guess…. jajajaj!!

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