Música + Limpiando

It’s Saturday morning and it’s sunny out, so this means I felt the inexplicable urge to open windows, put on merengue and clean my house. This is usually a family effort but Carlos is working overtime and our older son is on a school trip, so it was just me and our youngest son.

I did most of the work, but our youngest son tidied his room, and “passed the vacuum” – (as Carlos translates literally from Spanish – “pasar la aspiradora.”) …Suegra cleaned the bathroom her and the boys use, (my eyes burn from the scent of bleach when I walk to that side of the house), but mostly she has been going to neighborhood yard sales – bringing into the house twice as much as I throw out.

Anyway, if you need some music to clean to, here are some of my favorites right now:

Pégate – Grupo Treo (thanks to TikiTikiBlog.com for this one!)

Me Duele – Roberto Tapia

Give Me Everything – Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo, Afrojack, Nayer

Estoy Enamorado – Danny Fornaris

Estar Enamorado – Golpe a Golpe

Taboo – Don Omar

Si no le contesto – Plan B

What are some of your favorite songs right now? What kind of music do you listen to when you clean?


  1. Classic Rock is a standard but depending on the mood, it can run the gamut from showtunes to rap to old school country. I’m a musical enigma. LOL!

    • I think that’s healthy to have a wide range of tastes. Different music for different moods, etc :)

    • I hear ya! One of my husband’s complaints when I make “mix CDs” for the car is that there’s no consistency – the songs can be very random. lol

  2. My ipod is full of mexican indie bands, but their music is too slow to get me in the mood of cleaning!! So I usually turn to old Rock en Español and ska. And on rare days some salsa and more upbeat music do the trick.

    • There was this guy in high school who was obsessed with ska music before it was really popular – it’s all he talked about and he was always trying to convert me – like “Here, listen to this – how can you not love this?!” — ROFL. So every time I hear about ska music now, I think of that guy.

      Who are some of your favorites for Rock in Spanish? I don’t listen to much rock, but I love Juanes.

      • jaja I got into ska because a boy in high school!!! LOL well, I had a crush on him so I tried to like what he liked and I ended up loving it!! I love the classic Rock en Español bands like SodaStereo, Caifanes, Cafe Tacvba, Los Tres, Los Prisioneros, Miguel Mateos, etc… And more modern bands like Zoe, Volovan, Jumbo, Hello Seahorse, Porter, Austin TV, Los Dynamite, Le Baron, etc… And my guilty pleasure has always been flamenco music!! I listen to it while I do the dishes so I can do some “Zapateado” LOL

  3. Your grandma used to like to clean the house to Stu’s Boogie by Led Zepplin. Used to crack your dad up!

  4. I can’t clean my house without listening to music. I mostly listen to music in English. Everything from country to Michael Buble and anything from Glee. And when I do listen to music in Spanish it’s usually Alejandra Guzman or J. Lo’s Spanish language album. :)

    • I wonder if I lived in El Salvador or elsewhere in Latin America, I would listen to more English language music – like to give my mind a break from the Spanish. LOL.

  5. I ususally listen to club/house music when cleaning. But sometimes I switch it up with some salsa! I do like to listen to the local spanish-language radio stations when cooking. They play a good energetic mix that keeps me moving! The only song I knew was from Pitbull but I liked some of the others. Thanks for sharing your favorites. :)

    • The station I listen to to clean is actually “Tropical” so it’s a mix of Salsa and Merengue mostly :)

  6. I have been listening to Taboo and Si No Le Contesto OVER and OVER again the last couple of weeks! I actually repainted the living room to them.

    • You must be like me – I will listen to the same song(s) over and over and over again until I get sick of them. LOL.

  7. Sinceramente… I don´t like your cleaning music para nada!!!
    Why don’t you try these temazos musicales?:

    PS: debo confesar that my fun music is very desactualizada. This songs are from the 80’s or 90’s. Lo lamento… ¡Pero qué divertida es!

    • May Colombians, Salvadorans and other Cumbia lovers please forgive me – pero Cumbia no me da ganas de bailar — ni limpiar la casa. LOL. I don’t know if the beat is too slow or what, but I’ve never been a fan of Cumbia. Sometimes I’ll find a song I really like, but it’s not my favorite style of Latin music. (Especially music from so long ago, Federico. jajajaja!)

      Here is my favorite Cumbia song… they’re Mexican. I’m sorry. LOL.

      And this one, not sure if it’s Cumbia or not – Los Dichos de Lupita by Los Tucanes de Tijuana… again Mexicans. (My Salvadoran husband, Carlos, is not amused.)

  8. Can’t wait to listen to the music you posted. I need to leave for work in a minute and don’t want to start something I can’t finish.
    I lOVE cleaning my house to merengue! It gives me ton of energy!

    • Hope you like the mix, even though I somehow managed not to include merengue. LOL. I have a “tropical” station on DirecTV/Sonic Tap satellite radio – which I put on when I clean — but any other time I listen to more hip hop/rap/reggaeton/pop and some random ranchera thrown in for good measure ;)

  9. I love to blast 80’s and Salsa! I actually switch back and forth between those two. I was born in the U.S. Salvi parents and Salvi hubs raised in Cali and I hate Cumbia!!!! LOL So no worries about it! LOL

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