El Reloj

As my oldest son has gotten older, (now 12) – we have given him more freedoms – One of those freedoms is being allowed to walk around on his own in the store when we go shopping. Usually he wanders to the music and electronics departments, but apparently yesterday, he went off to the jewelry section, because he returned to me with a watch in his hands.

“Mommy,” he begins.
I look at him, I look at the watch in his hands. He see’s the look on my face which is telling him “No,” before I’ve even said the word.
“Please,” he says, “I’ll do extra chores for a month! Two months!… I’ll wash the dishes after dinner!”

“Well,” I say, “Most nights, your grandmother washes the dishes, so that doesn’t really benefit me.”
“You won’t have to pay me allowance for two months!”
I laugh. “We don’t even pay you allowance anyway!”
“Please, Mommy… look how shiny it is…” he says turning it in the light so it flashes.
“You already have a watch,” I say, tapping the one on his wrist.
“But it’s a sports watch… It’s not gold like this one.”
“I doubt that’s gold.”
“But it looks like gold!”
“I’ve been doing great in school,” he says.
“Yes. That’s true…”
“I won’t ask for anything else for a long time!”
“How much is it?”
“Ten dollars… or a little more… like, eleven…or twelve,” he mumbles as the number goes higher.
“I don’t know…” I say.

My boy stands there, staring fondly at the watch in his hands. I can see the wheels turning in his head – trying to think of a way to convince me to buy it. Suddenly he smiles and holds it close to my face, “Look!” he says, “I didn’t show you the best part!”

I squint my eyes. “What am I looking at?”
“See that? …The date!…” he pauses until he’s sure my eyes have found it.
“It’s in Spanish!”

We buy the watch.


  1. That reminds me of my parents’ high school graduation present to me: a nice watch that also had the month abbreviated in Spanish. I was so in love with anything remotely Spanish that I couldn’t stop looking at it.

    This kid certainly knew which string to pull!

  2. :lol: So I guess he got the watch! He just had the press the right buttons ;-)

    I’ve always loved the word “reloj”, it sounds like “horloge” but said backwards.

  3. Lmao! He IS your son isn’t he, that smartypants! He probably hadn’t even had noticed that until he said it, lol. And I also love how he’s changing his look up a bit, trying to impress. I like this kids style!

  4. You know, I read this today when I woke up and all day I keep thinking “Somebody ELSE washes her dishes for her? She can make food and then go sit with her family without them piling up, getting all stinky? She wakes up every morning to a clean and fresh kitchen?? OMG! NOW it all makes sense why you let Suegra move back in with you!!” Hahaaa! You can see how lazy I am about dishes! Signed, Seriously Jealous in So Cal!

    • LOL – Okay, no kiddding – I am replying to this comment having just washed the dinner dishes — so it isn’t EVERY night that she washes dishes.

      The deal with the dish washing is a thing that started just over the past year. She didn’t used to do a damn thing to help out. During an argument Carlos had with his mother he told her she’s rude because she never says “thank you” after she eats the meals I cook. Everyone, after finishing dinner, Carlos and my boys, say “thank you” — Suegra NEVER says anything.

      Suegra didn’t like what Carlos said. She said, “Why do you want me to humiliate myself?!” — She thinks saying “thank you” is humiliating. I can count on 2 hands the number of times she’s said “thank you” to me in over a decade – and it’s usually mumbled.

      I am really big on “please” and “thank you” – they don’t cost you a damn thing. I can’t stand rudeness – so this has always been a sticking point. Carlos, the boys and I all say “please” and “thank you” to each other several times a day. It’s just second nature.

      So anyhow – after Carlos called her rude, she started washing dinner dishes. She told Carlos THAT is her way of showing gratitude for the meal and paying back the money we spent for the food that she ate… It isn’t about being helpful to her – it’s about “calling it even.”

      And like I said, it isn’t every night. Tonight she got impatient because I didn’t serve dinner early enough for her liking and she ate without us. Since she cooked her own dinner, she didn’t feel obliged to come wash the dishes. LOL. This happens a couple times a week — and more often when she’s pissed at us.

      Whew. Suegra vent. jajaja… So if you want clean dishes, you have to put up with this. I can send her to live with you if you think it’s a good deal ;)

    • Nope! It’s Spanish. It says “LUN” instead of LUNES because it’s an abbreviation.

      All the Romance languages have similarities. You say “lundi” I say “lunes” ;)

      Days of the week (French, English, Spanish)…

      lundi Monday lunes
      mardi Tuesday martes
      mercredi Wednesday miercoles
      jeudi Thursday jueves
      vendredi Friday viernes
      samedi Saturday sabado
      dimanche Sunday domingo

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