Cellphone Fotos #2

My week in cellphone fotos:

A little carnival set up in a parking lot that we didn’t go to. I could smell the funnel cake tempting me, but I had a cart full of healthy groceries to take home.

See? These are just some of the fruits we brought home from the grocery store. We also bought strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and many varieties of vegetables.

I also bought a new hot pink hoodie jacket. I used to shy away from bright colors but this shade of pink has been calling to me – I don’t know why. As you can see, I’m also wearing my RPM Miami shirt. Who else is watching with me?

Speaking of RPM Miami – Carlos pulled into a car dealership to look at a car, (even though we can’t afford one right now.) … I usually don’t get excited about cars but this one caught my eye. Lo quiero! … I can imagine myself driving this green Camaro in carreras like on the show. Jijiji… And if you want to see how vastly different Carlos and I are, go check out the car he wanted.

Link: What’s On Your Phone Tuesdays

11 thoughts on “Cellphone Fotos #2

  1. Awesome looking car, but I think you were just inspired by the show, lol. Would you have noticed it a few months ago? I also love all the fruits and veggies. When you add in a small portion of grilled chicken or tuna, a dash of salt and pepper, and an ice cold water, man, you are set! Seriously jealous, since I’ve been stress eating lately…

    • I don’t know if I’d have noticed it a couple months ago. Like I said, I don’t pay too much attention to cars. Before this one, the ONLY car that has repeatedly made me do a double take and drool is the Jaguar S Type. I don’t know much about cars but I’m told I have expensive taste. LOL… (but I drive my beat up minivan without complaint! Cars can be sexy and exciting, but as long as it reliably gets me from point A to B, that’s what matters.)

      As for stress eating – whatcha stressed about? E-mail me!

  2. I’ve been stress eating too, so your lovely vegetables did nothing for me. =) That is one hot car though! I checked out your hubby’s blog and laughed out loud when I saw the kind of car he had taken a picture of. I also read through his posts (but didn’t comment) the post he wrote about teaching his son to shave? Made me weep. He’s a good man…hang on to him!

    • More stress eating! … I don’t eat when I’m stressed. My problem is I eat because it tastes so good. LOL… Have you tried chewing gum?

      As for Carlos teaching our oldest son to shave – I got kinda choked up too when I took the photos. (Which wasn’t easy because my son kept saying “Mommy! Stop being weird! Why are you taking my picture?” lol…He doesn’t understand yet what a milestone it is, I guess.)

  3. Buenas fotos Amiga! And I love going back and forth between here and Carlos´ blog. You guys are such a great couple! :D
    I don´t know much about cars either, but I can easily picture you driving around in your green Camaro with Pitbull blasting at full volume! LOL!

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