Los Americans

I really want to watch this new web show on PIC.tv. It starts tomorrow (May 26) … Check it out:

Show description:

Los Americans is the story of a modern, affluent, suburban Mexican-American family living in the United States. The Valenzuela family is totally assimilated in U.S. American culture, and that’s the way the patriarch, Leandro Valenzuela, or “Lee” as Leandro prefers to be called, likes it. He’s moved on from speaking Spanish and the ways of the old country. As he proudly says, “We’re not Mexicans. Mexicans live in Mexico. We’re Americans.”

Lee is right in that he and his family will face many of the problems and challenges all Americans face, that all human beings face – unemployment, homelessness, alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, abortion, immigration, childhood obesity and others. But Lee will also face another problem in that he has forgotten his native language and moved away from his culture, ultimately losing part of who he is and where he comes from, and he will learn that maybe this is not such a good thing. Welcome to a story about real Americans… Los Americans.

The cast of Los Americans

What do you think?


Watch the show online and find out more at PIC.Tv/LosAmericans
Los Americans on Twitter


    • LOL – A veces, pero in this case, I don’t know anyone affiliated with Los Americans. I literally just clicked a random link yesterday and found the video. I knew immediately that I wanted to spread the word and had to blog about it – so there ya go! :)

      I did tweet @losamericans just now though with the question – so I’ll let you know here if they tweet back!

  1. omg how exciting… Esai Morales is one of my favorite actors!!! I loved him as Chucho…and Bob from La Bamba… omg so again you get me addicted to a show… im confused though whats pic.tv? I forgot to tell u u have me addicted to Mi Corazon Existe tooo now it looked so dumb but ud be surprised how much i like it… so thanks to you i come home from work, eat, save maybe 15 min for homework, watch 3 hours worth of novelas…mi corazon existe, heredos and la reina… so I fail school its all on u lol

    • Okay, http://pic.tv – if I understand it – is sort of like public TV except on the internet – so it’s educational and free but it’s online — with me so far? PIC stands for Public Internet Channel. Here’s the description from their website:

      “PIC.tv is Public Purpose Media. The Public Internet Channel is a free site with videos and tools to help you live a better life. The videos on PIC.tv are about living healthy, taking control of your diabetes, managing your money, being a single mother, saving money by recycling, and so much more. PIC.tv features what we call Public Purpose Media – all of our free videos are meant to help you take action to improve your life. That’s why most of our videos have a “Make It Easy” Toolbox next to them. You can use the Toolbox as a way to find resources and information inside our network of sites and beyond.”

      As for your telenovela addiction – I’m sorry. I’m all screwed up now too. I want to go to bed earlier but I don’t want to miss Herederos. I’ve caught parts of Corazon Insiste but I’ve resisted watching the whole thing because I don’t want to get addicted to it, (same thing with Reina del Sur – which maybe I’ll get on DVD and watch in a few sittings some day.) … And then on Sundays I must watch RPM Miami on mun2 … All of this good TV is really a problem. jajaja… Maybe we need a Tivo or something so we aren’t a slave to the actual TV schedule?

      Go do your homework! ;)

      • BTW having Tivo, DVR, VCR or any other recording doesn’t help, it just means you record more stuff that you never get time to watch:) I work an 8 hour a day job, don’t have any children and I am still 10 movies and about 25 shows behind.

      • LOL – Thanks for saving me money. You are so right – that’s exactly what would happen if I had a DVR/Tivo.

  2. Now I feel dumb, I was yelling at my cable box because I couldn’t find pic channel..should of read comments..online, thanks!!
    had fun yesterday..those guys were too much fun!
    have a great week

  3. Watched it…very entertaining. I look forward to the next episode. I was about to be upset because I don’t have cable so I thought I couldn’t watch, but it’s online. Yay!

    • I absolutely loved it! … It was humorous yet dealt with some really serious issues that a lot of people will connect with. The characters were believable – great cast. (The live-in suegra/abuela is perfect. I remember her from her role in “Real Women Have Curves” — She reminds me so much of my own live-in suegra. LOL. A very REAL character.) …And I think the character “Lee” is someone assimilated Latinos in the U.S. will identify with. Esai did a great job portraying this guy who struggles with his identity – struggles with where he’s come from and who he wants to be, or how he see’s himself. Lee faces issues which are unique to Latinos in the U.S., and then other problems which are just problems any person no matter what their ethnicity or nationality might struggle with. I can’t wait for episode #2.

      What did you think?

  4. It sounds very interesting!!! I think it’s the first show I hear about that shows a fully assimilated latino family.. I wonder if they want to do the whole “born again Latino” thing?? But I love this new prospective of Latinos in the US, we’re often portrayed as trying to take over the country, refusing to speak English, refusing to assimilate, etc… This is going to raise really interesting topics to discuss!!! I hope I can watch it online! Thanks Tracy!

  5. I just watched the 2nd episode of “Los Americans”. Ok, now this just got even better. I’m hooked. The cast is great and the actors are so real and believable. Are Esai and Yvonne De la Rosa really married in real life? They seem like a real couple unlike almost every TV couple you see. Great chemistry between those two. Looking forward to next week’s episode. I found it really easily on http://www.pic.tv/losamericans for those having trouble.

    • It’s fantastic, isn’t it?! Love it. Esai and Yvonne are not married in real life, but I agree – great chemistry — the entire cast really.

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