Go Cut Pants

Comedian George Lopez talks about being told to “cut pants” if he wanted to go swimming. Well, we cut pants at our house, but not necessarily to go to the pool.

When the days start to get hotter, the boys usually have quite a few pairs of pants with worn out knees which aren’t even nice enough to give to charity, so we cut them into shorts.

It’s kind of naco, but it saves money which is why we do it, and it’s also environmentally friendly. If you know how to use a sewing machine, you can even finish off the hem so it looks nicer. (Suegra does all of my sewing but she’s not happy with us right now, so we’ll have to wait.)

22 thoughts on “Go Cut Pants

  1. My mom used to cut my dad’s and brother’s jeans to shorts to wear around the house. I know she never cut any of mine because I seemed to grow out of them too quickly for that.

    • LOL – I used to cut my own and I’ve never been good at cutting straight, so one leg would be like an inch longer.

    • I set my scraps aside for Suegra. When she’s being nice again, I might gift them to her. She makes cute baby pants out of shirt sleeves and things like that.

  2. Girl, this is what hipsters here in Austin do. Seriously, in a crowd of 100, 85 of ’em are wearing cut-offs, and not the fancy $100 Abercrombie & Fitch kind…

  3. My boys don’t like to cut their pants. My oldest, the one with the fair skin, doesn’t like to wear shorts, even on the hottest of days. My teen girls, ufortunately, are dangerous with the scissors and will not hesitate to cut their jeans up when they are tired of them. Besides that, how high the girls cut their jeans usually concerns me.

  4. Hey my boys always wear out their jeans and I cut them off too. Why go pay alot of money for some ripped up shorts when you can make your own. Something else that we always get a kick out of is seeing jeans for sale in the stores that have paint splattered on them. My honey is a painter and so we laugh and say that they look like his work clothes. Lol

  5. Tracy, I was in a store the other day buying my son some summer clothes and I saw jean shorts that look like cut pants! I said NO WAY will I pay $30 when I’ve got 6 pairs of jeans with holes in the knee area. I will be cutting some pants as soon as I can find the time!

  6. I always wanted to wear shorts from cut off pants! But the ironic part is that I´ve always been very careful with my clothes, so I never had some worn off jeans that my mom would let me cut, and once they were old, they were too small. Buuuu!
    Enjoy them for me please! And I promise… one day I shall cut pants too! LOL!

    • Suegra is almost never happy but this time she stayed mad and gave us the silent treatment for a good week… I usually share these stories when it’s funny, but this time it wasn’t really funny at all and I like to keep my blog mostly positive, so that’s why I didn’t go into detail. The basic gist of it is that she made a veiled insult about me for no apparent reason (I’ve been very nice to her so it was totally uncalled for), and my husband called her out on it. Things snowballed from there – screaming, crying, door slamming. It was kinda ugly… I stayed out of it… Of course, she thinks she did nothing wrong and that my husband is a horrible son for defending his mujer over his own mother.

      Like I said, not really funny :p

  7. Yo hice eso una vez pero no me funcionó! Una pierna me quedaba más larga, cortaba, me quedaba corta, cortaba la otra, etc etc. Cuando terminé, el pantalón en vez de ser short se convirtió en thong! jajajaja

  8. Guilty as charged! Yup! Kind of like wearing my chanclas with my crusty toes. It’s naco and doesn’t look nice, but it don’t matter. IT’S HOT IN TEXAS!!! jajaja… exaggerating really. Dile a suegra q ya se le pase :-)

  9. LOL! I just did this yesterday!
    The timing is excellent this year, my youngest wore a few knees off pants and it’s almost shorts weather!

    BUT what do we do with the torn crotch pants?

    (PS I cut pants for myself too…. I like denim capri’s.

  10. We cut our pants too. Well everyone but me. I have no idea why that is. Anyway, Hubby and our two boys always wear out their jeans in the knee. Instead of tossing them out, Hubby cuts them and sews them. (My hubby sews better than I do.) The girls don’t wear out their jeans, but they do outgrow them, so I cut them into capris or shorts and again Hubby sews the hem.

    Tengo una pregunta…Por que esta molesta tu suegra ahora?

  11. I grow out of my jeans before I can cut them, although this happens to be the way I handled the length in the last pair of “regular” length jeans I bought! No time to hem and couldn’t handle the extra six inches dragging! LOL!

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