Cellphone Fotos #3

Here is my week in cellphone fotos.

We went grocery shopping at Wally World as usual – but this caught me off guard. The toy aisle is right next to the fitness equipment aisle so I guess someone decided to be funny. It made me laugh, and quite frankly freaked me out a little, too. As I’ve mentioned before, dolls scare me.

Another day we ended up at Target. We went shoe shopping for the boys because all their old pairs are either out-grown or barely recognizable as footwear at this point.

Anyway, hanging from the ceiling at Target was a monster-size chancla. I said to my oldest son, “Imagine getting a chacletazo from THAT chancla!” … That inspired this photo:

On our shoe-shopping adventures, we ended up in the vicinity of a Petco, and our youngest son can not pass a pet store without asking to go and “just look.” (In case you need translating, “just look” means he is going to ask us to take home every animal in the store.)

I don’t need much convincing since I find the mice amusing with all their wheel-running and curious beady eyes – but this time I happened upon this ratoncito.

Is he not the most depressed ratoncito you’ve ever seen? Poor guy looks like he has the entire weight of the world on his furry little shoulders. (Don’t feel too sad. When I last checked on him before we left the store, he had gotten out of his food bowl in the corner and looked more cheerful. Mice don’t live long so they can’t afford to wallow in self pity for more than a few minutes. May we learn a lesson from the ratoncito!)

More shoe shopping took us to some outlets. While we were walking around, a car drove by and a guy yelled out to us, “I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!” before speeding off. It could have been a teenager being an ass, but I chose to take it as a random act of kindness. I’m thinking about doing this myself, (telling random people I love them, not being an ass, that is.)

At the outlets there are little kiddie rides here and there. The thing I love about my 9 year old is that he’s at that beautiful age where he’s aware of which things are now considered “childish” – but he’s still too fun-loving to care if he looks foolish.

He jumped right up on the carousel caballito and asked if we could insert some monedas. Unfortunately el cipote looks a little like the depressed ratoncito in that photo because the machine was already jammed with a stuck quarter. Carlos went to work to dislodge the coin but his fingers are kind of thick, so he wasn’t having much success. All of a sudden I had an idea. I pulled the gum out of my mouth, stuck it to the quarter and ta-da! We were 25 cents richer. I remembered a Sesame Street video from my childhood about retrieving a lost jack with a magnet – and that’s what inspired me. Thanks, Sesame Street!

For my last photo, I decided I wanted to show you all the “inspiration board” I have here at my desk because I want to encourage you to make one for yourself. The cork board itself costs less than $5, but you don’t even need one. You can just tack stuff to the wall – but put it somewhere you’ll see it often.

What do you put on your inspiration board? Anything that inspires you, reminds you of your goals/priorities, and makes you smile. I put a lot of quotes on mine, (including fortunes from Chinese take-out, but now that I’m eating healthier, I won’t be adding more to my collection.) … I also have a drawing from my youngest son that says he missed me, (he drew it while at school but it reminds me to spend time with the kids.) … As you can see, I also have photos of Chicharito and Espinoza Paz. Carlos objected to their inclusion. I told him that they inspire me but he doesn’t buy it. He said, “I’m going to make an inspiration board and put girls in bikinis on it.”

I told Carlos he’s being totally ridiculous. His comparison isn’t even valid – I mean, it isn’t like Espinoza and Chicharito are half-naked in the photos.

…(If anyone has photos of Espinoza or Chicharito half-naked though, you have my E-mail.)

Link: What’s On Your Phone Tuesdays

28 thoughts on “Cellphone Fotos #3

  1. That chancla is HUGE!! we also ended up at the outlets this weekend, oh I’m sorry crowds annoy me, lol
    love the inspiration board, I have one also but with recipe ideas next to my cookbooks! I had my hubby paint a huge square on a wall with magnetic paint. I printed out pics of the family and made magnets out of them, it’s one of our fav walls. Pics, poems, little notes and coloring pages all hang there, love it! okay I’ll stop rambling..have a great week!

    • Oooh, I like the idea of a magnetic wall in the kitchen. Making magnets out of family photos is also a genius space saver idea!

  2. I went to Target, saw that Mega-Chancla and IMMEDIATELY thought of you!!! jajaja, funny!
    Lindas fotos amiga. Me alegra saber el ratoncito está fine and dandy y que Julian pudo disfrutar el caballito gracias al “ingenio” de su mami!
    BTW— veré si te consigo una foto de Chespirito con muy poca ropa. Ahhhh no, no Chespirito… Chicharito! But, don’t they look almost the same? jajajaja

    • LOL that you thought about me when you saw the mega-chancla! jajaja. It’s green like the little one you sent me :)

      Y POR FAVOR – no me mandas fotos de Chespirito pelado. Yuck!!

      • ok.. no Chespirito chulón!
        BTW.. me acabo de enterar que MX ganó vs ES! Comes to no surprise! Thanks for wearing white and blue and rooting for ES :)

  3. That chancla made me laugh!!! and I love your inspiration board! I haven’t had one since I was in college, maybe I’ll make one again… and doesn’t Chicharito have the cutest face ever?? he looks so innocent and cute! and btw, how did Carlos react to your Chicharito pic since he scored 3 goals agains Salvi yesterday??

    • Chicharito does have the cutest face. Even when he shoved someone during the World Cup I wasn’t disgusted with him. It was more like, “Tsk, tsk, Chicharito. That was naughty, mi amor.” — ROFL. Can you imagine being his mother? He probably got away with everything. (My youngest son has a similarly cute face and I can’t get made at him either.)

      Ugh – the game against El Salvador… I was wearing blue and rooting for El Salvador – because let’s face it, they needed that win more than Mexico. Mexico wins everything. It would have been much more special for ES to win – and I had to show loyalty, (or risk sleeping on the couch jajaja.)

      ES did so well the 1st half but then after that goal in the 2nd half, it’s like they lost all their confidence and energy and gave up :(

      It was weird to see Chicharito as “the enemy” while watching that game. The camera would zoom in on his cute little face while celebrating the goal and I’d think not nice things and then be like, “Awwwh… but he’s so cute and such a good player — NO! But that goal was for Mexico… Gosh darnit, Javier, can’t you just take it easy on them?”

      As for the inspiration board — I think Carlos wants to turn it into a dart board! ;)

  4. I love your little one… he is such a cutie! And love your inspiration board! Now that I will have my own studio/office I will definitely work on one… what should I put in it? Trips to meet you all for sure! And starts, moons, planets, some magic potions… muaaa ha ha!!!
    Great post amiga! You are sooo creative!

      • Si si si!!! Send me some postcards so I can visualize a trip to DC soon! And of course I´ll now have a place to put all my baby pics and nursery deco pics too!!! Yay!

        ¿Cómo que México gana todo? Jajaja! Ay Amiga, this sounds so funny to me. I hear my hosbando complaining all the time about how sucky Mexico´s national team is! LOL!

      • Okay! “Postcard for Sue” added to my to-do list! :)

        So, wait a minute, your husband complains that El Tri is not good enough?! Qué perfeccionismo! What more can you ask for? To me, they are one of the best teams playing today. I’m curious to know who he thinks is better?

        Oh – and as much as Mexico does indeed win – I will take back what I said about Mexico winning EVERYTHING. They don’t win everything… The other day the U.S. Women’s team beat the Mexican women’s team. Yay!!! Go gringas! jajaja ;)


  5. happy tuesday! hahahaa, women in bikinis! Very Inspirational Carlos!

    I too have an inspirational cork board- or atleast that started like one…. Now, It’s just pinned with upcoming bills and paid bill receipts… Tengo que arreglar porque eso no me hace sonreir! jajajaa

    • Yeah, seriously. What do bikini girls inspire exactly? Hmmmmmm >:[ lol

      Get those receipts and bills OFF your inspiration board! That is a no-no!

  6. OMG! I LOVE the pic of the giant chancla! Too cute! :)

    And I really love your inspiration board. I have one too, kind of. It’s just a bunch of inspirational quotes that I’ve printed up and tacked onto the wall around my computer and list of ideas for blog posts that I never get around to writing. :P

    • lol – be happy you have a board full of blog post ideas you don’t have time for. I LOVE when I have too many ideas. So much better than when you don’t have any ideas and all the time in the world, right? ;)

  7. I want that flip-flop!!! I have a hard time calling it a chancla. In my house growing up, I only ever heard “chancla” refer to those fuzzy pink slippers my mom wore around the house. I think I need training. Your board is cool. I have one over my desk in my office with mostly pictures of our son and random things that catch my eye. I like this Tuesday photo activity : D I’m going to send you a picture of some muñecas that freaked me out last weekend … siempre me recuerdan de la pelicula TRILOGY OF TERROR.

    • Chancla or flip-flop, lo que sea :)

      I have never even heard of “Trilogy of Terror” but you’re freaking me out. I’ve never done well with horror movies but I guess my older sister was into them so somehow, (when I was WAY too young!) I watched Pet Cemetery, Poltergeist, Chucky/Child’s Play, Candy Man, Cujo, The Nightmare on Elm Street — I believe there were several others… This on top of the fact that I didn’t even need true horror movies to get scared. I had terrible nightmares about the wolf in The Never Ending Story – and that movie was for kids. LOL. (that part STILL scares me.)

  8. Haha chancletazo.

    I’ve actually Googled ‘Espinoza Paz shirtless’ with no luck. But if I ever come across something, you’ll be the first to know. I’m sure it will be a sight worth waiting for.

    • Ha! I Google it every day ;) ROFL

      We’ll have to use our imaginations… he’s such a tease keeping his shirts unbuttoned to mid-chest:


  9. What a great idea! I’d probably have craft ideas on mine, or sayings to paint onto signs or something. Six more sleeps and I can go back into my craft room! (I promised myself I’d stay out until my course is finished.)

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