Salvadoran “mosca” hunting

When I blogged about the many uses of chanclas, I mentioned that Carlos goes “mosca” hunting with the kids. He can’t stand when flies get into the house and when he spots one, he demands that everyone work together to kill it immediately.

(From the original post): I hear it multiple times per week in the summertime: “There’s a fly in the house! Get a chancla!” … Maybe my husband and kids are weird, but they go fly hunting. They wait until it goes into a bedroom and then the commotion starts, “She’s in your room! Close the door! Quick!” (For some reason my husband always refers to flies as “she”. I guess because the word for fly, “mosca”, is feminine.) … Sometimes the hunt can go on for a good 20 minutes. I’ll hear the chancla hit the wall with varying degrees of force. Sometimes the fly’s escape will be blamed on one of the children, (“You were in my way! I almost got it that time! Move!) and finally, the much awaited killing occurs with much celebration.

Well, last night, while I cleaned up the dinner dishes, someone opened the door and let a mosca in. Predictably, the hunt began so I set up a hidden camera so you could see, I’m not exaggerating in the least. Here is a fairly normal evening with the López family. (Apologies in advance for the generous view of my cleavage. I had taken the boys to the pool earlier and hadn’t changed my clothes.)


  1. jajajajjaja! That is the best! The “Diablo!!” was my favorite quote. I also loved the celebration at the end. Thanks for starting the day with a smile! :-)

  2. My wife is the same way when it comes to moscas. It is like an obsession if one gets in the house. LOL!!!

    I love how they are stalking it and your older son and Carlos both casually take off their own chancla to ‘arm’ themselves. LOL.

    The blatant disregard of the possibility that they might bust a light (or something else) on the ceiling fan, all in the name of killing of the fly, cracks me up. hahahahhahahahhaha

    Too funny.

  3. Qué commotion por una mosca!!! Oh well, no digo mucho pues mi esposo, cuando ve una cucaracha dentro de la casa es igual o peor a que haya entrado un T-Rex!
    Julioa llamó a la mosca “Diab;a”? funny! LA mosca si es feminina pero hay uno que es masculino: EL Moscarrón (la mosca en steroids)!
    Por suerte Carlos usa la chancla para exterminar a las moscas, te imaginas si usara el machete!! Ninja Carlos a lo Kill Bill!

  4. Love the Diablo! and the celebration at the end!!!

    We somehow called all the flies to our table with something we cooked camping last weekend, and I was the only one killing them. I usually use a dishcloth, doubled over and yell “Ha!” really loud when I slam it down on them. If I forget the “Ha!”, I usually miss. I must have killed 15 or 20 at the camp site. Everyone around probably got a kick out of it.

  5. Ha ha ha ha! Me encanto! :) This video reminded me of my sis-in-law in the States. She HATES when flies get in her house. She hunts them down and kills them and won’t rest or continue on with her housework until they’re all dead. :P

  6. I have been meaning to post a comment on this for the past week. I read this when you posted it and really enjoyed the humor. Last week, a bee got in my kitchen and my little warriors were obsessed with getting this bee that did not want to die…. The scene reminded me of your clip especially when the shoes came off their feet…. Lol.

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