Copa de Oro + sOccket balls

I’m getting really anxious for this Sunday because I’ve been invited by State Farm to a 2011 CONCACAF Copa de Oro (Gold Cup) quarterfinal game in D.C. where I’ll get to try out the new sOccket™ ball! … I’ll be sure to take plenty of photos and video to share, and I’ll also be live tweeting. Until then, here’s a preview of the ball:

State Farm has partnered with sOccket™, (a soccer ball created by Uncharted Play, Inc. that generates and stores electricity via physical play) – and launched their new program, “Juega Hoy. Ilumina El Mañana” – which gives electricity to those who lack access in Latin American and Caribbean countries. (31 million people in Latin America and more than a quarter of Latin American rural communities have no electricity.)

Want to help?:

• Click the Juega e Ilumina tab on the State Farm Latino Facebook page, where you’ll have the opportunity to generate and donate over 2,000 sOccket™ balls.

• “Like” the videos of Futbol Freestylers on the Facebook page and you’ll add one minute of light to the represented country.

• Play the featured game, Play & Illuminate, where you can choose the country you wish to send sOccket™ energy balls and then play to donate. (I chose El Salvador!)

• Download a brand new iPhone app, Kick4ACause, which is a virtual soccer game you can play to help donate sOcckets. Every 15 minutes of play collected will result in one sOccket™ ball donation. The more you play, the more sOccket™ balls State Farm will donate.

Disclosure: I will be going to a Gold Cup game at the invitation of State Farm. All opinions are my own.


  1. What an amazing cause. Thank you for sharing with me. My son LOVES kiking the ball around. I can kill two birds with one stone if I purchase this ball. When will they go on the market?

    • Excellent question – I don’t know if they’ll be sold in the general market in the U.S. — I will ask on Sunday!

  2. I could only think of my husband while reading this and how much electricity he could generate on his own!
    Who´s playing on Sunday?
    Any soccer game is guaranteed diversión!!! Luego me cuentas!

    • Last night’s games decided it – now we finally know —- U.S. vs. Jamaica!!! … So excited to see our team play, and Jamaica is a worthy opponent. Should be a great game.

    • Genius idea, Lexie! … If they made a DS that could only be powered by playing with the ball first, I would buy it! – It would force a better balance between active and sedentary activities.

      And if my laptop was ball powered, I would have to play soccer all day. ROFL.

  3. Very cool – My husband, brother-in-law, nephew and father-in-law went to the Mexico-Costa Rica game on Sunday – enjoy both the game and the sOccket!

  4. […] • Tracy of Latinaish has been invited by State Farm to attend and live tweet from a quarterfinal CONCACAF Copa de Oro (Gold Cup) fútbol game this Sunday at RFK stadium in Washington D.C. While at the game she will have the opportunity to try out the new sOccket balls – soccer balls which generate electricity through play. (These balls are being donated to Latin American and Caribbean countries by State Farm. Find out how you can participate.) […]

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