Copa de Oro + sOccket balls

I’m getting really anxious for this Sunday because I’ve been invited by State Farm to a 2011 CONCACAF Copa de Oro (Gold Cup) quarterfinal game in D.C. where I’ll get to try out the new sOccket™ ball! … I’ll be sure to take plenty of photos and video to share, and I’ll also be live tweeting. Until then, here’s a preview of the ball:

State Farm has partnered with sOccket™, (a soccer ball created by Uncharted Play, Inc. that generates and stores electricity via physical play) – and launched their new program, “Juega Hoy. Ilumina El Mañana” – which gives electricity to those who lack access in Latin American and Caribbean countries. (31 million people in Latin America and more than a quarter of Latin American rural communities have no electricity.)

Want to help?:

• Click the Juega e Ilumina tab on the State Farm Latino Facebook page, where you’ll have the opportunity to generate and donate over 2,000 sOccket™ balls.

• “Like” the videos of Futbol Freestylers on the Facebook page and you’ll add one minute of light to the represented country.

• Play the featured game, Play & Illuminate, where you can choose the country you wish to send sOccket™ energy balls and then play to donate. (I chose El Salvador!)

• Download a brand new iPhone app, Kick4ACause, which is a virtual soccer game you can play to help donate sOcckets. Every 15 minutes of play collected will result in one sOccket™ ball donation. The more you play, the more sOccket™ balls State Farm will donate.

Disclosure: I will be going to a Gold Cup game at the invitation of State Farm. All opinions are my own.

26 thoughts on “Copa de Oro + sOccket balls

    • Excellent question – I don’t know if they’ll be sold in the general market in the U.S. — I will ask on Sunday!

  1. I could only think of my husband while reading this and how much electricity he could generate on his own!
    Who´s playing on Sunday?
    Any soccer game is guaranteed diversión!!! Luego me cuentas!

    • Last night’s games decided it – now we finally know —- U.S. vs. Jamaica!!! … So excited to see our team play, and Jamaica is a worthy opponent. Should be a great game.

    • Genius idea, Lexie! … If they made a DS that could only be powered by playing with the ball first, I would buy it! – It would force a better balance between active and sedentary activities.

      And if my laptop was ball powered, I would have to play soccer all day. ROFL.

  2. Very cool – My husband, brother-in-law, nephew and father-in-law went to the Mexico-Costa Rica game on Sunday – enjoy both the game and the sOccket!

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