Valentina Popcorn

Today while running errands I stopped at a grocery store we have locally called Martin’s, (they’re owned by Giant Foods, I believe.)

At the self-checkout I glanced at the impulse items and saw the word “Valentina” but this confused me since I knew I was staring at a bag of popcorn. That’s when I realized, it was Valentina-flavored popcorn.

That’s right. Act II Valentina (Salsa Picante Style) popcorn. I grabbed two bags and tried not to get too excited. I love Valentina but I assumed they would just put some regular chili powder on the popcorn, (and I already put jalapeño powder on my popcorn, so this wouldn’t impress me.)

When I finally got home, I couldn’t wait to check it out.

First you pop the popcorn as usual. When it comes out of the bag, it already has an orange color, but when I tasted it, it tasted plain – You need to add the packet of Valentina-flavored powder that comes with it.

Thankfully, it does not taste like regular chili powder – it really tastes like Valentina. Your fingers will turn reddish-orange, pero vale la pena. Good luck finding it at a store near you!

Disclosure: I purchased the product with my own dinerito. All opinions are my own.


  1. I´m literally unpacking the boxes with all my kitchen stuff searching for my popcorn pot (las hago en la estufa) so that I can undo this craving I have for palomitas con Valentina amiga!!! :D

  2. I’m going to have to look for it! Yummy! I’ll just have to deal with orange dedos…. Oh and I got my molds for las paletas! Thanks for mentioning you got yours at Walmart.
    Take care amiga!

  3. I have a stash of flavored ACT popcorn I get in Mexico and I really hate the Valentina ones!!! They have a chile y limon flavor that is just yummy, but I don’t like the ones with chamoy and valentina. I think I rather go old fashion and put real valentina on my popcorn lol

  4. I love popcorn con valentina! So I have too look for these mine eventually get a little soggy thanks for the share :)

    • Leslie, I bought some in Mexico already. I don’t know if there is a Bodega Aurrera where you live but that’s where I get mine. They also have chile y limon, chamoy, jalapeño y queso, and valentina!

  5. I found this at our local Amish store. Best popcorn EVER. Can not find it at regular brick and mortar stores or even on the ACT II website. The Amish are selling it for 5 cents a bag. I stocked up.

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