Mexicans vs. Salvadorans


Last week the United States lost to Mexico in the final Gold Cup game. My husband and I were both rooting for the U.S. team. We had even bet money – which was my unfortunate idea. Carlos has Mexican co-workers who give him a hard time for being the only Salvadoran amongst them – so I thought this would be a good way to get a little revenge and make some cash at the same time… well, it would have been if our team had won – instead, it lead to us being $40 poorer and some marital discord.

You see, while I was disappointed by the loss, Carlos, a Salvadoran by birth, was more than disappointed – he was angry, and it wasn’t about the money – it was about the Mexicans teasing him, the Mexicans who had beat our team, and, apparently, the entire country of Mexico itself.

When I told him to calm down he said, “You don’t understand! You don’t know how they are! I’m going to have to put up with that shit all day!”

“Don’t let it get to you,” I advised. “They just want to see you get upset. If you pretend it doesn’t bother you, they’ll stop,” I told him, repeating the same advice my mother had given me a million times when my sister’s teasing had gotten on my nerves as a kid.

“You don’t know how it is,” Carlos said. At that moment, his cellphone buzzed with a text message. Carlos cursed then held the screen to my face. “See?!”

The text message was from a Mexican co-worker. It read:

Ey pupusa, ganó México. Mañana tienes que llevar el dinero! jajajajaja!

Under normal circumstances one could argue that this was just “guys being guys” – but Carlos didn’t see it that way, and the element of these two nationalities complicates that argument. Even their nickname for him (“pupusa”) seemed intended to “other” him as a Salvadoran amongst Mexicans.

The thing is, I know Carlos doesn’t hate Mexicans. We have Mexican friends – people he really likes very much. He listens to Mexican music right along with me, without complaint, (usually), and likes Mexican food. When I cook Salvadoran dishes he puts Valentina hot sauce on it, (authentic Salvadoran food is not traditionally spicy, but Carlos likes everything picante.) He loves Pedro Infante, Cantinflas, El Chavo del Ocho, India Maria. As a proud Salvadoran, he even confessed that he knows a few bars of the Himno Nacional Mexicano and sang it for me, (although it should be noted he only learned it so he could pass as Mexican if stopped while immigrating through Mexico on his way to the United States.)

Even as I try to convince Carlos that he really does love Mexicans after all, I know animosity between Mexicans and Salvadorans isn’t imaginary – it’s real, and there are real reasons for it. If you ask a Mexican or Salvadoran why they don’t like each other, they may give you one of the following reasons, or they may offer no compelling reason at all. Here is what I found – (The content below is quoted from various sources. Sources are included. does not necessarily agree with or endorse the opinions below.)


“El problema con los mexicanos es [que] quieren tener de menos a los salvadoreños y centroamericanos, nos subestiman… cual crees [que] es el mayor desafio para un salvadoreño o centroamericano al emigrar a USA, es el temor a ser asesinado, secuestrado, mutilado o violado por mexicanos, se aprobechan de los emigrantes centroamericanos cuando ellos tambien tienen la misma necesidad de nosotros de emigrar hacia USA…” – Salvadoreño, Yahoo Answers

“Yo vivo al norte de méxico y el otro día viendo las noticias comentabamos mi mamá y yo como era posible la discriminación de razas sobre todo al sur del país con los salvadoreños ó guatemaltecos que cruzan la frontera, siendo que el presiedente de méxico va cada rato a USA a pedir que no traten mal a sus indocumentados, yo viví en USA una temporada y ví como en USA no los tratan tan mal como dicen los de la “migra” a los mexicanos indocumentados, y me pregunto yo ¿con que cara los méxicanos tratan mal a los salvadoreños ó guatemaltecos que cruzan la frontera?, vi en una entrevista al presidente de guatemala diciendo que había ido con el presidente de mexico para pedir por sus indocumentados y le comentó este que el acababa de llegar de USA por lo mismo y cuando llegó de ahi tenía una llamada del presindente de belice para lo mismo y cuando llego a su pais el presidente de guatemala le esperaba una llamada del presidente de el salvador y era para pedirle por sus indocumentados. Imaginate dijo todos estamos abogando por lo mismo….y me dio una pena ajena con la gente del sur de mi país enterarme que los tratan tan mal y que todavía se quejen que en USA los tratan mal con que cara piden respeto si no repetan… todavía recuerdo un día que llegarona ala casa unos salvadoreños pidiendo comida eran una pareja con dos niños como llegaron hasta sonora solo dios sabe, les dimos todo lo que pudimos y les dimos la bendición cuando se fueron. No todos odian a los salvadoreños aqui hay gente que es del salvador viviendo y los tratamos muy bien saben porque? porque al norte no se vive como al sur del pais, es triste pero cierto.” – Mexicana/Yahoo Answers


“Shortly after Central America gained its independence from Spain in 1821, Mexico tried to swallow the region into its burgeoning empire. The fiercest opposition? El Salvador. Eventually, republic-minded Mexicans stopped their country’s ambitions and allowed El Salvador and the other Central American provinces to create the United Provinces of Central America. That lasted into the 1830s, by which time Mexico was too busy dealing with another imperial power to care much about recouping its former holdings. And if you know anything about Mexico, it’s que we don’t take thefts of our lands lightly.” – Gustavo Arellano/Ask A Mexican


“The Mara Salvatrucha gang originated in Los Angeles, set up in the 1980s by Salvadoran immigrants in the city’s Pico-Union neighborhood who immigrated to the United States after the Central American civil wars of the 1980s…Originally, the gang’s main purpose was to protect Salvadoran immigrants from other, more established gangs of Los Angeles, who were predominantly composed of Mexicans and African-Americans.” – Wikipedia


El Salvador became a “temporary protected status” (TPS) country in 2001, following two earthquakes that killed 1,000 people and destroyed more than 200,000 homes.

After intense lobbying by the Salvadoran government, the TPS was just extended for another 12 months. That means Salvadorans who were living in the United States in 2001 – many of them illegally – can stay and work for another year. TPS comes up for renewal or termination every 12 to 18 months.

TPS is designed to aid countries reeling from a natural disaster, civil war or other destabilizing situation.

…Some of the seven TPS-designated countries get extensions though their disasters happened long ago. Christopher Bentley of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services says “assessments” and “studies” help decide whether to extend TPS and whether holders can return safely home.

Jose Romero, a 31-year-old Charlotte construction worker [now] earns three times what he did in his native El Salvador.

He got TPS five years ago after living in the U.S. illegally for five years.

Romero told his fellow construction workers, most of them Mexican, about his TPS. They were happy for him, but jealous.

“They’re never going to give us anything,” he said the Mexicans told him.

– Article by Tim Funk and Danica Coto / McClatchy Newspapers


“Juan Carlos Rivera knew that if he wanted to get a dishwashing job at the MacArthur Park hamburger stand, he would have to pretend to be Mexican. But the thought of lying made the Salvadoran anxious.

He paced outside the restaurant, worried that his melodic Spanish accent, his use of the Central American vos, instead of the Mexican tu, would give him away.

…In his best Mexican Spanish, the Salvadoran asked: ¿Tienen trabajo? (Do you have work?)

When asked where he was born, he swallowed his pride and answered: Puebla, Mexico.

The job was his. For three days, Rivera scrubbed plates in conspicuous silence. He knew the Mexican cooks were onto him. Especially the one from Puebla.

…Juan Carlos Rivera struggled to keep up his ruse even when the suspicious cook began to quiz him on popular Pueblan food, including Puebla’s specialty, the cemita.

“How do you like it?” the cook asked.

“With pineapple,” Rivera said. Little did he know that what Salvadorans knew as caramelized sweet bread, Pueblans knew as a meat and avocado sandwich.

“I knew you weren’t Mexican,” the cook said smugly before running off to tell the manager.

– Article by Esmeralda Bermudez/Los Angeles Times


“It’s always Mexico, Mexico, Mexico,” said Jorge Mendoza, a 42-year-old painter, one of a group of Salvadoran men who gathered recently at MacArthur Park. “I turn on the radio and all I hear is Mexican music. If I want to watch a soccer game, I have to watch a Mexican team play.”

– Article by Esmeralda Bermudez/Los Angeles Times


“Salvadorans don’t hate Mexicans as much as Mexicans hate Salvadorans…This isn’t a generalization of all Mexicans, but many of them do this. Mexicans are the majority in most places where Salvadorans live, like San Fran, L.A., and Houston. In Long Island and Miami Salvadorans get along with the Ricans, Dominicans, and Cubans fine. The problem is that Mexicans always usually display an arrogance that rubs all Latinos the wrong way. Not the Argentine, snotty type arrogance. The fist pumping, I’m a Mexican! arrogance. They insult us b/c of our accents, and feel they are superior. They don’t understand our history but we have to understand theirs.” – Enrique/


“Pues supuestamente todo fue por culpa de un partido de futbol. En las eliminatorias para un mundial El Salvador le gano a México y lo descalifico para llegar al mundial. Esa es una explicacion ya que El Salvador nunca a tenido un buen equipo y a los mexicanos les dolió que un equipo como El Salvador los descalificaran…si no me equivoco fue en 1976.” – Salvadoreño/Yahoo Answers


(Okay, not seriously, but while we’re arguing, I thought I’d throw it in there for fun.)

(Thanks to Juan for letting me use his video here to bring a little levity to a heavy topic.)


“Esto no es mas que pelear por tonterias … todos somos humanos, somos de la misma especie y los único que nos hace “diferentes” es una simple ubicación geográfica …somos humanos no somos ni mas ni menos, todos iguales … me parece bastante inmaduro pelear solo porque vivimos en distintos lugares del mundo … por cierto soy salvadoreño y ya dejen de pelear por tonterias.” – Salvadoreño/Yahoo Answers

NOTE: As always, comments are welcome below, but comments containing violent threats or hate speech will not be published. (This message is for both Salvadorans and Mexicans equally.) Please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences on the topic in a thoughtful, intelligent manner that avoids name-calling or inflaming tensions. This post is not intended to stir up resentment but rather to point out the problems so they can be put aside.


  1. Ay Tracy this post is muy fuerte! I had no idea about this old rife between Salvadorans and Mexicans. Never mind the “reasons”, but the general feeling that Mexicans feel superior… it makes me feel so sad and really want to apologize to everyone who´s ever felt offended by an ignorant Mexicano. Ay ay ay….
    I´m proud to be Mexican, but I know that as a pueblo we have many flaws. Many! I know for a fact (there are statistics!) that Mexico is one of the most discriminative countries there are! People will look down at you if you´re poor, if you´re rich, if you´re moreno, if you´re güero, if you´re fat, if you´re skinny, if you´re tall or short… you get the picture.
    In the end I believe it´s just ignorance and a lot of bull…
    And about Carlos having to endure the “carrilla” from his Mexican co-workers… no hay nadie más carrilludo que un Mexicano! That´s just the way men are… :D
    Un abrazo amiga, and here´s to hoping that cultural differences will one day stop separating people!

    • Received an E-mail from another mexicana saying she wishes she could apologize too – pero, there’s nothing to apologize for. You’re beautiful people with kind hearts. I believe in personal responsibility and people like you shouldn’t feel any blame or guilt.

      As I said in response to another comment – Salvadorans joke around and tease each other too – so Carlos should be used to such things.


  2. Hm, I’m not Mexican but I’m married to one, and if I were there with him, I think I’d tell Carlos he should remember they talk in a “teasing” (only half teasing) way to everyone, and the worse they talk to you the more it means they like you. Yes I know that is very dysfunctional, almost incredible, but I have to believe it or else I would really start to feel bad about the way everyone talks to me and my husband is the worst (meaning apparently he really loves me) LOL!
    Also I think when it comes to futbol, it’s just impossible to be reasonable. When La Seleccion Mexicana loses, sometimes my husband is so upset he vomits. I’m not kidding. Once when a match was going really, really especially badly, he and my brother-in-law suddenly went outside to work on the car (which didn’t need any work)– my theory is they could somehow bear it more easily just listening on the radio rather than watching on tv. Then they disappeared without a word to me or my sister-in-law. Not that they always report to us what they’re doing but it was rather unusual to disappear for hours. However I honestly think they were sweet to do that, doing us a favor so they didn’t do anything stupid to us, in that state. When they got back I knew better than to even try to speak with them the rest of the day…

    We live in a very, very heavily Salvadoran area but there are Mexicans everywhere in Houston “hasta en la sopa” as they say, and there are a lot of Guatamalans in our neighborhood too. I have noticed the teasing but when it comes right down to it, I have also noticed a very strong sense of Hispanidad or whatever you want to call it. Having each other’s backs in a not-always-friendly world. My husband and I know about the restaurant kitchens in Houston and nothing like that Los Angeles story happens here. Sometimes if two guys dislike each other already the rivalry comes out, and doesn’t help anything, but that’s not what gets it started.

    • Beth, I’m loving your comments!

      Salvadorans aren’t strangers to teasing either — it was something that I had to get used to actually because it felt rude at first. Carlos doesn’t get as annoyed when Salvadorans tease him – but when Mexicans do it, it rubs him the wrong way because I guess he perceives it as something deeper. (Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.)

      Wow – your husband is really passionate about fútbol… jajaja. He vomits if they lose? … I’m sorry but I’m laughing. That is awesome in a weird way.

      I love when Central Americans, Mexicans and other Latinos get each others’ backs. That kind of unity works so much better.

      You say Houston is a different atmosphere in the restaurant kitchens compared to what was described in the L.A. story —- would be an interesting documentary – comparing how various Latin groups get along in cities across the nations, wouldn’t it? … I have so many cool documentary ideas. Wish I had the money and the crew to tell people to go do it. LOL.

  3. Qué lindas Sue!!! Y qué buen post Traix! Lastimosamente si han pasado cosas a través de la historia en que los Salvadoreños nos hemos sentido descriminados fuertemente por los Mexicanos.
    Para un Salvadoreños, obtener una visa de turismo para visitar México es casi pedir de rodillas. Te piden un mil documentos y muchísimas veces, te la terminan negando.
    Eso recienten mucho los Salvadoreños, que los Mexicanos exigen muchísimo a los USA pero ellos son muy duros con los Centoamericanos.
    Anyways…. siempre habrán “issues” entre los paises pero lo importante es ir derribando los obstáculos y abrazando a nuestros hermanos. Yo en lo personal, he tenido la inmensa dicha de conocer a Mexicanos maravillosos; amables, amigables, respetuosos etc. y espero conocer a más. Amo la comida mexicana, su música y espero en DIos que muy pronto la situación en cuanto al crimen organizado se normalice. Me muero por ir a Cancún y conocer tantas ciudades tan bellas y llenas de historia!
    Qué Viva México y qué Viva El Salvador!

    • Yo también conozco un montón de gente buena – Mexicanos, Salvadoreños, lo que sea. Qué viva México, El Salvador, y amistad.

  4. Te digo hermana, that is a very touchy subject for us Mexicans y los salvadoreños, aunque para mi en lo personal nunca ha sido un problema… Apoyo lo que dijo Sue, y creo hay oportunidad para todos en este mundo. Thank you for including my video on Pupusas vs Gorditas… como ves en la comida no hay pleito. Mejor pongamonos a comer todos juntos :-)

  5. I didn’t know about the history between Mexico and El Salvador. Thanks for informing me. My husband, a Guatemalan, echos pretty much everything Carlos has stated/feels. You can call my Esposo anything, but don’t call him a Mexican. As a non-Latina, I have noticed that the Centro Americanos really seem to stick together and have somewhat of a fraternal feeling amongst themselves (especially when it comes to Mexico) and I always wondered why that was and where it came from. I’ve learned there is a lot of historical/policital reasons for this.
    I also think the current rift also comes from a stereotype/sentiment from Americans that every Latino or Moreno is automatically lumped in to the “Mexican” category.
    Case in point, yesterday at my husbands work, someone he had never met or talked to, asked him if he was Mexican. Tired of being stereotyped, he (surprisingly) patiently, asked that person if she was Canadian. When she said NO, that she was American, Anssel said he was American too, but if she did need to know, he was from Guatemala and that Guatemala is a very separate country from Mexico and it was the same as calling her Canadian without any background. I was proud of his “education” moment, but can understand his frustration.
    You gave some great advise to Carlos (ignore the teasing) and just remind him that someday he’ll be able to tease his Mexican coworkers if/when Mexico finally loses in futbol! (Or he could take the high road and mourn with them, but that wouldn’t be as much fun. I’m so naughty and clearly not a buen ejemplo!)

    • Melanie – YES. You bring up another category I should have included! LOSS OF IDENTITY! (This is why I love the conversation that happens in comments!)

      Latinos in the U.S. who are not Mexican begin to resent Mexicans because they’re the dominant culture and ignorant Anglos lump them all together under the same title – MEXICAN. Carlos can not stand being called a Mexican either. It’s a loss of identity. He tells people, “I’m Salvadoran.” and they say, “From Mexico?” — “No, from El Salvador.” …. “Where’s that?” —– or “Do you speak Mexican?”

      It gets old, I’m sure. Your husband was right to educate the person by calling them Canadian. LOL. I bet she won’t make that mistake again.

  6. This strife exist b/w Hondurans and Mexicans too. I was even discouraged from a Mexican family to not even think of dating their well-t-do chiropractor son. I was not Mexican, nor good enough.

    • I’m sorry that happened – it must have been hurtful. I had a similar experience – a Korean guy I dated wouldn’t introduce me to his family because he said they wouldn’t accept me. The relationship didn’t seem worth pursuing so we broke up after that…. Less than a month or two later, I met Carlos – so it’s all good.

      Sounds like you avoided a mean suegra at least. {abrazos}

  7. Tracy, I had absolutely no clue this tension existed between mexicanos y salvadoreños. Soy mexicana estadounidense and I don’t feel this way about anyone. I want to see all Latinos succeed, here and abroad. It bums me out to learn that the Mexican government treats Salvadorans la misma manera that our U.S. government presently treats Mexicans. That was a bit of an eye-opener. I can honestly say I don’t know which stereotypes bother me more, the ones we have here in the states, or the ones that exist outside our borders. The closing “Wisdom” you ended with is spot-on. I wish people everywhere would just start treating each other with respect. We’re all peers. Un abrazo.

    • Ezzy, I didn’t know the resentment between some Central Americans and Mexicans existed until I met Carlos and other Salvadorans…. Unfortunately a lot of Central Americans who immigrated to the United States have had bad experiences which have shaped the way they feel. The important thing for people to realize is that bad experiences are simply bad experiences, and you can’t automatically take it with you and pre-judge or generalize others of a similar background. We all deserve to be judged by our own individual actions.


  8. Hi Tracy! My husband, who is also Salvadoran, was extremely upset Mexico beat USA, and couldn’t even sleep, he was so mad! I’ve known about his hate for Mexcico’s futbol team since I first met him. Your post goes much deeper into the actual layers of the two country’s resentment, which I am grateful for!

    • My pleasure, Cristina. Whether it makes complete sense or not, and whether we agree with their reasons or not, it always helps to understand our husbands a little better.

  9. It´s interesting to see this topic approached from this side of the border. I´ve lived with the anti-México sentiment IN El Salvador my whole life.
    In fact, I always get teased when I go back “home” por hablar como Mexicana and for being a “traitor” for marrying a Mexican. It really is all just in a teasing manor, not with real hatred or negativeness. It’s just the way Latinos are…teasers…light bullies. Heck, aren’t apodos a light form of bullying?
    When my husband, un mexicano, went to El Salvador the first time my friends and brother in law, con las copas encima, kept teasing him all night long about that one futbol game back in who knows what year when ES beat Mexico. My husband was like “HUH?” Of course, he had NO clue which game they were referring to, nor did he know Salvadoreños were so passionate about their futbol arch-enemy, Mexico. Funny thing is Mexico barely even considers El Salvador a match in futbol games! LOL!
    So, the sentiment goes both ways. Carlos is just clearly outnumbered at work!

    • Agree that Mexico doesn’t see El Salvador as a threat in fútbol, and any animosity there is mostly on the Salvadoran side, (out of jealousy that their team isn’t as good.)

      Carlos is definitely out-numbered at work. To make matters worse, most of the Mexican guys are related, (brothers or cousins), and live together – so when one of them starts in on Carlos, the rest join in… I honestly don’t think they’re being hateful – it just gets to be a bit much sometimes and they don’t know when to stop.

      Some of the guys have been to our house and one of them invited us to their son’s birthday party last year. Sometimes they get Carlos’s back when there’s a gringo at work they all don’t like. LOL.

      Apodos are definitely a form of this “light bullying” in Latin culture! – {putting psychologist hat on}, but I think Carlos is more sensitive to it than some because his mother was emotionally abusive to him and used the teasing to humiliate him in front of others.

  10. I can say that the dislike of Mexicans are not just from Salvardoreans. I am American-born, but my dad is from Guatemala and he has discontent for Mexicans as well. I cant say ‘discontent’ because its not like he hates them, as he had Mexican friends. it was more of a smack-talking kind of thing. All the other Guatemalans I knew in the past also had their attitudes on how Mexicans are. Hondurans, Salvadoreans…all the same attitudes. Its a Central American thing. The thing is that not only in the U.S the Mexicans have a pride about them that is extremely annoying, but they have that superior attitude in Mexico as well, beating up crossing Central Americans and dumping them back over the border when they try to cross through Mexico to get to the United States. Guatemala, along with El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and so forth won its independence from Spain shortly after Mexico and they were melted into th Mexican Republic before forming the United Provinces of Central America two years later.

    Besides that, Mexicans are the majority and it is annoying when people just call you a Mexican and when you try to explain that you are not, they look at you and ask what the difference is. They dont seem to understand that its an entirely different country. Us who have Central American heritage grow up with that, and its annoying and sometimes we just blend in to the greater Mexican-American community.

    Besides growing up a minority Latina in a city where most Latinos are Mexican. I also grew up Bi-cultural since my mom is a Polish-American. Unfornately, the Latino culture that I was around was Mexican, so I grew kind of accustomed to that as well.

    I dont hate Mexicans. My fiance is Mexican. And he better not forget that he is with a gorgeous half Guatemalan half Polackita muchacha, and he better appreciate it because I am truly unique.

    However, believe me, I wont become a Mexican. I have and intend to continue to contribute my own unique heritage to me family and cook Guatemalan dishes and American dishes. I believe that if you are in a mixed relationship you dont become what your partner is, but you share to the relationship your own unique culture. I am proud to be what I am and he is proud to be Mexican. Our children will be truly unique because they will have a mix of cultures. I will only show my children my side because I am not Mexican and I know nothing about Mexico. It would be his job to teach the kids that if he wants to. I dont celebrate Mexican holidays, I dont eat Rosca de res or whatever they call that nasty cake on three kings day with the dolls inside, even though Guatemalans celebrate three kings day too, they still have a Santa Claus, and its what I know. I wont ever go to Mexico unless its Los Cabos or Cancun, which means I will never meet my fiance’s dad because he lived in Mexico City. Everytime a Mexican boxer fights I root against them, I also root against the Mexican team. Is the Chapina in me too proud? maybe. But you have to be what you are.

    • Proud Mexican speaking it is sad that all central Americans feel they need to root for the United States team because their teams suck so bad. Oh well good luck with that we are only getting better, and by the way the reason we are sp arrogant is because the u.s.a belonged to us so we are not immigrants just moving to the northern provinces. Viva Mexico cabrones!

      • Amstel, thank you for giving us a great example of Mexican arrogance! This is exactly what we Central American deal with when it comes to interactions with Mexicans, with their “I’m Mexican and therefore everything about me is better than you” attitude.

    • too bad you wont visit Mexico city, because its bigger than London/Paris combined, has amazing infrastructure, over 150 museums, the only Royal castle(Chapultepec Castle) in the Americas, the biggest city park (Chapultepec Park) comparable to Central Park in NY, the Zocalo plaza one of the biggest in the world, one of the most prestigious universities UNAM, Televisa(the mass media that makes the novelas you watch), one of the worlds biggest aquariums, numerous theaters. In fact Mexico city is the 8th richest city in the world, and has an economy 5x the size of Costa rica, and bigger than the entire economy of Peru. Youre missing out just saying.

  11. This is a very interestingand touching subject for good or for bad. Im american born but my mom and dad are salvadorian and for that i consider my self salvadorian, and lived among mexicans my entire life. From my experience about mexican and salvadorians is that mexicans belived them selfs to be superior to other latin countries witch they r not, and to make u feel less they will do anything even to use language thats unapropriate to salvadorians or other countries such as the word (cerote) they think its funny as for salvadorians its not funny its a very offencive word, to us salvadorians its like una mentada de madre, or like if you where to call a black person the (N) word. its funny how u said that they called ur husband a (pupusa) they have called me a (pupusa) as well and i completly understand wher his coming from maybe alot of people cant see thise but to us that are in your husband carlos position we can really understand him, Mexicans tend to do it with much more fellings than just to call him a pupusa they think that if they call us that its going to bother us and it does, its not the word its self, its the intension behind the word that bothers us. and i dont hate mexicans because i have mexican famaly as well but the things that have come up truought the years thats has gotten me to think of this conclusion about the rivalery between the two.

    • Thanks for taking the time to leave this comment and lending your feelings/experiences to the conversation, Jaret. I know what you mean by “intention” – the intention behind one’s words sometimes says more than the words themselves.

  12. I think Salvadorians just have an inferiority complex towards Mexicans. Growing up in L.A. in the 80’s and 90’s in noticed Salvadorians copied everything Mexican. They listen to our music, eat our food, watch our movies/novelas/ tv shows, drink our beer, etc… Hell, I even know a Salvadoranian family who own a Mexican themed restaurant. So why do they get all upset when someone mistakes them for a Mexican, what’s the big deal?

    • Funny, I was just talking to my husband about this yesterday. We joke sometimes about opening a restaurant and he asked what would be on the menu. I named several Salvadoran dishes and he said, “What about…” and then started naming Mexican dishes. I told him it would be just a Salvadoran restaurant – completely authentic, without mixing in Mexican dishes like most do. He said we [our imaginary non-existent restaurant LOL] would lose business because you wouldn’t get enough customers without the Mexican food, but this is one thing I never understood. Salvadorans have so much pride but you always see “Salvadorean & Mexican restaurants” owned by Salvadorans. If one has pride, they should have confidence to serve their own distinct food without playing into the Anglo stereotype of lumping everyone together — it’s only contributing to the very problem they complain about.

      It’s a complicated issue and I’m sure there are valid reasons from the other side, but you too have a point. Thanks for commenting and for doing so respectfully on such a heated topic.

      • Yo soy mexicano y la primera vez que escuche de los salvadoreños fue cuando miles de ellos llegaron a mi colonia en el distrito fededral, como refugiados, por cierto una colonia muy humilde y proletaria, sin embargo como puedieron la gente humilde de mi colonia junto comida y ropa para ayudarles. Estoy seguro qe desconocias este hecho.
        Ya despues cuando vine a esados unidos, una vez mas tuve contacto con salvadoreños y me di cuenta del odio y resentimiento que ellos tienen contra los mexicanos.
        El odio de los salvadoreños hacia el mexicano es mucho mas generalizado que el supuesto odio del mexicano hacia el salvadoreño. Mi conclucion de esto es que mexico al ser un pais muy grande no todos llegan a tener contacto con los salvadoreños, mientras que el salvador al ser mas pequeño por obvias razones. Las malas noticias o la mala informacion, se puede repartir mas facil. De hechoemas que odio el mexicano resiente el hecho de que los salvadoreños cuando llegan a estados unidos, solo hablan del mexicano que los trato mal, llamese policia, soldado, coyote, ratero y hoy hasta los zetas. Pero no se acuerdan del mexicano que les dio de comer, los defendio de un abuso o de hecho hasta les dio refugio en mexico. Tambien ellos se olvidan que los mismos mexicanos somos victimas de los coyotes, soldados policias etc.. solo que ellos se comportan selfish y creen que los demas la tuvimos muy facil.
        En en uno de los muchos trabajos que yo tuve, en una marketa, el manager era salvadoreño y la mayoria de empleados eran salvadoreños, yo que era cajero el busboy se supone tendria que ayudar a todos los cajeros a embolsar la mercancia de los clientes. Sin embargo los busboy savadoreños solo ayudaban alos cajeros salvadoreños, sn importar si mi linea estaba mas llena, mis quejas al manager salvadoreño de nada servian, no fue si no hastaque el dueño judio, vio los videos que sanciono al manager y le dijo que los estaba exponiendo a una demanda por descriminacion,
        Los salvadoreños recienten el hecho de que la television enfoca su programacion en la comunidad mexicana y se olvidan que la television lo hace por negocio, pues lamayoria de hispanos en usa son mexicanos y por eso deben enfocar su programacion a esa mayoria para obtener mas ratings y por ende vender sus comerciales mas caros. Si la mayoria fuera salvadoreña, entonces la television se enfocaria en esa comunidad.
        Es infantil decir que el Mexicano le tiene odio o envidia al savadoreño por una eliminacion de mexico en 1981, de hecho no fue el salvador el que elimino a mexico ya que cuando mexico perdio contra el salvador, mexico aun teniamuchas posibilidades de calificar, fueron los malos resultados obtenidos despues que conllevaron a esa eliminacion. Pero eso fue hace ya mas de 30 años y el dominio de mexico sobre centroamerica y el salvador en especifico, continua mientras ellos hablan de que eliminaron a mexico una sola vez, Mexico ha eliminado a el salvador en varias ocaciones despues de 1981, si a eso le sumas que las eliminatorias suceden cada 4 años, estamos hablando de 20 años consecutivos en los que mexico a calificado a mundiales y ellos no han podido, entonces quien tiene mas odio a qien en futbol?
        Te invito a que hagas un search en youtube para que veas como tratan a la seleccion mexicana cuando llega al salvador, de hecho ellos en la ultima eliminatoria se pusieron tapabocas en la cara , burlandose de la situacion que atravesaba mexico respecto a la gripe h1n.
        Despues cuando al equipo salvadoreño le toco ir a mexico, nadie los molesto ni los ofendio como ellos hicieron halla, incluso atacando periodistas mexicanos ya sea fueran hombres o mujeres.
        Respecto a tu esposo carlos I’m pretty sure he made fun of the mexicans when el salvador beat mexico on the first qualifying game played at the cuzcatlan stadium.
        Another thing you shoul know about history is, cuando mexico beat the spanish to gain independence, todo centroamerica incluido el salvador, tambien obtuvieron su independencia gracias a las fulrzas rebeldes de mexico, cuando mexico gano la independencia todo centro america pertenecia a mexico, despues centroamerica pidio ser independiente y el gobiero mexicano cedio sin haber siquiera una confrontacion. Asi que en realidad no hubo guerra entre mexico y centroamerica. Asi que bien se puede argumentar que centro america le debe su independencia a Mexico sus indigenas mexicanos murieron luchando por una independencia de la cual centroamerica se beneficio. Sin embargo eso ellos no lo reconocen. Asi como no reconocen, que cuando hay tragedias naturalez, llamese terremotos, huracanes inundaciones… Mexico es el primero en llegar con helicopteros y tonelads de ayuda.
        En fin… hay mucha desinformacion e ignorancia, pero es mas facil enfocarse en lo malo que en lo bueno. Suena hasta banal el hecho de que hallas abierto un tema basado en las burlas de un simple partido de futbol poniendo al mexicano como victimario y a tu esposo como victima.
        Ojala tu esposo alguna vez te dijera
        You don’t understand, the mexicans are the ones that always help my country cuando pasa una desgracia, its the mexicans who feed those that come to the usa without any money. Its the Mexican who gave refuge to those salvadorians who escaped my country during the civil war.
        Que malos son los mexicanos!

      • Nahum, thank you very much for sharing your experiences, thoughts, and historical information – it’s a great contribution to the discussion. As you know, I’m not Mexican or Salvadoran, so maybe I can’t ever fully understand but believe me when I say, I believe we’re all brothers in this world and I really wish these kinds of rivalries could be put aside. I wrote about this topic, not to stir things up, but to bring the two sides together to talk about their grievances, get perspective, and hopefully walk away realizing how ridiculous it is to continue hurting each other.

    • It’s derogatory for us all Hispanic other than Mexico. It’s not just us, we all hate that… we love Mexican culture as we love any other culture we are open minded

  13. No manchen utds. Son los que hacen menos a lis demas cono Si su pais fuera europeo mas a los Hondureños nomas porque les ganaron una disque guerra a palos y resorteras . No sean ilusos y despierten no son ni mas Ni menos que uno todos sangramos rojo.

  14. I believe that what Jaret said is the most reasonable response…I don’t know if the way mexican express themselves is what gets on our nerves. Salvadorans are very hostile, humble and nice people, we’re very careful not to offend anyone. Mexicans on the other hand(although i can’t generalize) but tipically the ranchero ones are very offensive. Idk if they do it joking around, but it feels very offensive. For example, I am married to a mexican and they look down upon my nationality…they say things like “Ay viene la cerota”, when my husband and I were going to El Salvador they said “ya vas a la jungla” y “donde va caer el avion si no tienen carreteras”..The point is that, they make us feel inferior even though we’re not, and we have to suck it all up just because they are the vast majority.

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for sharing your personal experiences. I’m sorry that people have said things like that to you. I hope your husband doesn’t and that he defends you when others make these kinds of comments? Do you tell people it offends you?

      To me, the best response in this kind of situation would be to correct their ignorance with facts. Next time someone asks you about “la jungla” – show them this video and ask them, “Does this look like a jungle to you?”

      Be proud but respectful – You don’t have to suck it up and be quiet, amiga. El Salvador is just as beautiful as Mexico and you should let people know it.

    • Most Mexicans think that they better than any other between Latin America. That is why they think that they better than Salvadoreans. I personal have many Mexicans friends that I like but when I see a Mexican dimisnishing or insulting another Hispanic, I cannot take it. Usually Mexicans raised in The US are the best and they don’t see nationality but Mexicans who recently came to USA are annoying. They don’t like Hispanics other than Mexicans and they don’t like white either. They talked bad about USA while they living in it. All Hispanic who has crossed Mexico had bad experience. And Many of those people trying to get to USA are killed by Mexicans.

  15. Sarah, Why you let them talk to you like that? I would partir su madre if you know what I’m saying, and in their language too. I cant stand that. My boyfriend is a Mexicano and he disrespects both my heritage so I disrespect him back, but worse. I dont let anyone disrespect me like that or say anything like that to me, cause’ they have alot more that I can say about them. I think that the line between mexicans and everyone else is disappearing at an alarming rate due to intermarriage and children growing up americanized anyways. Its so funny. Being a Chicago girl and much traveled I might add, I notice that Latinos arent ALL that common in other parts of the U.S. In Chicago yes, but the culture is declining due to intermarriage and immigrants going back to their countries because this country is no longer the American dream, its getting bad. As for the intermarriage, it makes the culture decline as well. For example, If and when I marry my chapparito, my kids will be American. Not Mexican, not whatever I am. American. I hate Mexican food, so I wont cook that ish, and I doubt my kids will speak spanish, because its the culture we live in…declining latino culture. So the rife between Mexicans, Salvadorean, an my beautiful Chapines wont matter in the long run. If anything we should ban together, our culture in this country is declining. They say that everyone will be speaking spanish? Please, I am a teacher in a middle school. The hispanic kids have a hard time with Academic spanish and will never even learn it! Their english is more predominant, or at least their academic English. This is the future.

    By the way…long ago I met the finest man I have ever seen in my life…a californian born half Puerto Rican/Salvadorean. Those genes would have meshed so great with my Guatemalteca/Caucasian genes. Found out he was a player and bailed out quickly. But mixing is a beautiful thing.

    • So sad to hear you say all that, you have your right of your opinion and to live your life in your own way. But knowledge is power, speaking and learning spanish isnt a sin its a blessing. If you have traveled out side this country then you should also know that maybe this country has lost its touch on what might be “The American Dream” but its still the safest place for you to raise a family and have a decent living. IN CHICAGO they celebrate irish, polish, german, italian, even chinesse culture. So why not celebrate your latino culture and have some pride of where you come from. Most people must have some kinds of memory lost because America is made of Imigrants who came from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Im an american born in Mexico which is located in NORTH AMERICA. Just my opinion. Im very proud to be a Mexican living in the USA.

  16. Like that we’re talking about this.. I’m Salvadorian, and totally get it, I’ve seen a little of all discussed. I can tell you one thing for sure is that I know people from the lower regions of Mexico, and the closer to the Central American borer the region is, the more similarly culturally we all are. And even within the Mexican country there is lots of discrimination among them. Bottom line.. We’re all different, we’re all the same.. Let’s erase those borders in our head and love each other for our richness in culture as a race.

  17. my boyfriend es mexicano and yes my family was not exactly upset about me having a mexican boyfriend but they always tease me about it.and yes soccer is for me the main problem with mexicans but in the long run we are all the same :)

  18. Im a proud mexican, born in mexico but raised in chicago. I’ve had to endure many things while I was growning up, being chased home because of my skin color, getting picked on because of being verticaly challenged, being teased because I couldn’t speak spanish well or even read and write it. Most of the time Ive had hard time getting along with whites and blacks, but it felt 100x worst when my own people would be the ones harming me, insulting me, teasing me. It hasnt always been Mexicans. plenty of time i’ve had puertoricans, dominicans, and even salvadorians mess with me. Now im a grown man, with two kids and one in the oven. My wife is a salvadorian. We do tease each other and even go as far as getting under skin with it. But I’ve been raising my childeren to show respect to everyone, not to make fun of other people just because there different. Also to have lots of pride of who she is..a young smart beautiful latina. Not to forget where she comes from. A loving and caring salvadorian mother and a bad ass Mexican father.

    Im sorry to hear that your husband is having a difficult time with his mexican co-workers. But he only has two choices, learn to deal with it without if affecting his work or quit. Im sure that his mexican co-workers dont want him to quit. If he calls these people his friends then he should understand thats how friends mess with each other. Dont take it to the heart. Hope everything works out for him.

    • Angelo, I’m sorry to hear about everything you went through, but it sounds like you came through it and have turned into a great husband and father. I love this: “I’ve been raising my childeren to show respect to everyone, not to make fun of other people just because there different. Also to have lots of pride of who she is..a young smart beautiful latina. Not to forget where she comes from. A loving and caring salvadorian mother and a bad ass Mexican father.”

      Thanks for your balanced advice to Carlos. Since this post was written over a year ago, things have changed. He changed jobs, (though not at all because of this situation. It was just a better opportunity for him.) … The job where he works now, he works with a Mexican guy he’s been friends with for many years, and this guy is pretty mellow – not the sort to tease anybody really… That being said, Carlos has still kept in touch with his friends from his old job, too.

      • I will start by saying that the best form of getting you’re point across is by directing it to those that are actually qualified to receive it,

        that being said I am Salvadorian and will not pretend that I am writing this independent of that fact, I put myself and I believe most Salvadorian when I say you be the judge of what’s really going on.

        By now you may or may not have read some of the messages written by others, first thing you will notice IS that there is more Mexicans than Salvadorians on this topic, another thing you will notice is a pattern….. According to the greater number of Mexicans discussing this topic, Salvadorians are victims of envy, which has turn to hate envious of their wealth, music, prosperity, “soccer team” and I guess them Tacos to.

        Now if that’s the case then when Mexico plays the USA, wouldn’t it make more sense that we would root for Mexico to beat the US, The US is a much better country with more wealth, Culture, prosperity, ect ect ect…, okay maybe the soccer team is better, yet again the US has reach 3rd place in the world cup something Mejico has never sniffed, but okay they are better, but why again would one pick and under achiever to envy?.

        Allow me to illustrate more, take my Mexican compadres Cid and Hahum, Cid first sentence is clearly bullshit on one hand he generalizes all Salvadorians, he asserts that “we” all know that all Salvadorians hate Mexicans and then on the same sentence he claims that Mexicans for the most part hardly ever are aware of Salvadorians existence, then I ask you…How do “we” all know they hate Mexicans then?, how can you know the thoughts of people you don’t even know exist.., of course the statement perfectly illustrates the arrogance you’re husband must be referring to, (Salvadorians are like Ants to them and they hate us for it) Is basically what cid is saying.

        Nahum claims that all the animosity comes ONLY from the Salvadorians and hinting to the same thing cid express and that is that Mexicans are indifferent…..YET wrote a 900 word essay to express this.

        The truth is simpler than that,

        Mexicans are like any group of people, petty, vain, prejudice, full of shit, and most importantly…underachieving, But in the US especially California they are the majority among Latin American, the 2nd largest group in CA is (drum roll) ….SALVADORIANS!.

        Fact is if you ask anyone from other countries in Latin America they will tell you the same, BELIVE me…. they all think Mexicans can be major A-holes, with results not in hate but in annoyance, is not hate because Mexicans are in the same social bracket with the rest of us, Is not like they have any social power outside of the barrios so is harmless but not unnoticed, just ask ANYONE from Chile, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, what they really have to say about them.

        Salvadorians are the 2nd largest group, and one that does NOT say shit to them behind their back, so it appears as if only they have a problem with them, but in fact they are the only ones that say it to their faces(Argentinos deserve credit they do 2), Salvadorians aren’t saints they are just as bad, but I can admit that, they can’t.

  19. ooo god that old news I’m 100% Mexican my mom is always helping the sAlvadorian lady across the street she see nothing but a Latina like her we invite for thanksgiving we share a lot of thing like our culture some ppl are just not happy with them selfs I’m proud to say I’m Latino but I hate to see Destroyed our own ppl Latino stand up as one we are going to make it through this an let me tell u something every one from Latin American tease like that not only Mexican like my freind from El Salvador called me to tell me a Mexican jmm lost to pacquioa I wasn’t mad I was like wait what you our ppl lol anyways I just told him I wanna see his salvadorian boxer we laughed and tht was that any ways merry xmass mi Gente

  20. todos sabemos que los salvadoreños odian a los mexicanos, paro la mayoria de los mexicanos en mexico el salvador es algo desconocido. cuando su odio sale a relucir cuando no hay mexicanos alrededor, entre ellos ablan puras estupideces de los mexicanos.
    inclusibe los mexicanos en estados unidos no los toman encuenta, les enfada tener que ver futbol mexicano, boxeadores mexicanos, y por que mexico y el mexicano es mas popular. pero eso no es culpa de nosotros. ya que el que empeso este thread es una salvadoreña, que ella diga la razon por que nos adian mejor

  21. I’m a Mexican girl born and raised this side of the border. There are so many things my second generation peers don’t intrinsically understand. The Mexico/Central American divide is one of them. When second generation Latinos meet other second generation Latinos, there’s nothing but instant recognition, regardless of the nation of origin. I never knew there was any animosity until I overhead a Guatemalan-born friend was chatting with a Venezuelan-born friend about the anti-Mexican protests he participated in when he was in college. What? Mexico is a superpower bully? What a change of perspective. I’d always thought Mexico was the poor south-of-the-border cousin.

    • Mexico is in the top 15 economies in the world, with Spain ahead and South Korea behind them. Mexico makes $1.261 trillion a year. Not only that but Mexico ‘s capital (Mexico City) yearly revenue is about the size of the entire economy of Peru, and 5x larger than Costa Rica’s. Mexico is the 2nd largest economy in Latin America, and the 14th largest in the world. Mexico has the resources to become a 1st world country, if it weren’t for the government. But even now its classified as an upper middle income country.So no Mexico is def not a poor country.

  22. As a Mexican american, I can reassure our central american friends that our ribbing really isn’t anything personal. So next time a Mexican calls you a cerote, please don’t take it personally because it’s just out fucked up way of telling you that you are alright.

    • Well in my opinion ,as a salvadoreña, Idont hate or dislike mexicans matter in fact my ex boyfriend was mexican. But Ihate and dislike how they tease you or make fun of in many different ways. Most of the mexicans don’t have respect . For example , in soccer tournaments when its Mexico VS El Salvador mexicans start saying inside jokes but then they get carried away with there jokes and it hurts many of our feelings. And that’s when us salvadorians start talking back and a discussion occurs.ummm…well also we could all stop this nonesence if we all just get along and stop making fun of eachother. Its all about respect.

  23. This is so trivial. But its an easy answer.

    As a Salvadoran, growing up with a large Mexican presence. Mexican’s are just very arrogant. Not all, but a ton of them. Why? Because they’re the majority. So while they get angry at Americans for being bigoted or for making fun of Mexican culture. Mexicans turn around and do the same to almost every other Latino. They have the numbers in our community. They tend to feel they own Latino culture in general. I grew up listining to Cuban Boleros and Los Melodicos from venezuela. Not Nortenos and corridos.

    They act this way towards Porto Ricans, Cubans, Salvadorans, Hondurans, etc…They are the majority, thus they feel they can belittle each of our individual accents and distinct culture. A LOT of Mexicans DONT act this way. But the ones that do, and there are a lot of them. Rub the rest of us the wrong way.

    Couple this with our typical Latin bravado. And you have tension amongst us. Its sad really.

  24. NO hay nada más ridículo que tratar un tema acerca de países latinos, y escribir en inglés , que nacos son,.

    • Happy to live in near MD,DC and VA because salvadorans rules here la unica aria que somos la mayoria amongst Latinos viva el Salvador

  25. Hm, Well although this is a great post and I am for the Panamerican unity. From my experience in the southern California. Central Americans usually come here with some kind of animosity towards many towards Chicanos that sometimes dont know the Central American experience coming through Mexico. One thing that I think ALL OTHER Latinos forget Mexico was part of the United States Southwest hense. We are the majority and have historical primacy. With that being said in the south west at least its a little rude that other latinos come here and expect equal representation. NO! This was never Central America, South America or the Carribean. If anything I have noticed more animosity from Salvadoreans and Central Americans towards Mexicans than vice versa. You dont come into some ones home and insult them or their culture. I think thats were Mexicans response is more like uh……….where are you from again……….yeah if you dont like us or it here or get offended when some one confuses you w a Mexican GO HOME!.
    Salvatruchas are the biggest insult to the history of what Chicano Culture is. The are hoodlums dressed like Cholos ( A Mexican Sub Culture) Go Figure!

    The Chicano has spoken

    • Salvatruchas came about as a defence from local MEXICAN gangs, who bully central americans, the gang started as a form to fight back, so yes is going to mirror cholo culture, By the way mexicans did not invent gangs

  26. soy mexicano y vivi en estados unidos, por experiencia les puedo decir que el salvadoreños es casi mexicano por la influencia que ejerce en ellos la cultura mexicana, el tiempo que convivi con salvadoreños casi no note la diferencia.
    la razon es que el salvadoreño cuando convive con mexicanos que son la gran mayoria terminan por adquirir nuestra cultura.

  27. Hi Tracy, I just discovered your website earlier today, while trying to find out more about Latin culture and I have enjoyed perusing through some of your posts. After reading this about Mexicans and salvodorans, I have to be honest, I was wondering about salvodorans and Peruvians…and about Peruvians in general…I’m trying to understand and learn about my boyfriend’s south American country and I was wondering if you have any knowledge ( I assumed you would ), about it. Also, I don’t speak Spanish very well, but you seem to rally do well with it, impressive you learned so much

    • Hi Anonymous! … How long have you been trying to learn Spanish? How long have you been dating your boyfriend?

      I don’t know much about Salvadorans and Peruvians in this context – In general I’d say they get along fine and don’t have any well-known “bad blood” between them.

      The best blog for you to check out, that I know of, would be … It’s run by two of my friends, a mother and daughter team, both named Morena. Most of what I’ve learned about Peru is through their blog, (plus 1 of them was born in El Salvador, so maybe they could answer your question!)

      You could learn to cook some Peruvian food, then it won’t matter how much Spanish you speak – good food is a universal language of love ;)

  28. thank you for the response :) I will check that blog out good to know …we’ve been dating almost a year, and I’ve been trying for a few years now the conjugations are the hardest part because we don’t have them the same way in English, but true about the food comment lol

  29. I don’t know why so many people hate on mexico, and Mexicans. I believe every country is especially beautiful, and all stereotypes are but mere generalizations. Don’t look at the masses, get to know the individual. I’m mexican, and am proud, I know it gets a lot of haters but you can’t help but admit Mexico is very powerful in both culture and influence both in Latin America and globally, you can’t argue with that. You can find Mexican culture in China! Check this video out done by Mexican director Willy Sousa. The video has been shown worldwide including Europe, and Asia at the World Expo. If you need any further evidence of how beautiful mexican culture is check my pinterest. Again I’m only rooting for Mexico because I’m Meixcan-America, and I want people to see the true pictre of Mexico, and not the heavily influence misconception by the media. Every country is unique, and special ! :)

  30. I don’t see why people have to hate on Mexico. I guess its spring from pride; I believe every country is beautiful and distinct. I being Mexican, am proud of my country. You have to admit that Mexico is quite powerful in both culture and influence both in Latin American and globally. (food, traditions, music, media, history, sports, cinema) Mexico is very beautiful, just like any other country. Don’t believe me check out my pinterest. Need further evidence check this video by the Mexican director Willy Sousa who showed this in the World Expo in Shangai, China as well as other parts of the world.

  31. The problem with Mexicans is the same with Argentina, Paraguay and Chile. They are the only Mestizo and Criollo raced countries in Latin America. While the rest of the Latin American countries have significant populations of Blacks and Mulattos. The racism among Mexicans against other races is ridiculously high. Any Belizian or Honduran can tell you about the bigotry they’ve experienced in Mexico. Especially down near the Yucatan.

    The Mexican people have a sense of arrogance. Even the multi-generational/natural American Mexicans are extremely pompous and have little to do with immigrants and blend into White communities in order to distance themselves from the immigrant status. Most in the south turning into Red Nexicans.

  32. Hey there,
    just read your text and was very intrested in it:) im sure you already knw that not all mexicans and salvadorans “hate” each other im half mexican half salvadoran but was adopted and havent been back to the latin americas since i was 6:( so im reallly really curious on what country i look most like do i look more mexican( wich everyone including mexicans) have said im totally mexican or am i more salvadoran??? Id loved another opinion from someone that knows both countries i know it has nothing really to do with your post but it got me wondering about myself:)

    • Hi Joselin, thanks for your comment. No, of course not all Salvadorans and Mexicans “hate” each other — not even close! There is just a well-known rivalry between the two, kind of like Americans and the French. Some people take it more seriously than others, which is sad, because no one should be pre-judged based on nationality (or anything else!)

      Anyway – I can understand why you’d be curious to know if you look more Salvadoran or more Mexican, but that would be difficult since both populations are pretty diverse, and similar to each other in their diversity – if that makes sense. Do you have any photos of your birth families? If you do, you could see if your physical characteristics favor more your birth father or birth mother and then you’d know a little bit. Either way, I hope you embrace both parts of your heritage because they’re both beautiful and unique cultures.

      Best wishes!

  33. I had no idea this friction existed between Mexicans and Salvadorians. My husband is from El Salvador and his younger brother is part of both nations because my mother in law had remarried to a Mexican. To me they got along fine because being both central american, there are a lot of things in common. However with me being Dominican I can tell you that even though no one ever made a derrogatory comment about my race, I definitely felt outcasted at family events and such. Especially by my husbands Mexican step father. It was like he just couldnt be around my precense and would behave as if I was not there. When his brother brought home a girlfriend from Peru, they all made sure she felt at home anf embraced her fully. I felt very discriminated against because actions speak much louder than words. My husband said because they are all speak “proper Spanish” and have more in common such as having Indigenous backround. (I hope I said it correctly, didnt mean to offend) I am caribean, I have African roots and that doesnt appeal to some of his family members. Even my body shape (small waist, big hips/butt) is something his mother in law dislikes, she calls me fat and exagerated (My husband loves me and my shape and I get a lot of compliments from the male species lol)

  34. This is a pretty interesting piece. I can only speak on my personal experiences. Whenever I’ve met someone from Central America or for that matter, any nation for the world, it has always been a positive experience. I’ve gotten to know those individuals and admire their cultural backgrounds & nationalities just as they’ve done the same for me. I’ve also traveled to a few Central American nations & was even well received as a Mexican while getting the opportunity to meet some great people & seeing the beauty of their culture. Perhaps because of my upbringing & not knowing of any hate or envy towards Central Americans or other nationalities on the planet, it’s been an advantage & I’ve never spent my life having to worry about such negative things. And because of my experiences, I see all this hate, envy & rivalry as unnecessary & ridiculous on both sides.

    As a Mexican, I find it very disturbing that certain Mexican individuals decide to go out of their way to disrespect, hurt or make fun of other cultures. It makes me wonder if in their own personal lives, they haven’t accomplished anything significant & if seeing others as inferior makes them feel better about themselves. But it’s also disturbing to think that many (not all) people who are receiving that disdain want to hate every single Mexican man, woman & child on the planet. Even the old Mexican grandmas who pray to the Virgen de Guadalupe & wouldn’t hurt a fly. If 5 Mexicans in L.A. are going to be jerks to you, does that really mean you’re going to hate all the 130,395,049 Mexicans who are complete strangers to you? Why hate on Chicharito or some little kid in Baja California if they have nothing to do with some idiotic choice some d-bag in Huntington Park made or some Coyote that only care about himself and no one else?

    Those same Mexicans who are belittling Central Americans are 100% likely to belittle other fellow Mexicans since they are the type of human beings that lack logic, compassion, manners & respect. I wonder if they themselves were probably unfairly belittled in their own home country of Mexico as nacos or peons & that created a sense of overcompensation on their part. That doesn’t excuse their behavior towards the Central American individuals they encounter & it’s a shame other fellow Mexicans are not their to call them out their individual arrogance misrepresenting Mexico

    I guess what I’m trying to get at is that certain human beings can be jerks. But just because they are jerks, they shouldn’t be given carte blanche to represent their entire culture or nation. If anything, those jerks who happen to be Mexican are a disgrace to their own culture & to humanity itself. Every single nation on this planet has people who are nice, amazing, cool, etc. But they also have their share of jerks. I’m sure that in your respective nations, their are fellow countrymen that could hate you for ridiculous reasons that don’t make sense. But we also have to be reminded that goodwill or respect are a two-way street. I remember one Mexican friend telling me that he was not welcome at a Christian church because he is Mexican. And by Central American members who are supposed to be Christian. My friend is humble, respectful of every human being & his wife is from Central America. And to encounter this type of hatred by individuals he had never met was both shocking & a slap to the face for him & his wife. Fortunately, this terrible experience didn’t re-shape his sense of thinking towards anyone from Central America & he got over it. I’m sure those Central Americans had their reasons for hating my friend because he was Mexican, but if they had any bad experiences with jerks who happen to be Mexican, why did my friend have to pay the price for their mistakes?

    Anyways, it can be a ferocious internal struggle to decide if you want to label an entire group of people for the mistakes of a few. But people could sleep easier at night if they ever decided to see if that group had actual humans that could represent the best of their respective nations.

  35. Im salvadorian and i was about to marry my ex from mexico but his brothers were hateful towards me so we separated and he was so miserable for so many yrs untill he met another salvi gal and now planning to marry her …so mexicans get off bugging people like roaches in dirty apt cuz seriously thats what american people call you dont like that right??

    • Please, El Salvador will never be like Mexico. What has El Salvador accomplished? Mexico is in the top 15 economies in the world, with Spain ahead and South Korea behind them. Mexico makes $1.261 trillion a year. Not only that but Mexico ‘s capital (Mexico City) yearly revenue is about the size of the entire economy of Peru, and 5x larger than Costa Rica’s. Mexico is the 2nd largest economy in Latin America, and the 14th largest in the world. Mexico has the resources to become a 1st world country, if it weren’t for the government. But even now its classified as an upper middle income country. Mexico’s media company “Televisa” is the largest spanish speaking mass media in the world! Not only that, but I’m sure you watch OUR novelas that are made by Televisa and are 100% Mexican, filmed in Mexico by Mexican actors and actresses that appear on Univision. UNIVISION itself was created by a Mexican for Mexicans. If you despise everything that’s Mexican than change the channel or tell your country El Salvador to come up with their own media, and stop watching ours. I’m sure your in love with our Mexican celebrities, like Diego Boneta, Aaron Diaz, Eliza Gonzalez, Anahi,Laura Flores, Sandra Echeverria, Blanca soto, Maite Perroni, Ana Brenda Contreras, Alejandra Espinoza, etc. Please, your culture is nothing compared to ours! Take a look and see for yourself, Mexico is now producing more engineers than both Spain and Germany and is moving up. Did you know of our great artists like Diego Rivera, and Raul Anguiano? Our nobel winner for literature, Octavio Paz? Our great Mexico golden age Cinema who produced actors like Pedro Infante, Dolores del Rio, Maria Felix, and Cantinflas who reached success worldwide? Our great Mexican engineer who helped invent color television? Or our Mexican chemist (Mario Molina) who was awarded a nobel prize for helping with the study of the Ozone layer? It was the Mexican actor Jose Pablo Minor who won the 3rd prize for most Handsome man in the world. Did you know that the Oscar was modeled after a Mexican? Sure Mexico may have insecurity and crime at this moment, like most countries. Yet, it remains the most visited country in all of Latin America. Did you know that Mexico city is safer than Washington D.C? Please your country cant beat places like Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Cancun, San Miguel de allende, Guanajuato, Guadalajara, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Escondido, Monterrey, Puerto Vallerta, Tulum, Xcaret, etc. Mexico also has the most UNESCO Heritage sites in the Americas. So please keep your insults to yourself, were not losing any sleep because of your country. :

      • You sir or madam, are ignorant. You should read the full article before defending your narrow views with a block of text.

      • I like what you did here Marisol, but you fail to realize the heart of the matter of this subject. It’s not who has the greatest country, finest actors and best resources it’s about why animosity exists between certain Mexicans and Salvadorans. I don’t think it has nothing to do with material wealth and achievements as much as it has to do with Central Americans feeling resentment towards Mexicans because of how they abuse them while migrating through Mexico and how Chicanos of Mexican descent have given them a hard time as well in America. And if you think about it darling in that sense then, well, Salvadorans and Central Americans as a whole do have a good point here.

        It’s wrong that Central Americans get abused and killed in Mexico by policemen and Zeta cartel members while on the flip side Mexicans are crying racism because of the harsh treatment they received here in America by Americans, sounds like hypocrisy to me. Many Mexicans and Chicanos here in America do believe they are superior than Central Americans because I have personally seen this unbearable arrogance and pride that Mexicans and Chicanos alike put forth on a daily basis. And for those Mexicans and Chicanos that claim America stole the Southwestern United States, well, that’s a lie. The Southwestern United States was inhabited by Native Americans in ancient times, there was no Mexicans or Chicanos that ever inhabited the Southwestern United States.

        And if your going to bring up the fact that the Spaniards at one time stole the Southwestern United States from Native Americans and gave it unto Mexicans unjustly so, well, you have to admit that that’s wrong and it’s a crime. I think the resentment that some Central Americans have towards Mexicans and Chicanos holds weight to some extent, it just makes sense when you look at how Mexicans and Chicanos have unjustly treated Central Americans every now and then. I’m half Mexican by the way Marisol and I’m definitely on the Central Americans side on this one because if theirs one thing I hate is for my Mexican people to be bullying and abusing our Central American brothers and sisters who are suffering three times worse than anything my Mexicanos are experiencing here in America or in Mexico. I feel as if it’s our duty and obligation Marisol to help our Central American brothers and sisters because we cannot be hypocrites crying about how we Mexicans suffer in America due to racism and discrimination while our people are abusing Central Americans in Mexico and how Chicanos at times discriminate or attack Central Americans here in America.

        I like your comment by the way, but this is not what this is about. The issue at hand is far more deeper than just a list of what makes Mexico so great over everybody else’s country. Keep in mind that what you did here of comparing Mexico to Central America is quite the same of what a bully actually does. How would you like if someone compared the United States of America to Mexico? (It’s been done before and it is truly saddening because the same way you or other Mexicans put down Central Americans is the same way Americans put down Mexicans). So you see Marisol, you have be a little bit more considerate of the human suffering at hand because this is what it’s all about.

        I know that America is funding the Mexican government to stop and deport at any will all Central Americans back to their home countries, but the Mexican government has taken it to far. I also know that the Mexican government doesn’t speak the mind nor does the will of your everyday common Mexicano, but the fact that those are Mexicans in police uniforms dishing out severe punishment and human suffering, it shows you how Mexico is failing as a brotherly and friendly neighbor. I know we Mexicans can be proud Marisol of being Mexicans at times, but keep in mind that many of our Mexican people take it to a point that they become unbearably arrogant and prideful, let’s humble ourselves. Remember that we Mexicans have an obligation to love our Central American brothers and sisters and that living in the hundreds of millions in Mexico and the Southwestern United States does not give us the right as the majority to oppress and discriminate our fellow Central American brothers and sisters who are at times the minority.

        We Mexicans have also suffered horrifying moments throughout our history and even now at the hands of others, we cannot forget who we are and where we come from. We cannot allow ourselves to be arrogant and prideful any longer because this same arrogance and pride is at the root of why those Mexicans in Mexico are oppressing and abusing Central Americans. So instead of a list of what makes Mexico so great overall, make a list of five or ten ways Mexicans as a whole, here in America and Mexico, can practice in order to help our Central American brothers and sisters. God bless you Marisol, let’s make a difference together and stand united as one with our Central American brothers and sisters, amen to that!

  36. Mexicans are not “arrogant”! The problem is we have diffrent ways of comunicating. Mexicans give eeeevery one a nickname! Mexicans like to joke alot and many take that wrong. In expirience salvadoreños are the one that push Mexicans away! But you have to understand every race has it’s raicist ass holes! You were also being baies! You need to hear both sides of the story salvadoreños can say one thing while mexicans can say something completely different! Also please do your research better! The ones who try to stop salvadoreños from crossing over to mexico are the narcs and you should also know our president is shit and everything they go threw trying to cross the boarder mexicans live every day! Im mexican and i don’t treat salvadoreños any different from mexicans! This is so stupid!

  37. Reading the comments has been interesting. I don’t have much to say other than growing up as a Mexican-American around Salvadoran friends has not always been easy. We had Salvadorean neighbors which no matter how hard we tried they never spoke to us. They felt they were too good to even say hello. I would fight back by telling everyone that they were always smelling shit because of the face they would make when they past us. As little as 6 yrs old I learned what hate was because of their treatment. But it never stopped there, every Salvadoran female classmate, co-worker and friend I met always had this snob look towards me. So for me it was the total opposite. Even now a classmate of mine says the word Mexican with such disgust and claims it’s just the way she was brought up to think. If you call a Mexicano a Salvadoran or vise versa your in for an interesting argument. A few years back a co-worker stated I was from El Salvador, which I corrected him and stated I was Mexican-American. He told me that it was the same thing. Knowing that he was Chinese, I told him that he was Korean. He was immediately insulted, which I finished off by telling him Chinese, Japanese it’s all the same thing! I made him think that day which was nice that he understood my point. The bottom line is that Salvadorans are as guilty as Mexicans when it comes to racial profiling. Everyone asks for acceptance, equality but yet no one really practices these basic principles. Many African-Americans discriminate against Mexicans while they too seek equality. The way I look at it is that Mexicans are very universal. Meaning that a Mexican can accept other cultures, it’s music and lifestyle. I’ll stop here however, my point is that it happens to everyone and anyone.

  38. Mexicans and Salvadorans need to get along since we are both Mestizo nations that have similar struggles here in America. Our ancestors who were the Mayans and Aztecs did not have this much to say about their differences, so why do we? The Mayans and Aztecs dominated throughout Mesoamerica (modern day Mexico and Central America) and created for themselves a future in which it allowed us Mexicans and Central Americans to even exist in the first place. I see so many cool things about Mexicans and Central Americans that if I begin to say everything I think of us I will end up writing an entire book on here, lol. I love both Mexicans and Central Americans too much to ever take sides on the pettiness of y’all differences.

    Not only do I love Mexicans and Central Americans, but I also love Caribbean Latinos and South American Latinos. And of course, I got love for Tracy Lopez, whom is Latinaish and a sister to us Latinos since we share a common bond in the fact that we both share European ancestry. You see, Latinos don’t know themselves as much as they say they do because if we did we wouldn’t fear each other as much as we do and we would instantly recognize each other as brothers and sister because that’s exactly what our Indian ancestors were. I like to compare Latinos to the Israelites who were 12 tribes, 12 nations, with 12 different personalities and characteristics, but of one common origin.

    Us Latinos are related to each other like brothers and sisters, but our ignorance of who we are and how we are related kills the possibility of us coming together like a family. It’s time to wake up Latinos and realize that we are brothers and sisters and that our DNA differences do not change the fact that our Indian ancestors were of a common origin and that this is what made them a family and what makes us Latinos a family as well. Rise up Latinos because in the end we are one big family overall, its that simple. Wanna know how I learn to accept every Latino of whatever country they come from? Simply by enjoying their DIFFERENCES!

    There’s beauty in the difference of all Latinos! Diversity to me is like having the option of going to a Mexican Buffet, a Chinese Buffet, an East Indian restaurant, a Salvadoran Popuseria, an Italian restaurant and Cicis Pizza! Diversity is amazing! And God was the first to create diversity within us all to ENJOY and enjoy I will!

    So give me a popusa, torta, chile relleno, mole, gallina India, a agua de melon, and a Horchata so I can eat good and enjoy life to the fullest! Let my friends be Latino, European, African, Arab, Palestinian, Indian, and Chinese so I can enjoy their differences and live life to the fullest! God bless the whole world and peace be unto all, amen.

  39. Hey, i was born in the u.s, yes there are mexicans who descriminate, but at the same time there are salvadorans as well. I grew up in riverside, california. Mexicans, mexican/ u.s born are the majority, i lived, i cherished, cried, laughed, got drunk, played soccer, etc. We are all brothers and sisters, we share a lot in the U.S.mexicans vs salvadorans should not exist. This sentiment is pathetic. We are human! Of course we are different and diverse in many ways.

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