This One is For Mis Colombianos!

Yesterday we stopped by the cultural festival in Washington DC. Colombia was one of the countries represented this year. I thought of all of mis amigos Colombianos while we walked around. I took plenty of photos to give you a little taste of home. This one is for you!

I asked this woman how long it takes her to make one basket of that size. She said about one hour.
This woman was working the loom. I didn't get to speak with her though.
She wasn't really selling anything, it was just a demonstration of how things are sold from bicycle carts in Colombia.
In this tent you can learn about the different instruments used in Colombian music. In another tent a live band played Cumbia while people danced.
Dancing works up an appetite but the line for this delicious looking (and delicious smelling!) food, was really long.
I settled for a refreshing glass of passion fruit juice. I never had passion fruit juice, or the actual fruit itself. It tasted to me like a mix between banana and pineapple.
It was too hot for coffee drinking, but these beans smelled good, too!
The boys had fun playing these drums made from hollowed out trees. The drums are surprisingly loud, (kind of like my boys.)


  1. You had me at Colombian, jajaja! Great post Tracy. I’ll be sure to tweet it :) Coming soon we have 2 big festivals around Colombian Independence Day (July 20th). The DC one looks similar, yet different from ours. Thanks for sharing this with us! It looks fun, and I wish I was there to enjoy it with you.

  2. That passionfruit juice sounds yummy!
    Your boys look so grown up now…time goes so fast.
    I love baskets. Seriously. If I’m AWOL in a store, look in the basket section, that’s probably where I’ll be. Great post!

  3. Looked like a lot of fun! Me distes hambre! LOL I love passion fruit! The first time my son tried it he was 2 he fell in love…I still can hear him try to pronounce maracuya micuya but not as funny as my daughter maya and miguel LOL (like the cartoon)

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