Mi amiga, Margaret over at Cachando Chile has invited me to play a game.

In this game, I am to simply share a post on my blog in each of these seven categories. (I totally cheated and chose more than one in each category though.) Click around as you wish!

#1. Most Beautiful Post

Fuerza Mineros – A positive message after the rescue of the Chilean miners.
Days Like These – An ordinary day can be the most beautiful day of all.
Te Encontraré – How Carlos and I met, in 5 parts.

#2. Most Popular Post

According to stats, that honor goes to:

Papitas and Escrituras y Diferencias. (Both were featured on the dashboard as “Freshly Pressed”.)

#3. Most Controversial Post

Apparently I like a little controversy because I found quite a few and felt they were all equally controversial in their own way, so you choose:

Is Gringo offensive?
Hablar o No Hablar?
Mexicans vs. Salvadorans
Rick Sanchez on Anglicizing

#4. Most Helpful Post

A step-by-step guide to making a typical Salvadoran breakfast: How to Win a Salvadoreño’s Corazón or … an easy, natural way to repel moscas: Plastic bag of water: Latin American superstition or science?

#5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

When I blogged about my favorite telenovela, Herederos del Monte, (Los Herederos del Monte – gossip conmigo!), I had no idea how popular it would be. (It still gets comments!)

…Likewise my own real life telenovela became a phenomenon all its own – (the Clementino saga) – You guys like drama!

#6. A Post that Didn’t Get the Attention I Felt It Deserved

My Most Embarrassing Spanish-Speaking Moment is worth reading, (go ahead! Laugh at my expense!)… and this post about how I Love Lucy shaped my life, (en serio!)

#7. Post I’m Most Proud Of

I’m choosing this post (below) because I almost didn’t hit the “publish” button on it. The stigma of labeling myself a “gringa gordita” married to a Latino cut so deep that I almost let it hold me down. In the end, I did find the courage to hit “publish” … And I’m proud of myself that I did.

Latinos & Gringas Gorditas.


According to the game rules, I’m supposed to tag 7 other people to play. So I’m tagging:

1. (Tara played!)
2. Tú
3. Usted
4. Vos
5. Mi amiga
6. Mi amigo
7. O sea, anyone who wants to play

(If you choose play, leave your link in comments and I’ll add you here!)

2 thoughts on “Siete

  1. This looks fun! I can’t wait to read the posts above I somehow have missed…. Hubby is in town and I’m not going to be online long. Hoping to catch up on post above and do mi siete one day this week. =)

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