Chévere Finds

Somehow I manage to find products with Latin sabor wherever I shop, even in places you wouldn’t expect it. I don’t buy everything I see, as tempting as that would be, but I’ve started snapping photos. Here are a few of the more chévere things I discovered.

Shirt $5 at Five Below.

Piñatas at K-Mart. (I’m chaparrita and the shelf was too high to check the price.)

RumChata. Rum and horchata = awesome. You can drink it on the rocks, in coffee, in mixed drinks – I even made french toast with it. Cost, around $23 at your local liquor store if you’re lucky. (Thanks to Victory for telling me about it!)

Mango Cilantro candles at Bath & Body Works. $9.50 for the small size. (Huelen ricas!)

I don’t know enough about Vicente Fox to know whether this is a chévere find or not, but his book is $1 at Dollar Tree.

Disclosure: None of these companies or brands paid me or asked me to mention them.

9 thoughts on “Chévere Finds

  1. These are super-cool! Especially like the “taco” meets “hot sauce” tee and mango-cilantro candle. Actually, the “rumchata” looks good, too … scratch that — me gustan todos. *LOL*

  2. Vicente Fox en el Dollar Store! Funny! Me quedo con la RumChata! Esa candela de mango CIlantro… get it away from me because knowing me, I’ll lick it or have a chunk of it!

  3. aye Naka… ni se kien es el Vicente Fox pero se parece guey lol…. me ENCANTO ESTA POST!!! I need some Mango Cilantro… and that shirt is soooooOOOOooooo ME! pero mejor un taco truck and then a heart lol …and rum chata… wow amiguis u find the best stuff… im gonna look for that!

  4. I want the taco t-shirt! Too cute! Thank for the mention : ) I was in Boston last weekend with my other sister Tracy (lol) & we were trying to find Rumchata, but no luck. I’ll guess I’ll have contact them on where to find it.

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