Herederos del Monte (a guest post!)

Today’s guest post comes to us from my fellow gringa and telenovelera, Amanda of Spanglish Aventuras.

When I became addicted to Telemundo’s Herederos del Monte and encouraged others to check it out – many of you did, and like Amanda, became totally enamoradas – not only with the hermanos del Monte, but with the quality of the production and storyline. It’s been excellent Spanish practice and I’ve picked up a few new catch phrases. (I love saying, “Por Dios Santooo!” and “Válgame” with the same intonation as José. I’ve also learned a dozen ways to tell someone to go away and leave me alone from Paula.)

Herederos, amongst some of the drama, (and yes, cheesiness) common in telenovelas, touched on some serious issues such as alcoholism, rape, mental illness, and spousal abuse.

Some may say telenovelas are mindless entertainment but as Amanda explains, telenovelas can be educational whether providing a fun way to learn a second language, or by teaching some serious real life lessons.


Let the Truth be Known … on Los Herederos del Monte
by Amanda of Spanglish Aventuras

I mentioned in a previous post that my kids and I are watching a novela, Los Herederos del Monte, as part of our “language learning” this year.  As the soap opera is drawing to a close, I have been reflecting on some things, other than Spanish, that we can learn from their story. It all comes down to telling la verdad and not hiding it. That’s a good lesson for our lives too, right?

It seems to me that during Los Herederos del Monte, most of the characters have been hiding something from their friends or familia.  Many times, by simply sharing the information they were trying to disguise, the character could have avoided much of the angst and agony they endured…but then we would not have had a novela to see, would we?!?

It does seem a good rule for life though, “telling the truth and making life easier”.  I thought it would be fun to post about the characters and their truths (though oftentimes hidden at first) as a way to provide a summary for this intriguing “language learning tool” which has entertained so many these past few months.

(Warning….if you have not been keeping up with the storyline, details follow!)
Here goes…

Emilio: Although the father of the herederos was kidnapped and left for dead, he did not actually die.  He later had plastic surgery on purpose, to not appear as he once did, and with the help of his trusted Modesto, Emilio returned to his familia y pueblo as “Pablo”.

Emilio also did not disclose until the end that he knew that Juan was his only biological son and that Paula was not his biological daughter.

It is difficult to keep up with how many amantes Emilio has had throughout his lifetime, but those were secrets too.

Juan: The eldest of the “adopted” sons refused to admit to the other characters at first and even to himself at times later that although at one time (in the beginning) he thought he loved Julieta, he later only stayed with her out of sense of obligation (because at one time she was carrying his child, which she later lost and then Julieta had a terminal medical condition). Juan really only loves Paula.

Julieta:  The eldest daughter of Rosa and Miguel hides her true medical condition and tries numerous methods to make Paula (the supposed biological daughter of Emilio) leave “La Arboleda” and Juan’s sight.  (Remember the scorpions, the shot to make the horse throw Paula, and those chickens let loose in the bedroom?) Julieta has been very sneaky and conniving and there appears to be more coming at the end from her too.

Jose: One of the adopted sons of Emilio finds out early in the show about Paula maybe not being a real “del Monte” AND that Pablo is really Emilio.  Jose also later kidnaps Emilio, Adela, and Paula because he wants Emilio to change the paperwork to say Paula does not get any of the inheritance, to leave more for Jose himself!

Pedro: Another of the adopted sons of Emilio refused to admit for quite a while that he had a serious problem with alcohol.  It is admirable of this character however that he goes after what he wants whether it be Julieta or Berta!

Gaspar: Yet another of Emilio’s adopted sons, who hides for a while that he was the one that left Emilio for dead after the accident (because Gaspar was angry with his father for not having been faithful to Gaspar’s mother). Gaspar has an “attraction” for Adela, whom he later blatantly persues meanwhile he abuses his sweet wife Lupe.

Lucas:  The youngest adopted son of Emilio refuses to admit to himself that Nacho is a bad guy.  He also has trouble accepting that he has a biological family that desires a relationship with him, including Amador.

Consuelo y Rosario:  Julieta’s younger sisters, the daughters of Rosa and Miguel, do not want to admit that they were each raped by Nacho. Consuelo also does not want to admit to her husband Johnny that the baby she is now carrying could possibly be a result of the rape.

Sofia:  Paula’s mother and an amante of Emilio, refuses to share with Paula in the beginning that there may be a possibility that she is not actually a “del Monte”.  Sofia also hides her affair with Miguel for a while.

Lupe:  At first, Guadalupe hides her relationship with her then-boyfriend Gaspar from her father, Eluterio.  Next she hides details about her mom, (who abandoned her at an early age but later returns) from her father. Finally Lupe hides the abuse that she is receiving from her now-husband, Gaspar.

Sidenote….here’s hoping for resolution on the story with Lupe’s mom Ines, who disappeared from the pueblo again after reuniting with Lupe.

Beatriz: In the beginning she hides that she suspects that her son Simon’s actual father isJose del Monte and not her husband Efrain.  Later she refuses to admit to even herself that Jose is abusive.

Miguel:  This father of three daughters and husband of Rosa does not admit his affair with Sofia in the beginning. He also hides that he and Rosa later decide to hide medicine in their daughter Rosario’s food, at the request of her boyfriend Lucas, who got the pills from the evil Nacho.

If they could just tell the truth…..

Of course there are more characters who were important to the novela and also hid things from the other personajes.  Who else would you add to the list? Which story is the most intriguing for you?

Who says language learning can just teach you a language? I say it can teach you life lessons in the process as well!

Here’s hoping for a happy resolution in the Gran Finale on Telemundo at 9pm, this Friday night!


  1. Thanks for the update and information on each chararter. I have loved all the story lines in this telenovla. I have come to love the story lines and the people, hate to see it end. I got so hooked on this novela that I have been watching the show that follows. Thanks so much to everyone who has added to this post. Now we all need to find another novela to talk about. Plus I have enjoyed all the posts from Tracey. Again, thanks to everyone!! : )

    • Hate to see it end too – but it will be nice not to have to drop everything at 9 pm every night for awhile. LOL. Telenovela is such a commitment ;)

      Next telenovela which I think has potential is Flor Salvaje. Jose of Herederos will be in it – so watch for it! They haven’t announced when it starts yet.

    • Glad you enjoyed the updates Dot! It was such a good storyline and with such good acting as well. We are now taking a break until one of a similar quality presents itself. Flor Salvaje might fit that bill…time will tell! :)

  2. :) I loved this post… tu mi amiga me pusista addicta tambien,.. IN FACT!! I’m watching it right now… i tweeted a few days ago how i say “DIOSSSS SANTOOOO” just like Jose… the funny thing is my son knows the into now and loves the horses so he goes running to the t.v. everytime he hears the intro lol… I have come to LOOOVVEEE Pedro… I want him for me lol…but al final ojala se va Berta con Pedrito… I’m so sad however that it is ending… like depressed lol… like gonna have to go to clinicas lol….but aver como todo bueno tiene su final :(

    • Watching right now too. LOL, don’t get depressed! You’ll end up loca like Julieta jajaja ;) … It is sad though. I only get to hear, “Me cuesta tan caro queeeerete!” a few more times…. How ADORABLE is Juan being with Paula? *sigh*

      And Lucas is human hunting… Crazy. Wish he would just kill “Nachito” lol.

      DIOOOSSS SAANTTOOO!! … lol… best catch phrase ever — especially the way Juan said it when he was mocking Jose after he lost the bet with Pablo/Emilio del Monte in that one episode, recuerdas?

      You want Berta con Pedro? I want her with Modesto. Pedro me cae mal – he’s always trying to steal everyone else’s girl.

  3. Hey hey hey Amiga… Pedro can steal me de mi novio anytime lol… I member that episode… when emilio made him treat the workers with respect.. Do you watch Casa Al Lado?? I like that novela too…
    lol I am over Juan and Paula.. she is being dumb… but yesterday I was like all enamorada with Juan when he was valorando “Juancha” lol… Lucas is sooo sweet too… I’m getting over Jose though…u know damn well if it was an ugly actor u’d hate him …but cause hes so hot its hard.. DIOOOSSSS SANTTTOOOO… atleast when its over my house will be cleaner lol

  4. yes!!! Pedrooo should steal me from my bf lol… i think he is just sexy… a mi me gusta los gueritos lol…. I know i thought it was cute yesterday when Juan went to go pick Paula up and was screaming algo de “Juancha” lol sooo cute…. I member that episode when they were shooting bottles… i wish Jose was more ugly so I could hate him more… The only thing I’m excited for is for it too end so I can get back to cleaning my house and doing homework … novelas take up 1/2 my day lol… do you watch Casa de Lado…i love that one too!

    • I usually don’t have a problem hating Jose despite his good looks, but last night at the hospital when he had that flashback of him and his hermanos playing with Simon — Felt total sympathy for him… He’s got a good guy inside him – he’s just bitter about Juan being treated as the favorite – what sibling wouldn’t feel that way?

      They have really done an excellent job of making well-rounded characters. People I hated, I have found something to love about them — and people I loved, I’ve found something to hate about them… They’re all very human, a mix of good and bad – and not flat “good” characters or “bad” characters — that isn’t easy to do. As a writer I really admire this show from that perspective.

      I don’t watch Casa de al Lado — It seemed more of a mystery/crime sort of telenovela. I prefer romance/comedy.

      Grand finale tonight! They didn’t give anything away in the preview so I’m wondering what in the world will happen!

      Even though loca Julieta stole the baby and I’ve wanted Paula/Juan to be together – I feel bad for her. She was right with what she said in the hospital – everyone is looking at her like she’s the bad one but it was Paula who came and destroyed her marriage, stole her husband and slept with him.

      Like I said, very well-rounded characters. I have sympathy even for the ones I don’t like … (Except Nacho… wish Lucas would have killed him. lol.) …. So glad that Johnny and Consuelo look like they’re going to be there for each other though.

  5. Sooo sad that it is ending. I loved all the story lines of this novela too but OMG!!! The story of Consuelo and Johnny tonight was killing me. I cried right along with them. And that poor little girl… :(

    • I almost started crying too — Wow, Consuelo’s crying/emotion was very well-acted and believable – really tugged at my heart.

      I would have cried during that scene but my Suegra ruined the moment by talking too much. lol

  6. Thank you for this post. I loved this show, too. It’s the only thing that comforted me after Corazon Salvaje ended. So much eye candy … and filmed in beautiful Colombia to boot. It will be sad to see it end. I’m hoping Flor Salvaje will be a good replacement. I just wonder how Juan y Lucas turned out so good while the others turned out so evil … ok Pedros on the fence, but the other two …

    • Órale – plenty of eye candy and the backdrop of Colombia is gorgeous.

      I’m also looking forward to Flor Salvaje – hoping it will be good. The preview they had on during commercials last night was great.

      I don’t think any of the hermanos are evil – even Jose. They’ve all had their struggles and some of them are just weaker than others and haven’t overcome their personal obstacles…. Based on Jose’s flashback at the hospital, I think he still has a chance to turn things around like Gaspar has done.

      I’m so glad Lupe gave Gaspar an ultimatum. I wasn’t cool with the idea of her sticking with him because I think it sets a bad example for real women watching this show who are abused — but, at the very least, at least she told him, “If you lay a hand on me one more time, you’ll never see me again.” — I just think too many women make that threat and don’t follow through on the threat when the abuse continues.

  7. Okay – who else was annoyed with what Modesto said to Bertita – asking her if she’s still a virgin? UGH. Machismo. As much as I wanted them together, I wanted Bertita to say to Modesto, “Am I still a virgin? Hm, well, are you?”

    Jerk. And I’ve loved Efrain from the beginning of the show but he ticked me off asking Adela how many boyfriends she’s had. Good for Adela for not answering him clearly.

  8. rofl at tracy “I would of cried but suegra ruined the moment talking too much” I hate Modesto now lol …but I totally get what your saying Tracy, I loved this novela so much even more than Las Tontas No Van Al Cielo… which I thought i’d never get over lol… I know what you mean feeling bad for Julieta… I always think of how she became to be so bitter and I rationalize with her, that I would feel exactly the same…y de Cabrona pues ya sabes bien I would probably go the length for revenge… I think your like me…we try to see the good in ppl even when they are so bad… like Jose… I always want to “save him” I can’t wait for tonight its gonna be intense!

    • En serio, Suegra was like laughing at Johnny and said his crying looked like someone squeezed lemon in his eyes. She comes up with the weirdest things to say. So annoying. LOL.

      As for wanting to “save” men from themselves – Ay no, mujer. LOL. We’re too much alike. Good thing I got married early or who knows what trouble I’d have gotten myself into.

      As for Julieta – like I said, Juan and Paula’s love is so passionate that I can’t help but cheer them on – but if I were Julieta, I’d cut her. jajaja…

  9. Not to defend your suegra, but yes he did look kind of funny when he was crying. Its just not that often that you would see a man crying so openly, even in novelas.
    I’ve been team Paula from the beginning (loved Marlene since contra viento y marea, maybe that’s why.) and I don’t think that the things she did in the beginning are half as evil as how Julieta is behaving. Still so mad it’s ending now…bleh.

  10. PLEASE someone recap what happened when those two women flew in
    via Helicopter on the last show!!! What did they say to Juan,
    I was in kitchen and missed it, oh Dios Mio que idiota soy! LOL
    Thank you

    • Annie – how could you have gone off to the kitchen at that moment?!!!! LOL… okay, I’ll fill you in.

      Those 2 women show up with Modesto at the engagement party of Juan and Paula. They get out of the car and the mother of the woman in the red dress says, “We’re looking for the hermanos del Monte.”
      Juan looks kind of spooked by the similarity of what happened, (remember that Rosa and Paula crashed his engagement party to Julieta in this same way?) —- So Juan says, “We’re the hermanos del Monte, who are you?” — And the woman in the red dress says, “I’m Lulu del Monte – your sister.”

      ROFLMAO …. So we’re all thinking – HOLY CRAP! It’s happening all over again! …. But then after some discussion, it’s revealed that it’s just a joke to mess with Juan. I think Adela is the one who had Modesto in on this joke – but I’m not sure who else was in on it. Juan starts to lose his temper and says to Modesto, “But what about my surprise to Paula? What do these two women have to do with it?” — Because Modesto helped Adela pull off this joke with these women from the city, but apparently Juan had told Modesto to arrange something as a surprise for Paula and he’s pissed because it appears that Modesto didn’t take care of what he was asked to take care of… Modesto reveals that, while the 2 city women performed this practical joke for Adela, they are also a judge and her assistant — so they are also there to help with Juan’s surprise, which was to marry Paula that day – right there.

      Did you understand? LOL. Crazy, right? :)

  11. Hi Tracy and all,

    Los Herederos was such a nice and tasteful production. It wasn’t just another novela, it was a rich and warm environment, that I wanted to be part of it every night!!! I miss it a lot. :(

    All the other novelas seem un-believable, even for the purpose of practicing my Spanish. As for the ending, I believe all of Juan’s brothers of were in on the joke.

    Do you think they will recast this novela again?? Can we write to anyone, vote, request?? =)


  12. @Mandi, since LHDM is already a remake of the Chilean, “Hijos del Monte”, I think it’s not likely for a recast. Check out this link though, for how it was done previously:

    I prefer the one we just saw, the Colombian version, but that may be in part because it was the first one I saw too. Several of the cast members are on Twitter, so you could find them there!

    Thanks for commenting with us! :)

  13. Good day to all! I just wanna ask if there is an english version of LHDM and could i possibly watch here at the internet? Guys pls give me the link if you know!thanx..

    • Hi, I’m sorry but I have never seen a dubbed English version on TV or online. When it was on TV, you could watch with English subtitles. Hopefully Telemundo will run it again or sell a DVD set because I really loved it too.

  14. I hate Paula with a passion i always like Julieta with Juan much more beautiful than Paula, Julieta did all those evils things because of Paula. She wrecked her engagement to Juan Paula had a nerve to accuse her mother Sofia of wrecking Julieta parents marriage & Sofia set her straight but Paula you did the same with Juan & Julieta which she tried to justify by saying but Im not Julieta’s friend but Rosa is your friend daaaa you are a hypocrite Paula wether you are friends or not its the same idiot…..

    • I agree with you. I also HATE Paula for being a home wrecker. I don’t like how she and Juan get to be happy. Poor Julieta :(

  15. Hi Tracy, tanks y’all for the updatesn just came accrss this blog while I was browsing. I just started watching the del Monte Dynasty in englisg subtites and I love it. I love most of the characters. I really do love Julieta with juan and I kind of sympathise with her despite all the bad things she is doing. I hate the fact that juan and Paula will get a happy ending. I was wondering if the writers introduced a character for Julietta at the end cos as much as she is evil now, I feel she did all those evil things because of the love she had for Juan and the anger and bitterness she felt towards Paula. Because I can see from all the updates that everyone else finds love in the end. Can someone pls fill me in?

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