Yesterday afternoon we went and retrieved the boys from my parents’ house. They’ve been away at the beach for a week, and though they had a lot of fun, we were all happy to be together again. I was particularly interested to see if they had lost any of their Spanish while away since my family speaks only English.

On the ride home we picked Suegra up from a friend’s house where we had dropped her off earlier. She got into the backseat with the boys and began with the questions, like, “Where is my souvenir?”

“Uh…tengo conchas! Quiere una?” my older son said, thinking fast. I was happy to hear the Spanish come from his lips so effortlessly.
Suegra was not placated by his offer of sea shells.
“No me compraste nada, cipote,” she said.
Suegra turned on our younger son, fingered the new shark tooth necklace he wore. “Qué es eso? Quién te lo regalo?”
My younger son took the shark tooth in his fingers.
“Es una diente… diente de… sharkón!”

Looks like their Spanish is right about where we left off – Pretty good but mixed with the occasional hilarious made-up Spanglish word. I can live with that.


    • lol, I have an informal list going too. Between the boys and myself, we almost have a whole new language going on here ;)

  1. That’s funny, my girls were with my parents at the beach all week too! I think my little Sopita lost the few words she had, which may be a good thing, as I can stop fooling myself that she is bilingual. I pointed out the window on the way home, “Mira! Vacas!” She responded with, “Mmhmm, I see cows too!” (As in, well I’m not sure what YOU see, but I see cows.) :/ But my Cateyes hasn’t failed me! As I tried to help Hubby pack and load up the car, I handed something to her and said “Toma mija. Dacelo a tu papa.” My mom asked what “Toma” meant, as it sounded like tomato to her and Cat clarified with “Oh, well it isn’t a fruit. It means here, as in take this, not here as in stand here.” I was so impressed! Anyway, hope your enjoying them home again, I am loving it, even if my house is thrashed. :)

    • Just keep at it – the youngest child can be like that LOL. I thought my youngest was a lost cause with Spanish for quite awhile but I just kept speaking to him and he’s coming along.

      Good job with the oldest daughter! Qué orgullo! I love when they don’t just somewhat understand – but surprise you by actually comprehending it to the point that they can explain it. Fantastic!

      (And yes, my house is getting trashed again too but I’m glad to have them home.)

  2. LOL..Sharkon..he is such a character! By the way, your son did practice his spanish at the beach. He taught my baby how to say agua.

  3. Jajaja!!! Do you know that when I saw the headline my first thought was, “Oh, geeze, another Spanish word I should’ve learned growing up.” Love it.

    I like Tara’s idea of keeping a Spanglish list. ; D

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