18 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Lol, I’m packing for moving to Mexico right now, and I have had to minimize my stuff to get it all to fit. I cannot believe some of the odd things I thought I needed. However, if I had room, peanut butter would so be in there.

    • What part are you moving to? How exciting! … Yeah, I wanted to “pack light” but it never works out that way. It’s funny what I think I “need” :p

  2. If I were you, I’d pack chocolate bars (assuming you like chocolate), although in a place where they stay cool. They are ridiculously expensive in ES and sometimes difficult to find, at least the bars common in the US.

    • I love chocolate and was thinking of bringing some as gifts, but I don’t fancy the idea of it melting all over my suitcase :p … I think I can live 2 weeks without it – vamos a ver. LOL.

      Are they difficult to find even at Los Selectos?

      • You can find some there, but you’ll pay $1/bar minimum. I had to break down and buy one the other day because I needed my fix. LOL

        Luckily I didn’t buy it at Siman, because I noticed a few days later that it was $1.45 there.

    • No, LOL. Malpensado.

      Peanut butter is something me and the kids eat daily and if they have it in El Salvador, it isn’t easy to find.

      As much as I love peanut butter, I think I could live without it for 2 weeks, but I’m worried my younger son may need it as a back up. He is willing to try almost anything when it comes to food – very adventurous, but if the food isn’t familiar, he won’t eat much of it. He’s already super flaco so I’ll have to sneak him a PB sandwich here and there.

  3. That’s actually a good idea to pack. I too am moving, and I packed some granola bars, por si las moscas, pero debo pack PB too! Good luck on your trip, it’ll be awesome!

  4. Looking good! Pero para que los chocolates que dice el chele!!! Nada de eso, aqui podras comer organic cashews, garrapiñadas, quiebradientes, leche de burra, cocada, peperechas, rosquillitas uffff the list is endless! Don’t bother with M&Ms, and all that stuff.

  5. I packed Kraft Easy Mac for my nino when we went to Colombia. If it wasnt for the mac n cheese, peanut butter and Ovaltine I don’t think he would have eaten much. My husbands family probably thought I was a terrible mother feeding her child such things! But, it gave me a little peace of mind knowing he was eating something and minimized some mealtime drama when we would go places where I knew there would be nothing he’d eat. Have a great time!

  6. haha! Don’t take that peanut butter out too often then you will be spotted as la gringa! I have a friend that stocks up on American food before going to Mexico with her husband because she claims that everything is too spicy. I’m glad to hear that your family will be trying everything.

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