Spanish Friday: Random fotos antes de irme

[This post is bilingual. English in italics.]

Okay, este post no puede ser tan largo porque tengo un montón de cosas que todavia tengo que hacer antes que nos vamos a El Salvador.

Hoy voy a compartir las fotos que tomé recientemente, pero no fui capaz de compartir porque no he tenido tiempo.

Okay, this post can’t be very long because I have a whole bunch of things to do before we leave for El Salvador.

Today I’m going to share some photos I took recently, but that I wasn’t able to share since I didn’t have time.

Esta es una bolsita que encontré cuando fui de compras. Yo estaba buscando una bolsita para llevar a El Salvador. El diseño de la parte de arriba me interesó mucho porque parece una manopla.

This is a little bag I found while out shopping. I was looking for a little bag to bring to El Salvador. The design on the top part of this bag got my attention because it looks like brass knuckles.

Como puedes ver, tuve la tentación de comprarla. (Pero no lo hice.)
As you can see, I was tempted to buy it. (But I didn’t.)

Se trata de una paleta de rompope. Por alguna razón, siempre he pensado que “rompope” significa “butterscotch” – Cuando me di cuenta que era sabor de eggnog, me recordé de la Navidad y como es medio-verano, casi no quería seguir comiéndola. (Soy un poco rara así.)

I tried this “rompope”-flavored popsicle. For some reason I always thought “rompope” meant “butterscotch” – When I realized that the flavor was in fact eggnog, it reminded me of Christmas, and since it’s mid-summer, I almost didn’t want to continue eating it. (I’m a little weird like that.)

Esta última foto, me dejó sin palabras. Habla por sí misma.
This last photo, I leave without words. It speaks for itself.


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10 thoughts on “Spanish Friday: Random fotos antes de irme

  1. Jaja I’ve seen those jeans! Lol btw, the first time I got drunk was with rompope.. In Mexico we pour a bit on gelatinas and i just remember going back to the kitchen for more and more rompope… Next thing u know i fell asleep! Ja it can be strong for a six year old lol

  2. We’re going to miss having you around hermana, but I’m glad you’re going back to El Salvador with your familia. Take lots of pics and make sure and share them when you get back :-)

  3. “Booty booty booty booty rockin’n everywhere!” Hahaha!
    Have fun!! Enjoy your trip and don’t stress, Just smile and know that we are all so jealous!! Lol!

  4. ROFL ohhhh many Tracy we too much alike.. i would of bought the brace knuckle bag though lol.. and i think rompope is a cool word now ill remember it cause eggnog and xmas.. and u know the little drummer boy song “Rompompa-something” but u get my drift..thought id share that lol

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