El Perro y El Gato {giveaway}

I don’t do giveaways often but when I do, I make sure it’s something I know my readers will really love. I’ve been a longtime fan of the bilingual animated series El Perro y El Gato on HBO Latino & HBO Family, so when they asked me if I wanted to giveaway their new DVDs, it was a definite “¡Sí, señor! … (actually, it was a woman who contacted me… but nevermind.)

As for the DVDs – I really can’t tell you how much the kids and I love these, (and at almost 13 and 10 years old, they are definitely not pre-schoolers, so I can only imagine how much even younger kids adore these characters.) My younger son watched one of the DVDs with his visiting nephew yesterday and they both laughed and repeated things in Spanish every few minutes.

If you haven’t seen the show before, here’s one of the episodes that has aired on TV:

Here’s some more information from the press release:

El Perro Y El Gato…offer valuable lessons from a lovable, overexcited orange dog (El Perro) and his laid-back, always hungry pal, a purple cat (El Gato). The specials help children to learn a new language in a playfully quirky, humorous, and engaging way. The El Perro Y El Gato titles will be available on August 9, 2011 for the suggested retail price of $9.95 each.

As a cat and dog, El Perro Y El Gato may have different worldviews, but they are still best buds – and totally bilingual. Featuring lots of vibrant colors, catchy music and plenty of attitude, the specials show the friends in their daily routines as they tackle problems and mount wonderful adventures that create non-stop fun and laughter – all the while teaching kids how to speak in English and in Spanish. New episodes of El Perro y El Gato returns to HBO Latino on September 15th at 7am and on HBO Family September 18th at 6:30pm.

Now for the chance to win your own set of the new El Perro y El Gato DVDs!

I will be selecting -THREE- (Sí, ¡tres!) random winners. EACH winner will receive the entire set of 4 DVDs which includes:

El Perro y El Gato: La Aventura Comienza/The Adventure Begins
El Perro y El Gato: Sin Correa/Unleashed
El Perro y El Gato: Juntos Otra Vez/Together Again
El Perro y El Gato: De Aquí Para Allá/From Here to There

For a chance to win watch the video [above] and then leave a comment telling me which character is your favorite – El Perro, or El Gato, and why. Make sure you use a valid E-mail address so that if you win, I will be able to contact you. If you’re a winner, you must be able to provide a shipping address in the U.S.

Buena suerte/Good luck!

Giveaway comment entries will be accepted until: 11:59 pm EST on Thursday, August 11th, 2011. Winner to be announced here and contacted via E-mail on Friday, August 12th, 2011.


The winners are:



  1. My family likes this show, too and would love to win this! I like the dog because he is happy, spontaneous and se mueve mucho la colita

  2. I think I deserve to win the most. I have the videos bookmarked on my iPhone (YouTube) and we watch them all the time.

    My favorite character is El Gato. He is silly and lovable and the fact that he asks “qué?” and “what?” to everything El Perro says is the narrative device that justifies presenting all the words in English and Spanish. Without El Gato, there wouldn’t be a show!


  3. i was really torn! gato & i like to eat, esp ice cream! i’m a grandmother of three, 18, 15 & 4. as each of the two older expressed ” having you for a nana is the best. we always played, read and you made it all fun.” perro is my cartoon personality,,,the youngest wishes i could be her mommy!!!! hahaha. have fun


  4. We liked the dog better since he was the peppier one of the two. He was excited and happy and moved them both along. We hadn’t watched them before, so it was fun to see a more Hollywood-type version than most bilingual shows are. How fun! We would love to see (and learn) more with El Perro y El Gato! :)

  5. Me encanta El Perro. El es positiva y feliz. I am constantly trying to teach my grandchildren Spanish (ages 2 & 3). These videos would be just the ticket! They are little sponges but live in an English speaking world so I need all of the help I can get. We would certainly appreciate these videos and make the most of them.

  6. I had my kids watch it so they could tell me which character was funniest. My daughter (age 5) says el gato was the funniest, especially in the part when he kept asking “ya llegamos?” “Are we there yet?” LOL. They were bouncing along and laughing the whole clip!

  7. A mi me gusta mas el gato. La voz tan baja es muy comica. Tambien con los whiskers esta parecido a Salvador Dali (Tambien soy un poco Latinaish). Y no esta entusiasmado de nada. Me hace reir que siempre dice que/what – sin emocion. Y claro que siempre busca comida!

  8. El Gato – he reminds me of my dog (believe it or not!)!

    I would love to win this because I really want my neice to embrace her latin roots here in Canada specifically where I live their isn’t much latinos here. So I want her to keep learning her spanish and keep alive here!

    PS I know it isn’t open to Canadian addresses, but you can mail it (if I win!) to my family in the states! Thanks EH!

  9. I like el gato….I like his eternal expression that looks like boredom, anger, and general apathy all rolled into one. :)

  10. How awesome! We don’t have HBO, so I’d never heard of El Gato y El Perro before. I love them! My daughter would LOVE them too. I think I like El Perro más because he is so excited. Kind of like me. ;-)

  11. I watched the video with my son and although I loved the dog, we are going with el gato! My son thought el gato was hilarious! Especially the part where he kept asking “are we there yet?” “Ya llegamos?” Great giveaway! I’ve never seen this before. **fingers crossed**

  12. AWWW! I love these guys, thanks for the introduction. After laughing aloud at “Ya llegamos?…Are we there yet?…Ya llegamos?” I made my 12 year old get out of bed and come watch it. She also laughed throughout the video and promised to show her sister tomorrow, since she knows she’ll love it. I personally will have to say El Gato, because he is so serious and dry. But he wouldn’t be funny without the upbeat and perky chihuahua, El Perro.

  13. I’m not entering myself in the giveway but I love this! I think the only time I heard of these guys was on your blog. I am usually more of a cat lover, but in this case I love the perro. I adore his accent & boundless enthusiasm. I think it’s so funny that the gato is always hungry. It reminds of Colombian restaurant we have here in Queens. There’s a big, neon fat cat in the window. The name of the resturant is La Gata Galosa! ; )

  14. We bought the books from this show with your recommendation a while ago. Very cute.

    I thought I liked the dog better because the cat is so depressing, but it’s actually the cat that makes me laugh.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  15. El gato es mi favorito! Me encanta su sentido del humor y el amor de los helados. I couldn’t stop laughing! This should be the first cartoon that my daughter watches.

  16. What a cute (and educational) cartoon! I have to say I like the dry delivery of “El Gato” the best . . . asking, “what?” all the time and only getting excited about food.

  17. oh these are so cute! the first time i saw these i fell in love especially because i had just been getting on my munchkins about the importance of watching hands and that clip was about that, I never know when it comes on though usually saw it in between harold and the purple crayon lol anways me gusta mas el perro porque es mas vivo lol

  18. Me gustan los dos, pero si tengo que escojer — escojo el gato. He reminds me of me. Yo tambien tengo tacos y enchiladas en mis ojos. Jijiji ; D My son would love these videos. Heck, I loved the clip. I’ll have to troll HBO Latino for the schedule.

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