El Salvador – lavandería (laundry)

[Today is “Spanish Friday” which means the post will be in Spanish. Need an English translation? Scroll down!]

Después de una semana en El Salvador, fue claro que tuvimos que lavar ropa porque no llevemos suficiente. Primero, tratamos de usar el servicio de lavandería de nuestro hotel – pero salio super carísimo. Buscamos un “laundromat” donde podemos lavar la ropa nosotros mismos, pero no encontramos ninguno.

Yo tuve la idea de lavar la ropa a mano en la tina de nuestro cuarto en el hotel. Fui a el super mercado, compre detergente, y una noche tire toda la ropa sucia en la tina por empezar a lavarla.

Después de sólo unas cuantas camisas, dolía mis manos, (tengo el síndrome del túnel carpiano, y mis manos son muy debiles) … Levanto a mi hijo mayor, quien estaba dormiendo, por pedir ayuda.

Yo estaba en la tina, pisando en la ropa como la gente que hacen vino de uvas, y mi hijo estaba escurriendo la ropa que yo ya habia enjuagado.

La marca de detergente que yo compre se llamaba “Más” y mi hijo me dijo, “Sabes porque se llama ‘Más’?”
“No, por qué?” respondí.
“Porque es MÁS complicado lavar la ropa con este,” dijo.

Al fin, (y despues que Carlos venía a ayudar también), pusímos la ropa a secar en varios lugares, colgadas en todas partes de nuestro cuarto. Por dos días dejemos la ropa a secar, pero al final tuve que secarla con mi secadora de pelo porque todavia estaba mojada.

La siguiente vez que tuvimos que lavar ropa, buscamos una mujer que lava ropa en casa. Ella tiene una secadora y no cobro mucho. Nunca voy a tratar de lavar la ropa a mano otra vez.


After a week in El Salvador, it became clear that we would need to wash clothes because we hadn’t brought enough. First we tried to use the hotel laundry service – but it was super expensive. We looked for a laundromat where we could wash our clothes ourselves, but we couldn’t find any.

I had the idea to wash the clothes by hand in the bathtub of our hotel room. I went to the super market, bought detergent, and one night I threw all the dirty clothes into the bathtub to begin washing them.

After only a few shirts, my hands hurt, (I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and my hands are really weak)… I woke up my older son who was sleeping, and asked for his help.

I was in the bathtub, stomping on the clothes like the people who make wine out of grapes, and my son was wringing out the clothes I had already rinsed.

The brand of the detergent that I bought was called “Más” [More] and my son said to me, “Do you know why it’s called ‘Más’?”
“No, why?” I said.
“Because it’s MÁS complicado [more complicated] to wash the clothes like this,” he said.

Finally, (and after Carlos came to help, too), we hung the clothes to dry all around the hotel room. For two days we left the clothes to dry, but in the end, I had to dry them with my hair dryer since they were still wet.

The next time we needed to wash clothes, we found a woman who washes laundry in her house. She has a dryer and doesn’t charge much. I will never try washing clothes by hand again.


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  1. Que genial! Cuando fui a Bolivia y la Republica Dominicana, lave mi ropa (y la de mis hijos) todos los dias y me encanto. Me sentia mas fuerte y en forma. No se…soy rara pero asi es!

  2. Ay amiga! there are things in this life that I just can’t live without. One is my computer & Internet. The other is a washing machine. The 3 years we lived with my suegra, I washed my clothes in an old-fashioned washing machine that only washed. I had to wring out the clothes by hand, rinse them in the lavadero (wash sink) and wring them out again to hang them on the clothesline to dry. 3 YEARS!!! As soon as we moved into our current rental home, the first thing we bought was a “real” washing machine. I still line dry, but no hard work for me. And that’s just the way I like it.

    And I totally agree with your son, es mas complicado lavar a mano. Y MAS cuando tienes muchos hijos!!! :P

  3. What a funny story! And a great joke by your son. I do love my washing machine and dryer, although I’ve been asking my husband to put me up a line so I can line dry. When we lived in Bolivia, we bought a washer and dryer (all the way from Chile!). When we finally got it, it was put in the basement…kind of dark and scary with tiny spiders in the corners and a very low ceiling. I was always kind of scared to go down there. Before that, we sometimes sent the clothes out to be cleaned when we had a mountain pile and it seemed pretty cheap at the time. They would come back folded in the most neat, perfect way I’ve ever seen…but sometimes they were ruined with holes and things. Hand washing is definitely easier on your clothes. That will always be a memory for your kids to look back on and smile.

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