{Dinner table conversation after the first day of school}

13 year old son: My new Spanish teacher makes us call her Señora.
Me: That’s pretty normal.
13 year old son: She’s not Latina.
Me: So? People call me Señora López on my blog.
9 year old: {interrupting} But that’s okay because you’re Latina!

I thought we had this all cleared up. Apparently I have to explain our family to our youngest son again.

11 thoughts on “Señora

  1. My three-year-old daughter says that I’m Mexican everytime we talk about our famiy. When I tell her I’m American/Irish she cries and says “no mommy you need be like me!” I try and explain to her each time we have the convo. that she is both like her daddy and me, but I know we will have the convo about a 1,000 times more. :)

  2. These kids are just ahead of time… in a few years it won’t matter where we are from, we are all a mix of everything (or chose to be a mix or everything :-))

  3. If you remember, you had your 9 yr. old nephew convinced, too, although he thinks you “turned” Latina . . . kind of like a butterfly.

    • Well, I understand why other people are confused, but I thought my own sons knew what was what. LOL.

      “…kind of like a butterfly.” — I like that :)

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