Tacos & Longing

These are some delicious tacos that my family and I ate with an ice cold Coke in the shade of a tree. The sun was warm and just when it would start to get a little too warm, the breeze would blow through, rustling the leaves overhead. We watched a local soccer game as kids ran around on the sidelines with balloons, and listened to live bachata music that played in the background.

It made me miss El Salvador. Made me think about families picnicking along the river with hammocks tied to trees, music playing loud on the radio, and enough food to last the day. It made me wish we were there instead of here, although we were enjoying a perfectly beautiful day. It made me wonder why I can’t just be in the moment – made me wonder why I struggle with a constant sense of longing, even when what I have is more than good enough.


  1. I get this. I have lived in Spain for brief periods of time, and sometimes I get an ache in my chest, wanting to be there. And yet…I have a great life now!

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