Unintentional Metiche

Image source: ElMarto

I don’t really think of myself as a metiche but I find the conversations of strangers interesting, and at times amusing. As a writer, I consider it my work – yes! Puro trabajo! – to tune into what others are saying around me. It gives me a feel for the rhythm of dialogue, it even inspires story ideas…and sometimes, it’s just funny. Here are a few of the conversations I’ve overheard lately. (If you heard one that made you smile this past week, share it in comments!)


Location: In front of a food vendor stand at a Latino Festival

Anglo man, about 50 years old: {pointing to an elote loco} What kind of flavor does that have? Is it spicy?
Latina girl, about 8 years old: No, its sweet.
Anglo man: What do you call it?
Girl: Corn.


Location: 11th Street NW, Washington DC.

Middle-aged woman with heavy New York accent to young hunky bicycle cop: Oh, I’ve seen you around before. In fact, every time I seen you, I’ve said to myself, now there goes a healthy lookin’ man. Very healthy looking you are.


Location: DC METRO Redline to Shady Grove

College kid #1: Dude, I forgot to tell you, in Boston there’s no such thing as Happy Hour.
College kid #2: What? No way.
College kid #1: Seriously, it’s illegal to change the price of an alcoholic drink during different times of the day there.
College kid #2: Jesus Christ.
College kid #1: I know, man.


Location: Coffee shop in Northwest DC

Woman to little boy: Please, Conrad, calm down.
{kid screams}
Woman: Please?
{kid screams and stamps his foot}
Woman: {sigh}


Location: A WalMart in northern Virginia

Anglo woman to Latino husband: Oh, we need more fideos.
Latino husband: What?
Anglo woman: We need more fideos.
Latino husband: Huh?
Anglo woman: FIDEOS! … Those! There! {pointing}
Latino husband: Which one?
Anglo woman: {grabs packet off the shelf} The soup with fideos – NOODLES!
Latino husband: Oh… noodles.



  1. It’s been so long since I had time to read up, but you piqued my curiousity with this one so I had to click. I guess everyone loves a good metiche, jaja! Anyway, these were all hilarious. I definitely got a good belly laugh out of a few of them! Especially love the NYC lady & the Boston students. Too funny! Miss you…I’ll be back soon…I promise! ; )

  2. That last conversation about the fideo was probably me, lol. He never seems to hear/get what I’m saying. I think Walmart put’s something in the air that causes mild comatose in men.
    And the guy answering the phone? That is exactly how one of my husband’s bff’s answers. Each time. It’s lovely…..
    The little girl’s response was hilarious and so exactly what she should have said, lol. I hope the guy laughed as well.

    I didn’t overhear anything recently, my mind has been running a million miles an hour and I can barely hear the conversations I’m actually apart of. My poor kids are constantly saying “MOM!! Did you hear ME? MOMMMMMMMM!!!” I’m working on being more present.

    I did observe a mom at Starbucks yesterday, holding her 1 year old daughter (wearing only a diaper and hair bow). She bought 3 different drinks for her daughter to try and each one the little girl spit out. The poor mom was so frustrated and I just kept thinking….”Maybe this isn’t her thing yet Mom, I mean, she is only a baby…..”

    I also kept thinking how my husband would have never let me have our daughters barefoot and naked running around in public, even at that age, but how for my sisters, this would have been completely fine. Culture difference or just a personal preference?

  3. I am going to be laughing about this post all day. The one in Walmart, thats me and my husband everyday. Me: “Can you get me a sobre while you are out?” Him: “A what?” “Sobre” “WHAT??” ” an envelope” “oh, ok”

  4. i’m a sucker for these overheard conversation and I secretly like it when people have loud conversation in the bus because I always expect to hear something strange or funny.

    Do you kow the websites “overheard in New York”?

  5. hahahahahaha…how do you keep track of all the conversations? I’m going to start doing the same thing, I think it will turn into my daily dose of laughter for the day. Y no me importa que me digan metiche…ya lo soy de todas maneras :)

  6. Un buen día fui solo a comer a un restaurante de comida americana – a mi no me gusta comer solo, me gusta comer con alguna buena compañía – entonces me puse a ver quien estaba a mi alrededor y me llamó la atención un par de gringas comiendo juntas que estaban de lo mas contentas platica y platica, no estaban muy lejos de mi y no podía evitar escuchar lo que se decía una a la otra, al parecer una era casada y la otra soltera, platicando decía la casada muy orgullosa. “Yo, no cambiaría a mi marido ni por diez hombres”. “Y yo, contesta la soltera, no cambiaría a mis diez hombres por tu marido”.

    No pude evitar soltar la carcajada.

  7. Están buenísimas todas las conversaciones amiga! Qué risa! Casi escupo mi café.
    Me encaaaanta “metichear” accidentalmente… je je je. Como dices: puro trabajo! Por algo elegí ser psicóloga, no? Just kidding!
    Voy a poner atención a lo que escuche, siempre hay buenas razones para reir.
    Un abrazote!

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