Luchadores + soda = fun

As I mentioned on Facebook yesterday, I received a surprise package on my doorstep. The box contained 11 bottles of Jarritos in various flavors, two luchadores (plastic figures), and a luchador mask. Of course, this totally disrupted my work day as I wasted time playing with my new toys while drinking Mexican soda.

Hours later, my oldest son came home from school and went straight to the fridge, as is his habit.

“YES! Jarritos!” I heard from the kitchen.

He asked if he could drink the Toronja, which is one of my favorites, but I let him have it. The only problem was that he couldn’t open the cap, (it’s not a screw top.) … I let him struggle for a minute or two to see if he’d figure it out before helping him. I guess at least I don’t have to worry about him stealing my Coronas in the near future.

When Carlos came home, he opened a bottle of Tamarindo and put on the luchador mask before going to hide in our youngest son’s room. When our younger son arrived home from school and went to put his backpack away, Carlos jumped out and attacked him.

To make him feel better after Daddy’s mean trick, I gave him a Tutti Frutti (Fruit Punch) Jarritos to drink, and the little luchadores figures to play with.

Later in the evening, the boys got to wrestling around. Our younger son jumped on top of his older brother and began kissing his face like crazy.

“Ew! What are you doing!? Get off!” our older son said, shoving him away.

Our younger son smiled and said, “But I’m a SMOOCH-ador!”

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post or a review. Jarritos sent the package as a gift and I was under no obligation at blog about it. Thanks, Jarritos!


  1. Tracy, I was soo bummed out I wasn’t getting my email notifications from your blog, then I realized that my phone settings were screwed up. LOL =P

    *btw, google+…… i wanted to +1 you, but i don’t see the +1 for google you just have Facebook, Twitter.

  2. Smooch-ador! Tu hijo es lo máximo!!! LOVE HIM!
    I will NOT be telling my husband about the trick Carlos played on your son. I can just see the wheels turning in Toño´s head now. Jajaja!
    Buenísimo post amiga!

  3. ROFL, Smoochador! Good one. Love the mask, reminds me when I lived in Puerto Rico. We used to watch Lucha Libre on the weekends. Thanks for the laugh!

    PS. I love Jarritos, especialmente cuando se toma con los tacos que venden en los trucks en las esquinas, rico! Now I’m craving…

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