[Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. For the English translation, please scroll down. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments!]

Ayer recibí en GMail Chat un mensaje de mi mamá. En inglés me preguntó:

Is “culitos” a bad word?

Mi mamá no habla español pero conoce unas palabritas por escuchar a mis hijos, (sus nietos) hablando cuándo visitamos. (También ella puede pedir pupusas en un restaurante salvadoreño, diciendo “Quiero dos pupusas de queso” … O sea, ella sabe la frase más importante.)

Expliqué a ella la diferencía entre “culito” y “culo” – que cuándo se pone “ito” o “ita” a una palabra se hace “diminutiva” y menos ofensiva.

Yo pensé que ella estaba preguntandome eso porque mi artículo en Fox News Latino ayer era sobre un libro que se llama “Culo.” En el artículo (que es en inglés), escribí que “culo” es una mala palabra en español. Mi mamá siempre escucha a mis hijos diciendo “culito” y yo pensé que mi mamá estaba lista por regañarme porque creía que enseñaba malas palabras a sus nietos.

Yo estaba equivocada.

“Why are you asking me about culitos?” respondí en chat.

“Because there was a wine at the store by that name with a picture of 3 Rubenesque naked figures on it and I was curious.” escribió.

Yo me puse muy emocionada y pedí que la siguiente vez que visitara esa tienda, que tome una foto para mí.

En menos de una hora más tarde, me la mandó.

Vino "Culitos" de Chile.

Gracias a mi madre por la foto, y por participar en mis locuras.


Yesterday I received a message in GMail Chat from my Mom. In English she asked me:

“Is ‘culitos’ a bad word?”

My Mom doesn’t speak Spanish but she knows a few little words from overhearing my kids (her grandkids) talking when we visit. (She can also order pupusas at a Salvadoran restaurant, saying “Quiero dos pupusas de queso” … In other words, she knows the most important phrase.)

I explained to her the difference between “culito” (butt) and “culo” (ass) – that when you add the “ito” or “ita” to a word, you make it diminutive and less offensive.

I thought she was asking me this because my article on Fox News Latino yesterday was about a book called “Culo.” In the article I write that the word is an expletive word in Spanish. My Mom always hears my kids saying “culito” and I thought my Mom was ready to scold me, believing I had taught bad words to her grandchildren.

I was wrong.

“Why are you asking me about culitos?” I responded in chat.

“Because there was a wine at the store by that name with a picture of 3 Rubenesque naked figures on it and I was curious.” she wrote.

I became very excited and asked her if she would take a photo of it for me the next time she visited the store. She said she would.

Less than an hour later, she sent it to me.

Thanks to my mother for the photo and for participating in my craziness.


  1. Sabes que Tracy, ask Carlos si el sabe el otro uso de culitos….. My mom (100% Salvadorena) uses that word when speaking of something liquid…. like digamos ke esta tomando soda, y le digo ma dame soda y ella responde, no hay solo un culito. As in, theres only a sip or very little left….. even like when we are eating, she’ll say mama toma este culito de salsa para la pupusa…………. LOL.

    so, since its wine, you sip on wine, soooo tomas culitos… jajajaa… make sense?

    • I don’t even have to ask Carlos because I already know. (Smarty pants alert! lol) — Yes, “culito” can be used to mean the last little bit at the bottom.

      If the wine bottle didn’t feature butts in the logo, I would definitely say that’s a good alternate interpretation :)

  2. jajajaaja, baya! Bien sabes las cosas vos. LOL.. I’m brushing up on all the Salvadoran slang, como te conte ya casi viene el dia ke me voy para ya.

    De todos modos, culito, have a good weekend!

  3. My mom also uses “el culito del pan” for like the edges of digamos french bread
    oh my goodness i dont have the entire day for the uses of culito lol The best one for me hahaha I cant believe i am going to share this I bet somehow later it will bite me in the culito one of my hub’s pet names for me is culito chele lol shhhhhh! lol

    • That is so weird about the bread – is that a common way to call it in Spanish or just a family thing? … My sister and I always call those crusty end pieces the “butt” in English, (and now my kids call it that too because of me. LOL.) – My Mom always hated that and would tell us it’s called the “heel” …lol.

      jajaja… thanks for your comment, “culito chele”! … jajajajaa ;)

  4. Amiga, this is hysterical. And that your mami would message you about it! *LOL* I don’t know if I could pour wine from a bottle with a picture of naked butts on it. Not with a straight face, at least. I just saw the badges. You’re going to Blogalicious! Can’t wait to meet you, Spanish teacher. <3

  5. Por fin hay alguien escribiendo o fomentando nuestro folklore.Acerca de la palbra culito tambien se refiere a una amante o a una Aventura ej.”al fin me di aquel culito”

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