Hollywood… El Salvador?

[Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. For the English translation, please scroll down. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments!]

Caminando en las calles de El Salvador, encontramos muchas cosas inesperadas. Por un lado, había hoyos tan grandes que pudieron comer totalmente a mi niño menor, (¡Ojo en una esquina cerca de Parque Libertad! Había un hoyo que se parecía a un pequeño Boquerón.)

Un hoyo suficiente profundo por meter la mitad de tu pierna. San Salvador.

Después de casi dar un paso en cosas asquerosas o peligrosas, formé el hábito de mirar por dónde caminaba. Un día cuándo fuimos caminando por el museo Tín Marín, yo estaba sorprendida por encontrarme a mis pies, unas estrellas como las que están en Hollywood.

Había sólo tres estrellas que estaban un poco descuidadas y sólo son para los atletas salvadoreños. Estaban en la acera en frente del Estadio de Mágico González.

Desde que regresamos a los Estados Unidos, han arreglado el estadio adentro. Ojalá que arreglan las estrellas, (aunque tienen cosas mil veces más importantes en que pueden usar el dinero ahorita.) También espero que un día deberian añadir estrellas para La Selecta de Playa.



Walking the streets of El Salvador, we came upon a lot of unexpected things. For one thing, there were holes big enough to completely eat up my little boy, (Look out on a corner near the Parque Libertad! There was a hole there that looked like a little version of the Boquerón.)

[The “Boquerón” is the nickname of San Salvador’s volcano crater.]

After almost stepping in disgusting and dangerous things, I formed the habit of watching where I walked. One day when we were walking to the Tín Marín museum, I was surprised to find my feet standing on stars like the ones that are in Hollywood.

There were only three stars that were a little uncared for, and they’re only for Salvadoran athletes. They were on the sidewalk outside Estadio Mágico González.

Since we’ve returned to the United States, they fixed up the stadium inside. Hopefully they’ll fix the stars, (although they have things that are a thousand times more important that they could use the money for right now.) I also hope that some day they add stars for the football players of La Selecta de Playa.


    • Noooo, Yve! … Holes in the street is just one little thing in El Salvador to watch out for. There are far many more beautiful things that outweigh that, (and you won’t even encounter streets in disrepair unless you go to the areas I went to – which is not as common for tourists.)

  1. jajaja i stepped in a hole exactly like that in Sinaloa last year, in the baseball stadium during the playoffs. Because the best place for an unmarked hole is a stadium full of people, right? My leg was a bloody mess. I’m glad your niños did not fall in!

  2. hey! Up there you said, “¡Ojo en una esquina cerca de Parque Libertad!” is ‘ojo’ as a way to say ‘look’ common in spanish in general or is it an El Salvador/central america thing? I think it’s cool, but haven’t heard it til now :D

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