Tech to Connect at Blogalicious

I don’t love having my photo taken even under the best circumstances. My mother has always told me I have a “cat who swallowed the canary” smile. I’ve accepted my smile for what it is, but I’m still selective about which images of myself go up online.

At Blogalicious, I had to let go of the urge to control every picture that was taken of me. Within the first hour of the conference, I noticed several people taking my photo which made me self-conscious. I attempted to straighten my posture as I sat at the table trying to figure out the Sprint tablet, (which I had been loaned as part of my sponsorship.) Of course, within a minute I would forget about my posture, relax, and then a flash would go off again. I kind of had to give up on caring about those photos.

Figuring out the Sprint HTC EVO View 4G tablet - (me on the far left)

Getting good at tweeting on the Sprint tablet.

Once I accepted that dozens of “unapproved” photos were floating around in cyberspace, it was actually kind of freeing and I stopped caring.

I'm not quite at the level of not caring as my friend Roxana, who loves to make faces to annoy the photographer, but I aspire to be. (left to right, me, Roxana, Maura.)

me (left), Ezzy (right)

(left to right) Roxana, Ana, me

Blogueras! (And yes, I changed out of stylish shoes in favor of chanclas.)

So far I haven’t loved all the photos taken of me, but it’s okay. It’s not the end of the world and I’m not perfect. I’m just happy that Sprint loaned the tablet to me so that I could capture happy memories with my friends. (I can say that calmly for now because I still haven’t discovered any of the photos of me dancing. They’re out there somewhere though.)

Anyway, I took plenty of my own photos of amigas with the Sprint tablet, once I got the hang of it, if you want to go check those out.

More importantly, f you want to take your own photos, there’s an opportunity for you to win a Motorola Photon 4G smartphone at a Twitter party I’m co-hosting! (The Motorola Photon 4G has an 8 megapixels camera, digital zoom, flash, auto focus and image editing tools, among other features.)

For the official invite to the Twitter party with date, time and other details, check out the Latina Bloggers Connect Facebook page. Hope to see you there!

Disclosure: This is not a paid or sponsored post. Sprint sponsored the Latina Bloggers Connect team at the Blogalicious conference and made a Sprint HTC EVO View 4G tablet available for my use on a loan basis. All opinions are my own.

10 thoughts on “Tech to Connect at Blogalicious

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed…too bad it wasn’t a tablet from Verizon. As far as getting pictures of you, don’t worry about it. I used to think the same way, in fact human nature makes everyone feel the same way. Eventually like you, we must all let it go and relax. By relaxing and ignoring the photographer, you will not only be able to concentrate and relax, but you will enjoy and have a better time. By the way, where was the conference held? I see water behind you in one of the pictures. I haven’t been on twitter that much lately during the day, have been very busy at work. Slow season coming though.

    • Well, I actually use Sprint for my own personal cell phone and am happy with service – so using the Sprint tablet was totally fine by me. I miss swiping my finger now that I had to give it back. LOL. (My own phone is a Samsung Reclaim – not a smart phone… Maybe time to upgrade.)

      I agree with your advice about relaxing and photography.

      The conference was held at the Gaylord National Convention Center and Resort in National Harbor, Maryland. Very nice place about 20 minutes from DC. The hotel is in the middle of a certain upscale island-like village. I had never been over there before even though I was born and raised in Maryland and still live in the area.

      I understand the being busy at work. BTW, you came through as Anonymous – who is this? LOL.

  2. I guess I will miss the twitter party, it’s today and I’m at work. I will try to comment on more of your posts in the future. As I said, I have been very busy at work because of summer, but now the slow season is arriving. Less billing work during the winter.

    • Sorry you’ll miss the Twitter party. As for commenting more often, It’s okay – I totally understand. Believe me… I’m supposed to be working right now… LOL.

  3. Tracy, I came this *holds two fingers up* close to posting the dancing pictures you mentioned here, only because they’re so cute and, yes, you’re wearing the “cat-who-swallowed-the-canary-look” in them. I’m so happy I finally got the chance to meet you (and Carlos, what a sweetheart!) : ) My Twitter party participation has been dismal of late because of school and homework, but if I can make it, I will. Un abrazo, amiga. p.s. I’ve deliberately avoided looking at some of the pictures I’ve been tagged in from this weekend. Ay. With you on that one.

  4. Oh, common on! You look lovely and I love that you were finally able to stop caring so much. You look much more relaxed when you’re not paying attention. :) I missed the twitter party, so I don’t know how you and the others liked the tablet?

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