Día de Los Muertos + Halloween Mashup

You don’t need to remind me – ya sé – Día de Los Muertos and Halloween are two different holidays, but they’re close together and share some similar elements, so even though I’ll be accused of confusing the gringos even more with this post, aquí está. Here are some of the most chévere things I’ve found on the internet that have to do with either Day of the Dead, or Halloween – and sometimes both at the same time.

(All photos are clickable to their original source, so if you see something you like and want to learn more, go on and click it!)

#1. An awesome Halloween light show choreographed to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem.

#2. Calaverita Mexicana – A Tumblr blog dedicated to all things calaveras, (not for niños!)


The amazing art of Lulu of My Pink Turtle - This one is called "FRIDA & LAS FLORES DE LA MUERTE"

(Music discovered at: La CaSSaDaGa. This doesn’t really have anything to do with either celebration but the album artwork caught my eye and the music turned out to be good, so ¿por qué no?)


Día de los Muertos Barbie - (discovered at weheartit.com)

#5. Mi amiga, MJ is incredibly creative and makes the most amazing things, including some Día de los Muertos inspired art. Check out her Facebook page: Rosa Mexicano.


Día de los Muertos Pit Bull Necklace - ($5 from every necklace sold will go to Pitbull rescue.)

#7. Some of my posts:
Craft – Paper Marigolds
Craft – $1 Store Calaveras
Our First and Last Ofrenda


#9. The ultimate mash-up! A Día de los Muertos Jack-o-lantern!

Flickr user: RJL20

#10. CRAFT: Crafty Chica – Día de Los Muertos Story Box.


Printable Sugar Skull box craft from donteatthepaste.com

#12. Last year, Maura of The Other Side of the Tortilla curated an ofrenda project. Go check out everyone’s altars.


This has nothing to do with either celebration but my younger son's birthday is on Day of the Dead, so I'm making these mini-piñatas by ohhappyday.com

#14. Another artist friend, Maya Escobar, shares a unique Day of the Dead craft for individuales, along with a beautiful video on SpanglishBaby.com


Frida Kahlo with a sugar skull from obsessedwithfridakahlo.tumblr.com


Flower skull T-shirt by Sobo on Surropa.com


Some Mexican food recipes from latimes.com for your Día de los Muertos get together. This one is El Cholo's green corn tamale ( Glenn Koenig / Los Angeles Times )

#18. Support artists! Day of the Dead art on Etsy.


Día De Los Muertos scrapbook kit By Tangie of Studio Girls and SherrieJD of Scraporchard (avaialble on scrapbookgraphics.com)

#20. Top Latino/a Halloween costumes to avoid – From NewsTaco.com

#21. Mexico City’s World Record for number of people dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller:


Cookie designed by ShonaRaven at CakeCentral.com

#23. Día de los Muertos Spanish Vocabulary from Brighthub.com


Viva Calaca animation project (Highly recommend you click through and watch the video in English or Spanish!)

#25. Smithsonian’s Latino Center Day of the Dead website, (including a virtual “build your own altar.”)

“The Mexican is familiar with death, jokes about it, caresses it, sleeps with it, and celebrates it. It is one of his favorite playthings and his most steadfast love.”
– Octavio Paz

Note: Did I use one of your images? I have made sure to properly link and credit everyone, but if you aren’t happy with its inclusion here, please contact me to have it removed.

11 thoughts on “Día de Los Muertos + Halloween Mashup

  1. Amiga! Otra tradición mexicana es escribir “calaveras”. Son rimas acerca de la muerte que viene a llevarse a alguien conocido. It´s a lot of fun! Aqui te dejo una para ti. Hope you like it! (I´m a really bad poet… and I DO know it!)

    Estaba la Treysi bailando cumbia, salsa y reggaeton
    Vestida de Frida Kahlo se metió hasta el panteón.
    Qué haces aqui Güerita? le dijo la Muerte sonriendo
    Qué no ves que aqui hay puro muerto Latino?
    Por eso me meto aqui! Soy una gringa bien latina
    Y si de algo me he de morir
    quiero que sea de baile, fiesta y las muchas pupusas que me comí!

    Tan tan! :D

    • Sue – This is one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given! Gracias! I *love* it. I just printed it to put on my bulletin board :)

      Super duper {abrazos!}

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