El Salvador – The much awaited souvenirs

[Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. Apologies that there is no English translation this week. If you have a question about something, ask me in comments and I’ll try to answer you. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments!]


Fuimos a El Salvador en agosto, y claro que trajimos recuerdos!

Si no has visto los blog posts sobre recuerdos de otros años, chéquealos. Hay un montón de cosas chistosas que ya compartí anteriormente:

From El Salvador with Love

Souvenirs from El Salvador 2011

Okay! Los recuerdos de este viaje!

Un capirucho y un trompo
Un libro sobre tradiciones de El Salvador
Tic Tack (alcohol)
Un librito para enseñar a los niños cómo escribir en el estilo salvadoreño. (Pero creo que ya es muy tarde para ellos. Sus escrituras no son tan bonitas – es típica cómo la mayoría de varones en los Estados Unidos.)
juego de futbolito
Huaraches que no me quedan. Una mujer me obligó a comprarlos en el mercado. Me siento mal que los compré y que están en mi closet sin usarlos, cuando hay gente en El Salvador sin zapatos.
Pulsera de los santos. Compré dos de unas mujeres fuera de las ruinas de San Andres. Días después, tuve ganas de comprar más pero no las encontré. En una tienda en Metro Centro, pensé que encontré las mismas pulseras, pero al chequearlas más cerca, descubrí que no eran fotitos de los santos pegados a las cuentas – eran fotitos de Justin Bieber.
Me compré esto para colgar las llaves, pero al día siguiente, me encontré una que me gustó más.
Esta la tenemos en la pared cerca de la puerta principal de nuestra casa. Afortunadamente mi madre y vecinos que nos visitan no hablan español.


  1. Bueno como es tu Spanish Friday voy a tratar de contestarte completamente en español sin meterte ni una sola palabra en ingles.
    Comienso en decirte OMG! Quiero ese libro!
    Cool things, tenia el de las llaves pero una vez me dio tanta verguenza q’ nos visito el Pastor de la iglesia de mi mami y el Señor casi se muere so se lo regale a un amigo de Guate de mi esposo. Me imagine que lo iva a guardar y disfrutar tanto como lo hize yo.

  2. Oh my goodness! We were at the pupusaria last night and was talking to the waitress about buying Tic Tac from them a year ago for a birthday party or something. It is the nastiest alcohol even my husband couldn’t drink it. (And, that’s saying a lot) LOL. We bought two bottles and we still have 1.5 in the cabinet. She said to mix it with agua de coco and it’s pretty good. It’s called “Coco Loco.” IDK if I want to ruin my love of coconut water. Hehehe! Have you tried that stuff?!

    • Heather, I still haven’t tried it. As you can see, the bottle is sealed. LOL. I could tell it was nasty just looking at it. I’m not a big drinker and am very picky about what alcohol I drink. (Picky does not necessarily equal high class taste though as I would drink a wine cooler or strawberry malt liquor over an expensive French wine I can’t pronounce LOL.) — I will try the Tic Tack eventually but I’m not eager to do so. Thanks for the Agua de Coco tip!

  3. So I’ll admit that I don’t speak Spanish much over ordering at a restaurant. So, that little egg thing that was the last picture posted–is that like a sex thing? Or am I looking at it wrong?

    • Hola! Yes, that’s a couple having sex inside the egg. There are many different naughty ones, but there are many eggs like this with very innocent things in them, too. LOL.

  4. This post is hilarious, I don’t even know where to begin. The first book looks interesting, think I might have to buy a copy. Tic Tack is nasty by itself, but Heather is right, coco loco is quite tasty. I can’t believe that someone put pics of Bieber instead of the saints on a pulsera. Your 2nd key holder is awesome. And next time I go to the mercado I am going to look for one of those eggs. Thanks for the laughs Tracy

    • Thanks for the comment, Jennifer! … I’m kind of regretting not buying some of the Justin Bieber bracelets. I could have sold those on Ebay for big money. jajaja….

  5. Jajajajaajja te compraste el huevo porno! Tienen TODO el Kamasutra y unos bien tremendos donde salen padres/sacerdotes y monjas haciendo el canchis-canchis!
    La botellita de Tic Tac no podía faltar. Nunca lo he probado pero creo que lo pondre en mi lista del super! Solito dudo que lo pueda tomar pero con coco dicen que sabe rico!

    • I saw the ones with priests & nuns, and yes, various positions available. I decided to go with something a little more “classic” ;)

  6. Heeey Tracy! I love these posts! The caligraphy book is awesome. I would love to learn to write in their style. So beautiful. The first key holder is cute & I recognize the style in other things that I have here in my house. The 2nd one is hilarious. What do you do with the un capirucho y un trompo? I know the kids play with them as you have mentioned them before. Perhaps we need an instructional video para las gringas. Or maybe there is already one that I missed? My real favorite is the soccer game; I would totally steal that from you! jajaja! Great job…thanks for sharing your “recuerdos” with us. ♥

    • Hi Macarena! I bought it in San Salvador, El Salvador from a little store in Metro Centro. I believe it was the store on the lower level selling hand-painted traditional items that is located near D’Elote.

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