Pupusa Day 2011

I hope everyone celebrated National Pupusa Day along with El Salvador. We did!


I ordered una de loroco, una de queso y una revuelta … (con una “ESprite” por tomar.)

Earlier in the day when we told the boys we would be eating pupusas for dinner because it was National Pupusa Day, our oldest son asked, “What exactly do they do on Pupusa Day in El Salvador?”

Before I could answer, our younger son piped up, rolling his eyes at his big brother’s ignorance, “On Pupusa Day they worship pupusas!”

Don’t worry – I straightened our cipote out after having a good laugh.

¡Feliz Día de la Pupusa, guanacos!


Links to check out:

National Pupusa Day Comes to the U.S. – Fox News Latino/Tracy López

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Coverage of National Pupusa Day 2011 from El Diario de Hoy

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      • Glenn is correct! :) … “Curtido” is a pickled/slightly fermented cabbage salad that is eaten with pupusas :)

  1. Te tengo una pregunta comadre amiga…in that song a mi me gustan las pupusas, he sings son pasteles, son tamales, son “garrobos” (I think that is what I heard?) yuca frita?….What is a garrobo? Google is telling me it is some type of iguana looking lizard.

    • Hola comadre :) Sí, en la canción está diciendo, “no son pasteles, no son tamales, no son garrobos” – etc. Tienes razón – garrobos son lizards. Some people like to eat them!

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