Piñata de Sopita

While shopping at “Wally World” – I spotted a display of really pretty, shiny, unique-looking piñatas, so of course I wanted to check them out. The tag said they’re “Authentic Mexican Piñatas” made by Aztec Imports, Inc. in El Paso, Texas.

This style of piñata was called “jumbo satellite” according to the tag.

My older son, (who is holding the piñata up for me in the photo), peeked inside, (probably looking for candy), and gasped.


Soup? In the piñata? What in the world could he be talking about? At our house “sopita” is the word we use to refer to Ramen Noodles so I had no clue what he could be seeing until I peeked into the piñata myself.

Clever recycling!


  1. i would have been happier if they stuffed them with roman noodles lol— but thats the dumb blonde valley girl in me— duh silly if u stuf it with sopita and they hit it it crushes the noodles! We call roman noodles sopita too— infact its my sons favorite meal!

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