Cellphone Fotos #4

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. English translation in italics!

El título se explica por sí mismo. Chécalo!
The title is self-explanatory. Check it out!

Coca-cola en botellas de vidrio.
Coca-cola in glass bottles.

Un librito con las letras de Los Panchos en una librería de libros usados.
A booklet with lyrics of Los Panchos in a used bookstore.

Carlos y yo fuimos al mall, dejando nuestros hijos en la casa. Mi hijo mayor se quejó de que lo dejamos en casa, así que, saqué esta foto y la mandé a su celular con un texto diciendo: “Tuvimos que dejarte en casa porque tenemos una cita con este hombre. Pórtate bien.”

Carlos and I went to the mall, leaving the kids in the house. My older son complained that we left them home, so I took this photo and sent it to his cell phone with a text saying: “We had to leave you home because we have an appointment with this man. Behave.”

Hombres lavando las ventanas. (Latinos valientes, por supuesto!)
Men washing windows. (Brave Latinos, of course!)

Mi hijo menor con gorro de oso polar. Qué cute!
My younger son with a polar bear hat. How cute!

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14 thoughts on “Cellphone Fotos #4

    • The Panchos booklet was just lyrics of their hit songs or something. The cover was eye-catching though.

      Thanks for correcting my Spanglish. jajaja… Even the Latinos who don’t speak English (like my Suegra), that I know call it “mall” so it never occurred to me to use “centro comercial” when I wrote the sentence.

      • I love lyrics too. Words set to music = two loves combined :)

        Honestly, I hadn’t heard of Los Panchos before seeing that booklet though. It was only the image that interested me. LOL. I took a photo so I wouldn’t purchase it. That’s my new way to deal with impulsive urges to buy things I don’t need. Strangely, once I take the photo, I usually feel like I don’t want it anymore.

        Now to try this therapy with cookies. LOL.

  1. Fun photos! I love that you sent the picture to your son – isn’t it fun when technology let’s us do those little things?

    Also, you’ve got to love Spanish for its variety and flexibility – there is nothing wrong with centro comercial, but in Mexico they say “mall” all the time, just like you do (I’m assuming that is El Salvador speaking).

    Here is my link for Spanish Friday

  2. Honestly, Amiga. I don’t think you’re son could be any cuter!!! Amo las fotos. Sabes? I’ve never had “real” Coca-Cola. I loved Peñafiel and, now, Jarritos … I suspect cuz of they have real sugar. Mi papa listened to Los Panchos. : )

  3. Just took my daughter to mall Santa and she didn’t cry, woo hoo! The mall in Managua, Nicaragua is also called Metrocentro. But like Tracy, I’ve heard my grandma and lots of others weave into Spanglish when talking about the mall. “Vamos pa’l mall!”

    I love Coke in a glass bottle. Did you see the white cans they came out with (and pulled off the shelf immediately). Must totally be psychological because I had one and it wasn’t that good. I only drank half of it!

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