The Tree is Up

I know that putting up the tree is a tradition many people look forward to each year, but it’s not one of my favorites. For me, putting up the Christmas tree ranks about equal with assisting Carlos with a home repair, because that is pretty much what it devolves into.

Arguments had while putting it up:

• Whether or not the tree smelled funky from being in the closet all year.

• Where to put the tree.

• Whether the tree would scratch up surrounding furniture.

• How loud holiday music should be playing while the tree is being put up, (apparently I like it too loud.)

• How tall to make the tree, (there’s a third section I didn’t want added to the bottom which brings its height all the way to the ceiling.)

• What to put on the tree, (the boys always try to ruin my color scheme.)

• Whether capiruchos make good ornaments, (they do.)

• Who dropped metal hooks on the carpet.

• Where to plug it in.

• Why all the lights weren’t coming on.

• Whether “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber is a good song or not, (Surprisingly, I say it is.)

Now that it’s done, everyone is happy again. Time to turn the music up, grab some conchas and hot chocolate and cuddle.

9 thoughts on “The Tree is Up

    • It’s still up for debate. Carlos says it does. I would say it smells a little dusty but wouldn’t go as far as to say “funky” – and my nose is much more sensitive so I win. LOL.

  1. jajaja it’s like you were listening in while we put our tree up! My novio wants the tree to touch the ceiling, which I wouldn’t mind, except that then its like 6 feet wide. He also wants to put the tree in the dining room-and take out the table! He says we can eat on the floor til christmas is over…and all this without Christmas music, because he doesn’t “get” it. So we only listen to it when he’s not home ;)

  2. Looking good!!!! I love your family novelas LOL I’m thankful my fiancé doesn’t say anything about my white, colorful xmas tree!! jeje He’s the one playing the xmas music tho, I’m not really a fan since all the xmas music I know are villancicos.

    • MJ – I had my eye on a white tree with colorful lights but couldn’t spend the money knowing we already had a green one in the closet.

      As for music – did you check out the Justin Bieber song? … A lot of Christmas music gets on my nerves but I can’t get enough of this one. LOL.

  3. I feel for you hermana. Plus every day since we put it up I have to listen to “Se mira pobre el arbolito” because apparently it doesn’t have enough lights on it! And every time he eats a candy cane off of it I have to re-arrange them so that it doesn’t look uneven.

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