Salvadoran Navidad vs. American Christmas

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Sometimes I forget how different our childhoods were. This morning, the following conversation:

Tracy: So, in El Salvador, did you open a gift on Noche Buena? [Christmas Eve]

Carlos: Yes.

Tracy: And then you opened the rest Christmas morning?

Carlos: What rest? There was only one.

15 thoughts on “Salvadoran Navidad vs. American Christmas

  1. Acá en El Salvador no acostumbramos regalar, en realidad uno a lo mucho de nuestros padres y a veces de otros familiares o amigos. Lo que si acostumbramos es a tener una gran fiesta con toda la familia. Mucha comida, música, baile, fuegos pirotécnicos y ambiente familiar.

    • Bueno, en el caso de Carlos, era pobre y a veces ni un regalito le daban — pero, creo que tener una fiesta con familia, música, comida, baile, etc. es mil veces mejor que un montón de jugetes que van a quebrar o ser olvidados después de unos días.

      Mis padres regalaban mucho a mí y mis dos hermanas pero a mis hijos, tratamos de dar suficiente – no mucho, y no poquito.

  2. I laughed not because it’s funny, but because it sounds just like me life growing up in Mexico! Although my awesome mom would make lots of sacrifices so we could open a little gift on Reyes Magos as well…

    • It can be a huge sacrifice for parents to make enough extra money for a little gift. Even Carlos and I struggle to give the kids a good Christmas and we’re definitely not anywhere close to the poverty he grew up in. Our kids usually have a Christmas in between Carlos’s childhood and mine. They don’t have a mountain of expensive gifts as I did, but they definitely get more than one humble gift as Carlos did. It’s good balance.

      • Definitely a great balance! We go all out during Christmas, which I think has to do with the fact that we grew up with very few things. Now that we all work and can afford better gifts we like to spoil each other lol My fiancé grew up here, his mom would line them up at the missions every Christmas to get presents since she didn’t have any money. He would give his gift to the youngest ones since most of the time they didn’t get enough for all six kids. This year his whole family got together to get him a computer! Can’t wait to see his face!!

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