Buying Cleeks at Pito’s

As a lover of languages, the bilingual family dinner table conversations we have each night are one of my favorite parts of the day. Even after all these years, rarely is dinner the silent clicking of forks against plates. There’s always something to talk about, and usually plenty to laugh about.

My older son: I decided I’m definitely going to try out for soccer next year.

Me: Okay, very good.

Carlos: We need to buy him cleeks.

Me: What are cleeks?

Carlos: Cleeks! Cleeks!

Me: Cleats?

Carlos: That’s what I said, cleeks!

Me and the boys: {trying not to laugh}

Me: {sounding it out} CllleaTS!

Carlos: Cleeks!

Me and the boys: {giggling}

Carlos: Fine, we need to buy him tacos.

My older son: Tacos? What the heck, Daddy?

My younger son: Mmm, you get to eat tacos at fútbol practice.

Me: Tacos means cleats.

My older son: Now that’s just weird.

Carlos: Benjamín [a Mexican co-worker] says they have nice ones at Pito’s.

Me: Pito’s? Where’s that?

Carlos: You know where Pito’s is. Next to Target? With the sports stuff.

Me: You mean Dick’s Sporting Goods?

Carlos: Yeah.

Me: You guys call it Pito’s?

Carlos: Yeah.

Me: You know that ‘Dick’ is a perfectly valid name, right? It’s the nickname for Richard.

Carlos: {shrug}

Dick's Sporting Goods store, now also known as "Pito's" at my house. Image source: CMG0220


  1. These conversations are the best… 2 languages (or 3 or 4.. lo que sea) Theres always something que da mucha risa…. or gets lost in translation.

    Sabes, te digo la verdad, when i got my email notification, decia “New post….. Buying Cleeks at Pito’s” right away, I said Oh she has to be talking about Dicks…. y por eso cuando lo lei, me dios hasta mas risa por lo de cleeks, por no ayaba que era cleeks… ahhhh hahahaha… great laugh for humpday.

  2. Hahaha! You know they will use any chance they get to say something inappropriate, or is that just mine? Love this, because it sounds like my house.”we need some new splinklers ” lol

      • HAHAHAAHAHA! Oh, that was funny. I’m ALWAYS inappropriate, but the men, they are into genitals and bodily functions. That’s where I differ. I could care less about farting. I’m much more likely to be sharing last nights convo during……private time, lol.

  3. LOL…reminds me of a family story where my trumpet playing uncle, who grew up not speaking spanish, told our family in Mexico that his wife “se enamoro de mi por mi pito!” Hahaha that story is legend 48 years later……

    • OMG, Dinita. I read your comment on my cellphone while in a dentist waiting room and almost peed my pants trying not to laugh!!! … I can not imagine the hilarity of this moment. Your family must have cried laughing when he said it that first time.

    • Cleeks! jajaja … Now the kids are calling them “cleeks” too. We have so many weird words in our family because of misunderstandings/mispronunciations like this.

      One time Carlos mispronounced the word “possum” as “poosom” … This was years ago and the boys still call them “poosoms” LOL.

  4. I loved this as well. I had no idea that the word had so many regional variations! I assumed the word I knew, guayos, was said everywhere. Turns out it’s Colombian Spanish, no surprise considering I lived there for 2 years. Please share more of these dinner conversations. And Pito’s is also great fun.

  5. Wow…thanks for the awesome laugh this morning!!! It’s so funny how 2 languages can create so many funny moments
    . I am thankful though that there isn’t really a store called “Pito’s” :)

  6. oh believe me Tracy you have no idea!! And since my mexican family is not exactly shy about teasing it’s a constant thing…”y como esta el Tio que enamoro a mi Tia con su pito?” “Todavia tiene su pito mi Tio?” and on an on LOL

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