El Rompecabezas

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. Scroll down for English translation!

Fuimos a la tienda de “dollar” por comprar no sé qué, pero salimos con un rompecabezas. A veces tengo ganas de completar uno, especialmente cuándo el tiempo se pone frío, y por un dólar, es un pasatiempo asequible.

Este rompecabezas me llamó la atención porque es una escena linda de México, (aunque pensé que era una escena del estado Nuevo México antes de leer la caja.)

Pusé las piezas (500) sobre la mesa dónde comemos la cena, con la intención de terminarlo el mismo día, pero era más dificíl que de lo pensado. Por unos días tenemos que comer en la barra en la cocina porque el rompecabezas estaba en el comedor. Carlos y mis hijos me ayudaron y pasamos horas hablando mientras haciamos el rompecabezas juntos. Durante este tiempo, mirando los detalles en la caja una vez y otra vez, mi hijo menor exclamó, “Mira! Esta señora no tiene pantalones!”

Parece que tiene razón! Tal vez la foto fue tomada cerca de la playa y la señora tiene un bikini bajo de su camisa, pero se ve algo raro en la foto. Me puse a pensar si la gente que aparecen en los rompecabezas saben que son “famosos.”


We went to the Dollar Store to buy, I don’t even remember what, but we left with a puzzle. Sometimes I get into a puzzle mood, especially when the weather gets cold – and for a dollar, it’s an affordable pastime.

This puzzle caught my attention because it’s a pretty scene of Mexico, (even though I thought it was the state of New Mexico before I read the box.)

I spilled the 500 pieces onto the table where we eat dinner, with the intention of finishing it the same day, but it was more difficult than I had thought it would be. For a few days we ended up eating at the counter in the kitchen because the puzzle was on our dinner table. Carlos and the kids helped and we spent many hours together talking while putting it together. During that time, looking at the details on the box over and over again to help us fit the pieces together, my younger son exclaimed, “Hey look! That lady doesn’t have any pants!”

It looks like he’s right! Maybe the photo was taken near the beach and the lady has a bikini on under her shirt, but it looks a little odd in the photo. It made me wonder if the people who end up appearing in puzzles know that they’re “famous.”


  1. Hahaha! That is hilarious! Spending hours putting together a puzzle to find out the lady in the picture has no pants. We go through puzzle phases too and its really relaxing to work together on it at our leisure. As long as the stupid cat doesn’t jump on the table, slip on the almost finished puzzle, and slide all the way off the other side, dragging the puzzle with it….

  2. Puzzles are very fun to destroy but tideous to build….. no tengo paciencia. De 500 piezas?!?! hay no, me imagino el tamano do esa piesitas…. hahaha, I can’t… pero si quieres que alguien te ayude a destruirlo… aqui estoy!

  3. We love working on puzzles at our home with the exception of my husband and eldest. Correction — I love working on puzzles and sometimes my two youngest enjoy helping me put one together. We lean toward the 1,000 pieces. However, I’ve never come across a puzzle with random folks. That’s too funny! I suppose we should always take care of how we dress in public in case we ever end up on puzzle, too!

  4. that is so funny! I hope your explanation is correct :) I’ve been wanting to do a big puzzle with the family, but I”m not sure how well it will hold up with our two year old…but for $1 it might be worth a try!.

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