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Let me tell you what that’s about! While some of you already subscribe to this blog via email or other services, (gracias!) – I’m creating what is called a “mailing list” which most people use to send out a weekly or monthly newsletter via email.

I don’t know if I would send anything out with any regularity, (good news for you! I promise not to overwhelm your inbox!) – but sometimes I want to do something special for those of you that are really loyal readers. Whether you’ve been reading for years or you just found it today – whether you comment regularly, once in awhile, or you’ve never commented at all – I appreciate that you’re here.

I’m hoping to have some special gifts for you every now and then, but I need a way to tell you all about them so that they’re exclusive and not open to the public.

Signing up for the mailing list is kind of like a backstage pass, (although, since I’m not Pitbull there will be less nakedness and vodka), and it’s totally free. You’ll receive a peek behind the scenes of, special deals and fun surprises coming soon.

Sign up by clicking HERE and filling out your information so we can start the party!

3 thoughts on “Latinaish Newsletter

    • Note that I said “LESS” nakedness and vodka – I didn’t rule it out completely. LOL… Kidding! … or am I? … Subscribe to find out! ;) jajajaja

  1. Ohhh I thought i had already been signed up, but that was for word press or something…. hahah apoint is i get your posts directly emailed! YES! now this!!!?? i like “less” nakedness” hahahahahahah

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