Cultura Latina in Gringo Music Videos

A screenshot of Sara Bareilles' video "Gonna Get Over You" which was shot in a Latino market.

This seems like a rather random category, and it isn’t one you’ll find on the Billboard Charts – but I can’t help but congratulate these gringos on adding a little sabor to their music videos.

Sara Bareilles – Gonna Get Over You: Not sure why everyone turns into 1950’s greasers in this video, but I love that it was filmed in a Latino market.

(Korean group) Mighty Mouth – LaLaLa: That’s right, even Asia can’t help but throw a fiesta.

Madonna – Take a Bow: Madonna who once played Eva Perón in the movie Evita, (“Don’t Cry for Me Argentina! The truth is I never left you!…”), is perhaps one of the first gringas to appreciate Latin American culture and use some Spanish in her music, (“La Isla Bonita” anyone?) … “Take a Bow” with the classic Spanish bullfighter is my favorite video by her though.

El Dusty AKA DJ DUS – K Le Pasa: I discovered this at This one is cheating. El Dusty isn’t a gringo, but the papel picado and the piñata are too much to pass up. I so want to party with these people.

Justin Timberlake – Señorita : I have mixed feelings for JT, kind of like I have for Pitbull. He’s clearly objectifying women… but damn he’s good. In this video he seduces several “señoritas.” While I love the hell out of this song, I actually don’t see a whole lot of Latin culture in the video unless you count the chicas not wearing pants, (one of them is wearing a serape!)… All my Latina friends totally dress like that by the way …{wink}

Can you think of any others? Add them in comments!

9 thoughts on “Cultura Latina in Gringo Music Videos

  1. The first one I thought of was Gwen Stefani “Luxurious”- from la Virgen camisa and piñatas to the backyard pachanga and the chola makeup it’s all Latina!

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