Do you want to rent a movie?

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More arguments at Casa López start with this seemingly innocent question than I would like to admit. Here is a transcript of what happened this past weekend when Carlos uttered those 7 little words.

Carlos: Do you want to rent a movie?
Tracy: Yeah, sure.

{We both sit down in front of the computer to see what’s new in RedBox.}

Tracy: How about Saving Private Perez?
Carlos: That looks stupid.
Tracy: It’s supposed to be stupid, that’s why it’s funny.
Carlos: No, pick something else.
Tracy: How about this?
Carlos: What’s that?
Tracy: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.
Carlos: What’s it about?
Tracy: Let’s watch the trailer.
Carlos: No! Just read the description, just tell me.
Tracy: Why would I just read the description when there’s a trailer right here and you can see with your own eyes? {clicks play}
Carlos: {sighs}

{trailer ends}

Carlos: I still don’t get it. What’s it about?
Tracy: It’s about women in China who have a special friendship. The cinematography is so beautiful, don’t you think?
Carlos: Um, yeah, but it looks depressing. Can we get something with a little more action?
Tracy: Fine… How about this?
Carlos: Which one?
Tracy: A Better Life.
Carlos: What’s it about?
Tracy: A father and son who immigrate to the United States and the difficulties they face. There’s probably a little action in it, I’d imagine.
Carlos: I lived that, I don’t need to watch it.
Tracy: Carlos, come on. This looks like a good father, son story. Look. {clicks play}

Tracy: {starts crying}
Carlos: You’re crying! I’m not renting this! You’re crying already! This is just the trailer! This movie is depressing!
Tracy: Why are you yelling at me?!
Carlos: Because you’re crying and you don’t want to rent anything good!
Tracy: Fine, you pick but I don’t want to watch anything with aliens or explosions or war, or the end of the world, or exploding aliens ending the world, or—
Carlos: How about Fast Five?
Tracy: Or car racing! You’ve seen that three times already!
Carlos: Well I like that one!
Tracy: Come on! Pick something we haven’t seen!
Carlos: Xmen.
Tracy: Ew, no.
Carlos: Captain America?
Tracy: Dude, we saw that when we were in El Salvador.
Carlos: But we saw it in Spanish.
Tracy: It’s the same movie! … What’s with you and super heroes anyway? No super hero movies either.
Carlos: You’re being so picky!
Tracy: You’re the one whose being picky! There are a bunch of movies I’d love to watch and you won’t watch them. It’s not like I’m asking to watch Jane Eyre or some other girly movie. The worst part is I told Redbox they should have more documentaries and foreign films and now you never want to watch them with me so they’ll probably stop stocking them.
Carlos: {laughing} They put them in there just for you?
Tracy: I told them to! I tweeted them!
Carlos: {sighs}
Tracy: So what are we renting? Are we renting anything? … We’re going to end up renting something like Dolphin Tale.
Carlos: I’d watch that.
Tracy: Seriously, Carlos?… The dolphin needs a tail so Morgan Freeman and a little boy help the dolphin get a tail, the end. I’m not watching that.
Carlos: So, are we not renting anything?
Tracy: I guess not… maybe they’ll have something we can agree on next week.

15 thoughts on “Do you want to rent a movie?

  1. We do argue, but we don’t argue about what to get. We argue about the fees, how much money we’ve “wasted” on movies, and who’s turn it is to make sure the movie gets back tomorrow. Bleh. Another argument, he will Not watch a stinking movie with me!! I will get something highly recommended, man war movie and still, no dice. Wahhhhhhh! But yeah. We argue about movies too.

  2. We use Netflix now…7 or 8 bucks a month for all the movies you can watch, streamed through the web. Best. Invention. Ever. There’s something for everyone, and if I want to watch a documentary, I do it when the hubby is at work. And if there are TV shows that I’ve never watched, watching them on Netflix is the best! No commercials!

  3. This had me laughing (in a kind way), but also thankful that Chris and I have much the same taste in what we watch. Broadcast tv, PBS, and old videos from yard sales.
    We like nature, western history documentaries, classics (like Jane Eyre!), and other history things like Chasing Churchill (BEST theme music) and WW II.
    There’s very little either of us likes that the other doesn’t. Makes for great harmony.

  4. FUNNY! My husband and i usually never agree either. We end up always getting 3 movies a family, his taste and the best mine of course.

    I’m actually happy i read this post haha i read Snow Flower and the Secret Fanyears ago and loved it. I had no clue there was a movie. THANKS!

  5. I got Saving Private Perez the other day on netflix.. my boyfriend didn’t want to watch it but once it started we both watched it until the end. it’s hilarious!! and A Better Life is awesome!! seen it like 10 times already.. i actually had to go out and buy it because we had the netflix disc for like a week LOL I haven’t seen Snow Flower, will have to check it out!

  6. Yup, just cried from watching the movie trailer for “A Better Life”…”Why did you have me?”- “To watch you grow…to have a reason to live”…ahhhhh! I gotta see that movie! :)

  7. Sounds like us with Netflix, but when we can’t agree on anything, they send the next one on the list anyway. It’s usually one I thought we’d like, and we end up watching 15 minutes and sending it back.

  8. Hilarious. I think any given family has this same conversation on any given weekend! I love how Redbox put the movies in there just for you. I’ve tried to get into Redbox, but I love Netflix more. I get very nervous the night after renting a Redbox….did I return it? did we remember to put the CD in the case? We’ve done Redbox twice…Kung Fu panda 2 (we had already seen it and I forgot) and the Zookeeper (quite possibly the worst movie ever made.) Outlook not so good for Redbox.

    • Ah, but Redbox is perfect for those of us who don’t like to make commitments, (that’s why I won’t join Netflix.)

      Saw Zookeeper as well. Wasn’t real impressed. I like Kevin James but that movie was just kind of idiotic.

  9. ROFL at {laughing} They put them in there just for you?

    LOL, this sounds so familiar to me. That’s the same problem I have here! I just watch the type of movies they don’t like alone…

    Thanks for the laugh!

  10. I love it!!! what is it with guys and action movies? reading your post felt like our last conversation before renting a movie. We now take turns and it works. The only thing is that he falls asleep in revenge when my movie is too romantica.

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