Spanish Conversation Hearts – Free Images!

Did your novio forget your flowers? (Or in my case, did you wake up too late to sneak a note into your macho’s lunch box?) … No te preocupes! Here is a Valentine’s Day gift from that all of you procrastinators are free to re-gift. Put them on your valentine’s Facebook wall, E-mail them to friends, Pin them to Pinterest, or print them to hang up on the door for when the kids get home from school. The posibilidades are endless. Feliz Día de San Valentín!

Update: Here’s an extra one added by request.

Thanks to Kate Pullen for making the blank conversation heart clipart available for use.


    • Arcsoft PhotoStudio 5 is the program that came with my computer many years ago and so it’s the one I became comfortable in, LOL. All these years later, when I get a new computer, I add the program. That’s the one I used to make these graphics :)

    • Hmmm, the only thing I could think of is maybe it’s “¡UFA!” but they put both the exclamation points at the end?

      (If that’s the case, the meaning of “ufa” is kind of like “ugh” in English. It’s an interjection to express annoyance.)

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