Cellphone fotos #5

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. Scroll down for English translation!

Recibí un requerimiento pidiendome que vuelva a compartir nuevamente mis fotos de mi cellular, pero honestamente me cuesta sacar suficientes fotos interesantes porque ultimamente me encuentro trabajando en casa sin mucho chance de salir.

Ni modo, aquí es lo que tengo.

Obviamente, esta foto es de mi cámara porque es una foto de la pantalla de mi cellular. Este es un mensaje de texto de Carlos.

Flores y plantas – la vista de la ventana en la cocina cuando lavo trastes.

Un carro clasico en un parqueo. Me recuerda los carros en Cuba y me gusto el efecto de la luz del sol.

Un sueter en Goodwill. No es mi estilo pero la etiqueta dice “hecho en Peru.”

Aunque mi español no es perfecto esta pancarta siempre me vuelve loca porque las palabras “está” y “aquí” no tienen sus acentos.

Alguien abandono su crema mexicana en favor de crema de maní.

Botellas de vino marca “Las Hermanas” de España. (Mi mamá sacó la foto y me la mando.)

Bueno muchachitos, ojalá estas fotos son suficientemente fascinantes. Hasta la próxima vez!


I received a request asking me to come back again to share my pictures from my cellphone, but honestly I can hardly get enough interesting photos because lately I’m working at home without much chance to get out.

Oh well, here is what I have.

Obviously, this picture is from my camera because it is a picture of my cellphone screen. This is a text message from Carlos.

Flowers and plants – the view from the window in the kitchen when I wash dishes.

A classic car in a parking lot. It reminds me of the cars in Cuba and I liked the effect of the sunlight.

A sweater at Goodwill. Not my style but the tag says “Made in Peru.”

Although my Spanish isn’t perfect, this banner always drives me crazy because the words “está” and “aquí” do not have their accents.

Someone left his Mexican cream in favor of peanut butter.

Wine bottles of the “Las Hermanas” brand from Spain. (My mom took the picture and sent it to me.)

Well muchachitos, I hope these pictures are sufficiently fascinating. Until next time!

Link: What’s On Your Phone Tuesdays

11 thoughts on “Cellphone fotos #5

    • Sí, MJ – tienes razón! I missed that one… that’s why I cleverly made sure to say “Even though my Spanish isn’t perfect” — for smart alecks like you ;) jajaja

      • jaja I’m VERY bad with accents!!!!!!! I find myself going over the rules very often! I think I’m the only professor in my school that doesn’t penalize the students if they don’t use the correct accents. my philosophy is, if I understand what you’re writing, it looks good to me!! :P

    • You feel bad for the Cacique but I feel bad for whoever ended up buying it after an employee probably just put it back in the refrigerated section after it sat out for who knows how long. LOL.

      Will visit you soon, amiga! :)

    • Libbey – I’ve heard that argument before, (that accents aren’t necessary on capital letters) – but I think a lot of people would disagree, including my Spanish teacher who would have marked it wrong! LOL.

      Can’t wait to visit your Spanish Friday post! Thanks for playing :)

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