Extrañando El Salvador

Today is Spanish Friday so this post is in Spanish. If you participated in Spanish Friday on your own blog, leave your link in comments. English translation below!

En agosto del año pasado, regresamos a los EE.UU. de nuestro viaje a El Salvador. Hoy en día, aquí estamos en febrero y extraño a El Salvador más que nada – como uno extraña a un amante que quiere acariciar. Tengo un fuerte deseo de tocar la arena caliente por el sol, saborear el sabor perfecto de una pupusa de loroco con horchata bien helada, y estar entre el colorido bullicio de las calles de San Salvador. Tal vez si viviéramos allá, echaría de menos a los Estados Unidos con el mismo sentimiento, pero así es el corazón de los inmigrantes, o uno como yo, que ha tenido la simultánea alegría y desgracia de enamorarse de una tierra extranjera.

The last sign we saw at the airport before we departed.


In August of last year, we returned to the U.S. from our trip to El Salvador. Today, here we are in February and I miss El Salvador more than anything – in the same way one misses a lover they want to caress. I have a strong desire to touch sand warmed by the sun, savor the perfect taste of a loroco pupusa with iced horchata, and be amongst the colorful hustle and bustle of the streets of San Salvador. Maybe if we lived there, I would miss the United States with the same feeling, but that is the heart of the immigrant, or one like me, who has had the simultaneous joy and misfortune to fall in love with a foreign land.


  1. Yes, I completely get it. I fell on love with Mexico during my 2 week stay 11+ years ago, and every so often it punches me in the gut. Luckily I can soothe that with mini trips, which help immensely. Nothing like a real vacation though.

  2. Completely understand falling in love with a foreign land. I love Mexico and I love being here with my boyfriend, but sometimes I miss Ohio so much it hurts. Ditto for Mexico. What a conundrum…

  3. It is funny you mention the possibility of missing the States in the same way as I’ve thought about that myself a number of times.

    However, I’ve come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t, although, I am not a native born citizen as you are, so I am not sure how much of my experience would translate to yours.

    What I can say is that when I lived in Canada, I missed LA and I’ve never missed Canada after getting back to LA.

    Now that I’ve been in El Salvador all these months, I’ve noticed that while there are some trivial things about LA that I miss, it is not to the point where I think about it on a regular basis. I am not convinced it is because I know I am going back, but more so, it doesn’t appear to impact me much.

    Side note: I’ve visited a number of places in the States and after a while of being there, I always miss LA. So, to me, if I am going to miss the States, it would begin by missing something from LA.

    • It would be an interesting experiment for me to live in El Salvador for a year to see if I truly would miss the United States. If anyone wants to donate around $50,000 I’d be happy to get the research underway. LOL.

      Seriously, the first time Carlos and I went to El Salvador, (or in Carlos’s case went BACK) – we were very ready to go “home” to the United States by the end of our trip… This second time though, all of us, (including the kids), wanted to stay in ES.

      I don’t know… my family is here but with technology and Salvadoran mall culture – I might be hard pressed to think of anything else I would miss. I was going to say snow, but a day at the ice skating rink in Multiplaza might be enough to cure it and Los Selectos has peanut butter… maybe I would be alright. Who knows.

      • I think we should start a Kickstarter or Kiva profile for you. LOL

        ROFL (peanut butter). That cracks me up because my thing is Mexican food. I recently came upon a place that sells good Mexican food, which is comforting. Ironically, the guy that owns the place (they recently opened) used to live in LA.

        I have a theory on your Salvadoran experiences. My experiences aren’t quite the same as what you’ve gone through, but based on what I’ve read, I can see some parallels. I think the reason why your second experience was better was because you were less of a tourist and more of an expat returning home. Also, you were in greater control of what you did and see.

        I think if I were to come and have to follow other people’s rules on what I can see/do, I’d be pretty annoyed and get tired rather quickly.

      • Really excellent insight, Angel. I think you’ve got it.

        As for the Kiva profile – LOL. I have one as a lender, not as a borrower. There’s a woman in El Salvador who needed a loan to expand her small business. She hopes to make enough money to move out of her suegros house and have her own house with her husband. As soon as I read the description of her needs, I KNEW I was destined to loan to her!! jajaja …I love that website.

        You’ll have to tell me where the Mexican place is for when we go back… I need a good Chinese place as well.


  5. Así me siento yo, acabó de regresar casi hace un mes atrás, y todos los dias pienso en como quisiera estar allá, en el cantón con mis abuelitos y familia. Está vez que fui fue la primera en 8 años, antes iva casi todos los años y cuando estaba chiquita viví allá por casi 2 años. Ya extrañaba ir y cuando llege sentí que nunca me via ido, like that’s where I belong. Pero ahora sí no voy dejar pasar tanto tiempo para regresar. Fue tan difícil irme de allá, no me aguanto para volver. :)

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